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Conservatives Favor Order Based on Selection, Liberals Try to Impede Selection

Apparently Leftists find themselves outraged by a recent study which finds that conservatives oppose censorship even of what they believe to be misinformation:

Even when Republicans agree that content is false, they are half as likely as Democrats to say that the content should be removed and more than twice as likely to consider removal as censorship.

On the surface, this shows us the weakness of conservative rule. They are not geared toward authoritarianism, therefore are going to fail against laser-focused ideologies that have one goal and are truth-optional in that pursuit. Conservatives will not censor them, therefore they grow among the mentally unstable.

In the bigger picture this shows us the difference between approaches: conservatives favor order outside the individual, therefore depend on that order to sort humans based on natural selection or something like it, while liberals oppose this order and therefore try to make everyone behave the same way so that no one must face selection pressures.

Within this viewpoint, we can see why the Left is so adamant about denial of all biological-genetic traits: they oppose “inequality” or the differences between people, and want to make us all essentially the same inside so that the only variations are on the surface.

Conservatives on the other hand embrace the differences inherent in biology, seeing a larger order in which people have not only rank but niche. They like the idea that there are no universal truths, but some people are more competent than others, and we benefit from having them in power instead of the workers, who are basically inept.

Consequently, conservatives accept misinformation as normal for most people to pursue because it is how those people cope with their role in life. Similarly, conservatives see censorship as working against the order of civilization and toward conformity, which is dangerously close to mass obedience, mob rule, and enforced groupthink.

In other words, to a conservative, what is “true” depends on the ability of the individual, and it is not surprising that most people are not mentally together enough to express anything realistic. These people need their coping strategies, and it makes sense to allow them to share whatever unrealistic symbolism gets them through the night.

Leftism, unlike conservatism, is a “conjectural” philosophy, meaning that it has not been time-proven to work in reality. Consequently it is messianic and evangelical because conjecture is made unstable by contrary viewpoints and only can succeed if it fools enough people to take over before the dissent becomes clear enough.

This is why all Leftist revolutions resemble bullying. The Left postures and threatens, so everyone sane backs down, and then the Left takes over and “educates” as many people into conformity as possible. From the start they are in a race to fool enough people before the scam is revealed.

Not surprisingly, Leftists invented modern censorship and remain some of its fiercest advocates. To them, anything but Leftist propaganda is misinformation, and they want to control the minds of others lest they break away from the scam before it has total domination.

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