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DiversityWatch (November 19, 2023)


  • Pentagon Grapples With Trillions In Liabilities Amid Rising Chinese Military Power

    Great start, but is anyone going to audit the other three-quarters of the budget that goes to social spending?

  • Harris Co. Judge Lina Hidalgo no longer denying she used encrypted messaging apps for county business

    Diversity candidate finds herself under investigation for kickback-style corruption using public funds. It will not matter; when the demographics shift to diversity, only diversity candidates win, and minor federal law violations are forgiven.

  • Census Bureau projects US population decline if there’s no immigration

    The diversity taxes, paid almost exclusively by Whites, drained Whites of the money they needed to have large families, and the more the taxes and regulations come, the fewer kids they have. The bureaucrat solution is to import more warm bodies because everyone is equal therefore third world people will magically become just like the old Americans, about how Irish Joe Biden is in theory just as competent as the Anglo presidents before him.

  • Biden-Harris Administration Announces $169 Million to Accelerate Electric Heat Pump Manufacturing as Part of Investing in America Agenda

    The diversity president uses war powers justified by climate change:

    The selected projects are the first awards from DOE’s authorization, invoked by President Biden using emergency authority on the basis of climate change, to utilize the Defense Production Act (DPA) to increase domestic production of five key clean energy technologies, including electric heat pumps.

    You know how we talk here about how bureaucracy is means-over-ends thinking that leads to rationalizations which require justifying any action as achieving a goal set by ideology? This is what we are talking about: create a crisis by funding science and media to spout off about it, drive the population into a state of fear, and then expand the bureaucracy in response to this crisis to the point of total mobilization. Their first justification was civil rights in the 1950s and 1960s which brought in diversity and socialism programs that killed the American Dream back in the mid-1960s and early 1970s. The same thing happened in the 1930s, but they want to do it again, because if you leave humans together they unite on the basis of the lowest common denominator, namely their fears, which they deny and in the process vault themselves into a mental state of wider reality-denial, at which point only symbolic manipulators achieve any results. Every time humans get into this dream state of illusion, they redistribute wealth, which zeroes the financial scale to whatever is given out and drives prices upward, making it harder for ordinary people — those without government, media, corporate, or academic jobs — to exist and have more than two children.

  • Wisconsin lawmakers, UW chancellor condemn neo-Nazi group that marched in downtown Madison

    Non-White antisemitism is OK, but when White guys start to wake up from the somnambulant stupor of Abrahamic individualistic morality and mass symbolic convergence, the government starts to sweat. They want a third world population because they can manipulate it. They fear the White people because those periodically outthink their conditioning and rise up against the enslavers.

  • Fiery right-wing populist Javier Milei wins Argentina’s presidency and promises ‘drastic’ changes

    Leftism is failing worldwide because it is unsustainable. If you take from the productive to give to the unproductive, you subsidize unproductivity and end up with a minimally productive society where everything is expensive and mediocre. That realization leads people to see that they need the opposite of diversity, since that also saps productivity by creating internal division and chaos. Politicians are starting to grasp that the new field of opportunity is in populism, which aims to cut down on socialism and diversity.

  • Top one per cent wealthiest responsible for same amount of carbon emissions as bottom 66 per cent

    More wealth transfer and diversity propaganda. In reality, it is far easier to tabulate a carbon cost for the top one percent — that is eighty million people — than it is for the bushfires, slash-n-burn agriculture, and public service dependence of the lowest 66 percent. Models are not reality, nor are symbols.

  • School board debates suppression of materials depicting ‘undesirable’ cultural traits

    Teachers in the 1960s revitalized the Amerind myth by refusing to mention the surprise attacks, rapes, murders, and thefts associated with Amerinds, leaving only a positive view that became the “Noble Savage” mythos. Now they want to do the same for all diversity groups while doubling down on saying nasty things about White people, forgetting that if White people take that seriously and escape the guilt propaganda, they will act out the depiction of them with much glee.

  • Elon Musk blasts ‘bogus’ allegations of antisemitism: ‘Nothing could be further from the truth’

    Musk pointed out that the Jewish political establishment made a mistake by supporting multiculturalism. Most Jews are now seeing his point but are not yet ready to admit how much media control by Jews and many other groups in favor of diversity has created a nightmare in the West.

  • It’s survived nearly 900 years… now church’s Sunday service has fallen silent

    You can have religion if you have a culture. Diversity means there is no culture and worship is something you do alone like you practice your culture alone in a sea of Otherness. Consequently the churches are closing, in part because they failed to stave off the collapse and now people are turning away to what they can control and abandoning public life.

  • Canada criminalized ‘condoning, denying or downplaying’ the Holocaust: is it working?

    When you ban ideas, you validate them by making them appear to be feared truth and oppressed wisdom. This means-over-ends approach does not change how people think, only makes it a political target. As Robert Fripp said:

    Our political life is geared to imposing, by force, external structures which will only generate the opposite – because any action by force only generates an (at least) equal reaction to it. So political life could be defined as an awful lot of energy expended in achieving the opposite aim from that which you intended.

    It is not so much pounding round pegs into square holes as pounding any peg into a hole that generates pushback. If you want to change behavior, you have to look at causes, not try to regulate effects. The cause of anti-Semitism is resentment of diversity turned into a weird sort of apocalyptic, paranoid religion mainly because to look at the cause (the Big Lie, “equality”) is to invalidate all of our civilization for the past couple thousand years.

  • How a Half-Million Migrants Moved North

    Colombia is helping shift the horde to Panama so that they can move north, which tells you that this is a problem rooted in overpopulation and we are seeing the first wave who simply want the free stuff in the new land because they sense they are extraneous in the old.

  • Israel says 55-metre fortified tunnel found under Gaza’s Shifa hospital

    Third world warfare includes using human shields because the first world is neurotic about guilt and human rights, even for those who are trying to kill it, like Christ on the cross with debt spending and a willingness to sacrifice its young men by the millions on battlefields for democracy.

  • The Hollywood View of Abraham Lincoln

    More Hollywood propaganda seeks to demonized Whites as stupid and cruel while lionizing Blacks as wise sages who were simply oppressed, and in this case, it ignores evident history in order to portray a moral vision in the Abrahamic style.

  • South Dakota Native American reservation expected to declare state of emergency due to rampant crime

    Diversity does not seem to be working out well for any group.



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