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DiversityWatch (November 20, 2023)


  • New film gives reel truth in the face of George Floyd lies

    Film information can be found here.Big point is:

    The original autopsy report by Hennepin County Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker the day after Floyd died found there was “no physical evidence suggesting that Mr. Floyd died of asphyxiation.

    “Mr. Floyd did not exhibit signs of petechiae, damage to his airways or thyroid, brain bleeding, bone injuries, or internal bruising.”

    The whole narrative was fake yet again. The same was true of the Central Park Five, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Rodney King until the truth slowly wormed its way out from behind the repression. Do not trust Communists; you will have to kill them. They are parasites who want to make your civilization a third world ruin so they can finally “feel” equal.

  • Javier Milei, Rishi Sunak and the War for the Soul of the West

    Big government, Keynesian socialist subsidies, consumerism, diversity, corruption, and constant propaganda are the head of the same beast that took over France and Russia, a human group tendency to deny the painful parts of reality and as a result become unmoored and narcissistic, focusing on the remaining details as a religion. All egalitarianism is a step down the path to communism; populism combats this by reducing socialism and diversity. It is the “spirit of a people” against the demands of its bureaucracy and the pet parasites of that parasitic entity.

  • Secretive White House Surveillance Program Gives Cops Access to Trillions of US Phone Records

    Constant censorship, surveillance, and propaganda is required to keep up the illusion that diversity is functional instead of suicide. Big government and its abuses exist because we have diversity. End diversity and they lose their blank cheque for total control justified by a “morality” of human “equality.” Support quality, not equality.

  • Federal appeals court ruling threatens enforcement of the Voting Rights Act

    A court rejects the idea of private suits over perceived discriminatory voting district delineation, eliminating the constant lawsuits that threaten to bankrupt local authorities, which essentially forces them to give in.

  • New York governor signs Clean Slate Act to automatically seal misdemeanors, some felony records

    In order to accommodate minorities, we are told we must relax laws and ignore past felonies and misdemeanors so that our justice statistics look “equal” instead of biased. The great diversity coverup continues.

  • Milei opens a new era: What comes next in Argentina policy-making

    The new guy in Argentina wants to radically cut socialist government programs including those that fund diversity, probably creating a shock to the system that will even out in a few years with a more functional society.

  • Climate Enron May Be Heading for a Crash

    The “Green Revolution” — a thinly disguised wealth transfer from the first world to the third — “seemed” to be succeeding while the government funds were flowing, but now it looks like another multi-trillion dollar failure for the Left. If you want to make the world green, manufacture what you need at home and end diversity.

  • Former infosec COO pleads guilty to attacking hospitals to drum up business

    The reign of the H-1B in tech is near an end as all of them end up wrecking formerly promising properties and leaving behind overvalued stocks which are now beginning their plunge into the abyss.

  • Voters reject culture war tactics in school board elections

    Conservative voters want us to cut funding to government programs that produce Leftist propaganda, not try to limit them with laws that create a whack-a-mole situation.

  • Net migration could hit a record 700,000 when figures are released this week amid a rise in foreign nationals extending their visas

    They all want to come for the free stuff. End British socialism, and you end the constant flow. End diversity, and almost all of your social problems go away.

  • Transgender Day of Remembrance important amid rising incidents of violence: group

    People who reproduce biologically make the future. Transsexuals of the new type are a creation of free healthcare and basically serve as a profit center for doctors, but by being obnoxious and provoking people into attacking them, they ensure the grift can continue.

  • Office of Wokeness Enforcement

    Why are all of the evil universities preaching Communism? Under human rights law, they have to, or government will come knocking, and that creates a market for looking non-discriminatory which conveniently allows them to hire diversity and offer degrees that anyone can pass.


  • Activists demand Native American remains be relinquished at Harvard conference

    It is amazing how diversity acts against science, as if it were afraid they would find something like that Amerinds (“Native Americans”) were immigrants from Mongolia who frequently practiced cannibalism, rape, and torture.

  • After-School Satan Club Targets Rural Connecticut School With Christian ‘Good News’ Club

    Good for them. Diversity means that every religion gets equal airtime. This was obvious since the notion of pluralism was announced, but apparently conservatives were never able to understand this and are shocked that Islam, Judaism, Ba’hai, Satanism, Baalism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Luciferianism, Rastafarianism, and thousands of other religions now get equal airtime to Christianity.

  • Study of crossbred butterflies suggests multiple genes involved in hybrid animal sterility

    “When animals of two different species mate, their hybrid offspring can be unhealthy or sterile.” The same is true of race-mixing because each genetic profile is not replicated, leading nature to mix and match individual traits, often leading to deranged or diseased offspring like most of the third world.

    They found that problems associated with hybrids, such as low pupal weight and ovary malformation in the females, happened because of uneven mixing, or “introgression,” between the Z sex chromosome and all the other chromosomes. This observation points to many genes working together to produce a balance within each species.

    Introgression shows us that because genes code for a single trait, the complex relationships between linked traits that make up the genetic framework of a species or cultivar are not preserved with hybridization, and individual traits are selected at random from one or the other of the parents.

  • Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Two-Tiered Justice System Exposed in Police State Documentary

    People are speaking out against the Communist-style ideological enforcement that has happened in America under civil rights rule. We did better with natural rights. In the meantime, the movie seems to have provoked the press into ignoring it while simultaneously classifying it as “far-Right propaganda” as usual.

  • Viewpoint: Being homeless means not being free—as Americans are supposed to be

    Scientists argue for Communism as intellectuals have for generations, basing their justification on the idea that if America stands for freedom, and being homeless is the opposite of freedom, then we have a duty to subsidize these people at the expense of those who are not homeless. In a saner view, homelessness represents almost total freedom, but people still have to find a way to eat, which requires having some kind of money, and subsidizing this will simply create an even larger homeless population.

  • Physiological and archaeological evidence rewrites assumptions about a gendered division of labor in prehistoric times

    Watch for the weasel words that turn “may have” into “certainly did.” They even flip the argument around and claim that there is no evidence of inequality, as a way of deflecting from the issue. Their Neanderthal evidence of hard living suggests more participation in tasks like tanning hides than hunting. Egalitarianism is like anti-Semitism or anti-Whitism a mental virus that causes people to deny anything but what could be an exception to the rule or might be true, allowing them to discount all of the larger evidence in order to bet on an edge case.

  • No reading exam required for aspiring Wisconsin teachers under proposed bill

    “Passing the FORT examination can be a costly and time-consuming process, with a relatively high failure rate, especially among teacher license applicants of color and applicants whose first language is not English,” according to the Wisconsin Association of School Boards.

    For diversity, we must dumb it all down in order to have equal representation, which like socialism penalizes the competent, resulting in an incompetent society. So it always goes with diversity. Old story; very sad.



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