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DiversityWatch (November 18, 2023)


  • Migrant crisis to cause 5% across-the-board budget cuts for all NYC agencies

    The more parasites you take on, the less good and inexpensive anything is. If you want to help the poor, reduce costs and raise quality. The Left literally creates every problem they whine about because the workers are incompetent at any jobs above their station, which includes leadership. IQ bands produce the different social classes. Societies suicide by subsidizing the lower bands with the earnings of the upper bands, at which point the average IQ plunges and society becomes third world. Diversity, immigration, and globalism is one hand of this approach; the other is socialism, which keeps the subsidies state intact via a “deep state” that wants more jobs for bureaucrats, who get paid awfully well to do not much of anything well.

  • Elon Musk says X to file ‘thermonuclear’ lawsuit against media watchdog Media Matters

    The Musky one — who made his money leveraging green energy funds to sell trendy cars to hipsters so that he could develop spaceflight — caught the Leftist activists faking the data, and now he is going to collect his due based on loss of advertising revenue. This has changed how Twitter operates, which is that despite not having actual free speech, the company is at least standing up for the idea of free speech.

  • Melbourne council to remove mural it says unintentionally offended local Jewish community

    Despite everyone agreeing that there was no intent, the mural “could be interpreted as antisemitic” and therefore must go, showing us how diversity of any form means repression because anything will always offend some group, and every group has an interest in playing the victim in order to gain political power. You have to send them all back, starting with the Irish.

  • Bar exam alternative proposed in California passes key hurdle

    The bar exam is a massive hoop-jumping exercise because it manages to filter out most of the lazy and dumb. However, this leads to diversity noticing so it has to go:

    Some supporters wrote that an alternative pathway “can help address the barriers faced by marginalized groups who may not perform well on standardized tests,” the report said. Critics of the bar exam have attributed those score disparities to racial bias on the test, while others point to racial educational differences.

    In order to accept diversity, you have to dumb things down to the new IQ average, which you accurately assess by averaging the average IQs of all groups involved, which points us toward the mid-90s, at which point a traditional bar exam is too difficult. Diversity should just be called third-worlding because it means creating a society too individualistic to have functional institutions, since those reward competence instead of participation.

  • Survey finds majority in the West Bank support the Oct 7 massacre

    As Samuel Huntington told us, this is a Clash of Civilizations in which reality does not matter, only what benefits your tribe at the expense of other tribes. Power is a zero-sum game, and diversity makes all groups fight the others, which creates lasting instability whether in Israel or Germany.

  • Adams pleads with NYC’s richest residents to help pick up slack for cash-strapped city: ‘All hands on deck’

    How it goes in diversity, socialism, and all egalitarian systems: society subsidizes the unproductive by draining the productive, at which point it slowly ends up with less of the productive and ends up a third world impoverished disorganized warzone, at which point everyone claims to be a victim of circumstance and looks for someone new to grift on.

  • Why it’s time for LGB to divorce T and Q

    Everyday homosexuals, who simply want to live and be mostly left alone, are starting to see how being a mascot for egalitarianism leads to increasingly insane places that, by provoking a backlash against the insanity, also will provoke backlash against the LGB group.

  • Why Americans Dislike the Economy

    The Left idealizes the workers and not the middle class, unlike the Republicans who see the middle class as essential to health, and therefore Leftists use a constant flow of new low-wage diversity and high taxes to fund socialism to impoverish everyone except those who work for government and its allies. Thanks to diversity and socialism, the American Dream does not exist any longer, which ruins the obedience of workers of all classes to the system, laying the groundwork for Regime Change.

  • Political violence threatens to intensify as the 2024 campaign heats up, experts on extremism warn

    The Deep State just announced that the conspiracy theorists have won and “fringe” ideas about how badly democracy and diversity are doing have made their way into the mainstream. Using diversity as a battering ram and permanent electorate, the liberals went far to the Left and now have made it clear that they want a third world neocommunist state with permanent control, just like the French Revolution and Communists wanted. Humans always chase this dream of hubris until it destroys them, at which point like criminals finally caught they resort to weeping and playing the victim.

  • Where do Europe’s far-right parties stand on the Israel-Hamas conflict?

    The educated elites find it upsetting and terrifying that the far-Right might be unifying behind Israel because any ethnonationalist worth his salt recognizes that the war of the third world versus the first world has kicked off in Har-Megiddo, and that Israel, as an ethnonationalist state, is on the side of both the sane people and the far-Right.

  • Geert Wilders’ conservatives surge to top of the polls just days before Dutch election after impressing in televised debate

    People are seeing that the current system is not working and that it has no plan except for more of the same, so they are willing to consider previously unthinkable alternatives like ethnonationalism and capitalism.

  • Economic ties between Germany and Turkey remain top priority

    First-world nations that depend on third-world labor will find themselves being taken over by that labor in the same way that the workers push revolutions everywhere that life gets comfortable. People desire scapegoats and will always overthrow whoever they see as more “privileged,” then wail when that loss of leadership ability plummets them into a third-world kleptocracy.

  • On Being Bullied in the Non-White World

    We live among the alien and try to pretend that it is not a problem because of our belief in egalitarianism, but when exposed to Whiteness, even brainwashed Whites tend to find out that they prefer it and thrive in it.

  • The Startling Evidence on Learning Loss Is In

    Diversity “education” is not going so well; if students are not exposed to constant admonition to pay attention and memorize stuff, they space out and forget everything. They will do the same after they graduate. Education rewards IQ proportionately, and below certain cutoffs, students learn very little and misused what they learn, so it is pretense to teach them.

  • How JFK’s Secrets Fed Conspiracy Culture

    Our first diversity president created a third-world style government which hid what it was doing and set us on the path to the current Deep State.

  • Worried about your kids’ politics? Just look at what our English teachers do.

    Teachers pump out propaganda because it is easily memorized and that way grading becomes more equitable. Anyone who memorizes the propaganda gets ahead, and most of them are incompetent, but at least we do not look “racist.”



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