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DiversityWatch (November 1, 2023)


  • Israeli ministry ‘concept paper’ proposes transferring Gaza civilians to Egypt’s Sinai, with Canada as a possible final destination

    Finally some sanity. Send the diversity away and keep it separated from you. Then it will have to solve its own problems instead of blaming you. Send no aid, make no further demands, and if any of your young people pull a Romeo & Juliet with some member of the Other tribe, trebuchet them over the barrier and make it not your problem.

  • Islamophobia awareness should be taught in every school – report

    They project the opposite of reality because they hate reality; contrarians seek to deny whatever is real so that they can replace it with their own programming of others. In reality, diversity is not a strength for anyone. It is an occupation and conquest by the weak of the strong, but that idea delights contrarians, so they preach a worldview where diversity is working great except for the scapegoat, “racists,” who are holding everyone back from Equality-Utopia.

  • How laksa fever took hold in this Australian city

    Sort of like Tex-Mex, this is a case where White people took bits and pieces from third world food culture, improved the result, and now will be accused of stealing it.

  • Biden Regime Deploys Heavy Machinery to LIFT Razor Wire for Massive Mob of Illegals at Rio Grande

    We are back in the early 1800s when the states opposed a federal government that wanted to engineer a future where Washington had total control. Their method back then was Irish immigration, now it is Mexican immigration with lots of others tagging along as well. This will force a meeting engagement where people will either become advocates for mono-ethnic states, or will side with the government and its internationalist allies.

  • Pittsburgh public schools approve measure to instruct teachers on ‘White supremacy’ in math classes

    “Racism” (including White Supremacy) is the scapegoat used to explain the failure of diversity everywhere it is tried, everytime it is tried, with varied ingredient groups and laws. Diversity does not work. You are now seeing a vast bureaucracy built up around this failed program — paradoxical, illogical, and hopeless programs which cannot succeed are the best way to ask for more money in budget season — defending itself while trying to get more dosh and vig to keep the scam going.

  • Migrants in Chicago face harsh winter conditions as city works to provide aid

    Our moronic laws make it our duty to provide for their every need, even though they came into the country illegally. This is peak democracy, and it will go a long way toward explaining the coming regime change.

  • The Underminer

    Mitch McConnell (McFailure) wants to support the Biden budget which will deliver billions to sanctuary cities under the guise of strengthening the border. The government that diversity elected is thoroughly dishonest.

  • Untested Legal Imagination’s the Mother of Trump and Jan. 6 Prosecutions

    Just like in South Africa, diversity prosecutors re-interpret the law outside of its original purpose and scope to try to remove their political competition. They will do the same to all laws, effectively nullifying the legal system as anything but a means of repression.

  • DeSantis seeks to ‘deactivate’ pro-Palestinian student groups in Florida

    In a desperate attempt to keep diversity from exploding into chaos, Republicans pursue the path of censorship, which will only weaponize the extremism by validating its paranoia.

  • So-called ‘Hamas fighter’ who threatened Cornell students arrives in court stone-faced and shackled

    More fuel for the fire labeled with the notion that the third world simply wants revenge on the first world, and identifies Israel more with the first world than with the third world origins of the middle east. For seventy-five years, the world identified Jews as the underdogs because of what the Nazis did; in egalitarian systems, which always and without exception take from the strong to give to the weak, the underdog is always favored, but what if you find a more marginalized and excluded underdog? Then that underdog moves up the victimhood rankings, and the former underdog is displaced. When the diversity took over after the Clinton years, Jews moved out of the top victim rank and were replaced by the third world. “The Holocaust? We suffered colonialism!” Now the third world sees only revenge.

  • Canada to level out number of new permanent residents in Canada in 2026

    Even Canada got the memo that diversity, immigration, and globalism are failing. The slow march back to ethnonationalism continues.

  • The mayors of five big cities seek a meeting with Biden about how to better manage arriving migrants

    The word has gone out from Leftist HQ — probably in China — that the new democratic illegal alien voter surge must be accommodated, so the local Leftists have decided to shake down Washington DC for more cash.




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