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Why (Many) Christians Support Israel

People who see the Grand Jew Conspiracy everywhere miss two details: first, your society is based on a culturally Christian premise, and second, it adheres to humanist morality similar to that of the Abrahamic religions. The “Jew” is in your beliefs and practices.

On top of that, American conservatives have an addiction to using Christianity as a replacement for race and culture. It is, after all, easier to hide behind religion than to admit you oppose the individualistic nature of egalitarianism. With one you have a hobby belief system, but with the latter, you are public enemy #1 for your society.

Christians tend to support Israel for a number of reasons. First, their religion is from there and involves the people who lived there. Some however support it in the interest of experiencing an apocalypse and Ratpure:

The growth of “Christian Zionism” has raised concerns — and questions — among Seventh-day Adventists and other Christians in recent months: How should Christians view Israel, both as a political reality and a prophetic question? Is the modern-day state of Israel a fulfillment of Bible prophecy? And what about the small, but growing, Adventist community in Israel?

Unlike many evangelical churches, the Seventh-day Adventist Church does not support a “dispensational” view of prophecy. Adventism is not awaiting a “secret rapture,” after which tens of thousands of Jews — 144,000, to be precise — will be converted and evangelize those “left behind.” The 1948 establishment of the State of Israel, an outgrowth of the Nazi Holocaust in which 6 million Jews were killed, is viewed by Adventists as a political, not a prophetic event. And, again apart from our evangelical friends, Adventism embraces the Bible Sabbath, an institution long preserved and observed by the Jewish people.

The Ratpure is the notion that at some point the God of the Bible swoops down and kills off everyone on Earth, with the worthy going to Heaven in some alternate dimension and the unworthy being condemned to Hell. To a metaphysical dualist, this seems like a good idea.

Metaphysical dualism after all emphasizes the contrast between a pure Heaven and an impure Earth. The big point here is that the rules of existence in Heaven have no correlation to what we know as daily life here. There is infinite everything, no conflict, and a divine order which centrally coordinates all activity.

As a result, those who follow dualistic religions tend to see Heaven as real and Earth as unreal, therefore are willing to sacrifice Earth to get to Heaven. For them, dying in jihad or crucifixion is the archetype of good behavior: fail here, so you win in the afterlife.

Many Christians on the Right support Israel because they believe that a final war will take place in Har-Megiddo which will kick off Armageddon/Ragnarok and the Ratpure. The Left Behind series of books dramatized this mythology with an active Antichrist plotting to bring the world to its end, at which point God wins.

While this is not a rant against religion, since religion seems to me to be a trait of healthy people, it is a rant against the Rapture mythos and its effects on people here. In particular, we need to wake up to the fact that a big chunk of our population wants to die so it can get to Heaven and is not bothered by the apocalypse.

Those of us who ethnonationalists (ethnats) tend to see this differently. Populations have different genetic frameworks, therefore different abilities, and because of that, they have different behaviors that we call “cultures.” As a result, they clash when combined in the same state.

This means that we need different countries for Palestinians and Jews since they like to lob explosives at each other. Whether or not God exists, humans are in the driver’s seat, and our decisions determine our future. Time to start making decisions that stop wasting real time for symbolic victories.

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