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Christian Nationalism and White Nationalism

Ever notice how many of the big questions of life just hang out because we do not know? The stuff we should be using as a foundation, we know nothing about, and the little details that we made up we rely upon as if they were religion or absolute science.

We have no idea how our universe came about other than some vague sense that material reality existed first as energy and then became matter; we have no idea why we are here, or what to do, other than the obvious adaptation to our environment and inventing distractions as a form of meaning.

This means that we have no starting point from which to derive our other beliefs. To address this problem, humans created culture, which is inherently metaphorical-heuristic or a deliberately abstract approximation which recogizes its limitations, but still addresses these issues.

Culture can exist only in a mono-ethnic society and even then is under constant assault as permanent civilization takes on more roles and adopts preferred methods, which then shape the thinking of its population around those methods, at which point they begin the drift from reality.

To get back to culture, most of what you need do is the same way you fix anything else:

  1. Remove the irrelevant.
  2. Replace what you can that is necessary.
  3. Nurture the relevant.

In the West, this would mean ending diversity via reparations-with-repatriation, then killing off all of the socialist style programs from public schooling on up, removing the red tape and procedure, limiting regulations, and so on.

At that point, those who were competent would naturally rise, those who were bad would be excluded or removed, and those in the middle of all income levels would benefit from lower cost of living, specifically housing. The debt-wage treadmill would come to an end.

This seems crueler than socialism because unlike socialism, it does not apply its cure to the wound, but to the cause of the wound. Life is expensive; make it less expensive by refusing to subsidize people, and everyone functional lives better.

Everyone dysfunctional, on the other hand, belongs elsewhere. Whether we put them in vast asylums like the Victorians, exile them like the kings, or try some sort of eugenics plan like Aktion T4 that sterilized or euthanized the insane, retarded, stupid, and career criminals, removing dysfunction works.

The best society would probably be a transactional one: citizens would pay to be there, and extremely proficient wise elders would exile the citizens who are harmful. Costs would be low, safety would be high, and people could do what they do naturally, which is focus on their own little spheres.

However, with the introduction of diversity through Mongol and Muslim invasions as well as gypsy, Saami, and Jewish immigration, Europe changed. People began to see society as hostile, and since they thought in terms of methods and not goals, they simply adapted new methods: isolation and zero-sum competition.

To counter that, people introduced a number of methods-as-goals, namely Christianity and early forms of patriotism. Instead of standing up for your people, your culture, and your faith, you replaced those with a foreign faith or an ideology.

Two of those ideological culture-replacements are Christian Nationalism and White Nationalism.

  • Christian Nationalism: replaces your culture with Christianity and patriotism, since they mean “nationalism” as in “civic nationalism” not “ethno-nationalism,” the original meaning. They want people of all ethnic backgrounds to unite behind Jesus, mixed economies, civil rights, and strong defense in the WW2 model of America saving the world from anyone who might not want to join the globalist democracy system.
  • White Nationalism: replaces your ethnicity with your race, lumps everyone in that race together as equals like racist Jacobins, and then tries to conquer the world with a combination of Jesus, dictatorship, mixed economies, and militarization in the Napoleon and Sparta school but as a method of keeping civilization united through common enemies, including some who should be repatriated but will end up getting killed.

Both of these fall into the modern disease: they look toward methods more than goals, therefore proliferate rules and complications without introducing complexity, which is simplicity applied in different contexts so that its parts balance each other.

Modernity is fundamentally anti-realism; instead of being concerned with reality and goals, we focus on opinions about reality and the methods we use to limit the scary parts of reality. Democracy is one part of this, but both Christian Nationalism and National Socialism are built on the same system.

Our modern conservatives — who have failed to conserve — make the same mistake. They focus on trying to limit behaviors they see as bad, and by so doing, to force everyone to follow the same methods in order to shape their thinking.

This form of control is cut from the same mold as Communism or Jacobinism and fails for the same reason, namely that thought control produces indecisive and therefore apathetic people who achieve at a lower rate, while its dysgenic aspects eventually wreck the population entirely.

All of these suffer from the means-over-ends fallacy which is that instead of uniting the population on accepting reality and choosing a semi-arbitrary path through it with culture, they come up with lists of good and bad methods and try to force everyone into that mental prison.

Once any aspect of the mental prison wavers, and people see that the Narrative is not true, they tend to reject all of it and become entirely materialistic individualists. This completes the decay of that civilization by thoroughly atomizing it.

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