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DiversityWatch (December 3, 2023)


  • The Colonialism Slander in the State Department and Beyond

    Colonialism was probably most likely the expansion of European explorers in search of riches, finding primitive savages who could not exploit them, and then becoming enmeshed in warfare and management of these peoples who only spoke the language of brutality. One does not need to like colonialism to realize that it has become the scapegoat of the Left, which in its pursuit of messianic equality wants to diminish anything strong, sane, healthy, wise, and good. They would hate the West even if it had never left its borders. European expansion occurred because when we stayed within our borders, we faced constant invasions from Muslims, Huns, Moors, and Mongolians. In order to stave that off, we explored the world so that the next Genghis Khan would come to our attention early and we could kill him first.

  • Center for Politics “Voice of the Voter” Survey October 2023

    An increasing number of Americans realize that politics is failing us because diversity has radicalized polarized the population into those who defend Heritage America and those who want to destroy it. This means that violence is inbound unless we get a strong leader to defeat the insane Left which has precipitated this crisis and remove their primary weapon, diversity.

  • Judiciary Chair Durbin Blocks Senator Blackburn’s Request To Subpoena Sotomayor Staff, Epstein Flight Logs

    What an odd thing to do, unless the pro-diversity party finds itself and its donors heavily represented on that list.

  • Time To End Wilsonian Foreign Policy

    Kissinger noted that realism was U.S. foreign policy throughout the late 18th century and all of the 19th century. “In the early years of the Republic,” he wrote, “American foreign policy was in fact a sophisticated reflection of the American national interest.” Wilsonianism, Kissinger wrote, marked a “revolutionary departure” from the Old World diplomacy practiced by previous American statesmen because it “held that peace depends on the spread of democracy,” that nations “should be judged by the same ethical criteria as individuals,” and “that the national interest consists of adhering to a universal system of law.” Realism served the nation well for more than a century. Wilsonianism threatens to mire the American republic in endless crusades on behalf of “humanity.”

    Amazing that ideological crusades are less honest and therefore less realistic and therefore less successful in the long-term than relativity in the form of honesty about our self-interest and pursuing it on a realistic basis. The crusade to remake the world into a democracy means that now the third world outvotes us at home and internationally, meaning that we have abolished ourselves in pursuit of a city upon a hill based on Jesus and The Enlightenment.™

  • Dutch politician Geert Wilders aims to stop the invasion of Europe

    Europe cannot afford both its welfare state and immigration. In fact, immigration came about in order to fill tax coffers to deal with the bankruptcy of the welfare state, and that has since backfired massively. More significantly, diversity is genocide that will erase the European population and replace them with mixed-race individuals. Imagine arguing that we should relocate a billion Whites into 2.4 billion strong Africa; the original population would be outbred into a new tan group very shortly, and people would recognize that as genocide. In the short-term, diversity bankrupts us; in the middle term, it turns our societies into warzones and elections into defeat for the natives; in the long term, it means that Europeans will cease to exist. We have to end diversity in order to survive, and this means that the third world has to solve its own problems. We also obviously have to end the welfare state since we cannot afford it. This means that everything Leftist has stood for, from anti-poverty on up through anti-“racism,” has always been a lie. We cannot afford liars, either.

  • How Congo’s troubled elections are viewed by the West

    What business is it of the West how Congo conducts its elections? Ethnonationalism means each people has control of its autonomy, which means excluding all others. That means their internal affairs are beyond our concern except when they are partnering with our enemies, at which point our self-interest means that we must intervene to clear out that enemy from yet another territory.

  • Food Preserving Technique May Have Sparked Human Brain Growth, Scientists Say

    Fermenting vegetables reduces the energy burden required to digest them, allowing us to shrink our colons and grow our brains. More likely, however, human brains grew because we learned to think, and our colons shrank because we ate meat in order to accommodate the greater energy burden of having bigger brains. No wonder the Left is fascinated by colons; in this, as in all things, they want to reverse evolution. This seems to be the cornerstone of their belief system.

  • Did cutting-edge DNA analysis point police to Marrisa Shen’s killer?

    The Left likes to pretend that Darwin never existed and DNA is identical between ethnic groups, but patterns in DNA reveal not only race but ethnic group down to a specific region, which is how Parabon Nanolabs enabled Canadian law enforcement to identify the rapist and killer of this young girl. They are downplaying the case because he is from the middle east and apparently barely speaks English.

  • Former WSDOT economist accuses state leaders of retaliation for refusing to lie about gas prices

    Leftists in power are suppressing information about the negative consequences of their policies. If they do it for gas prices, they have also done it for diversity, which they depend on at this point to stay in power.

  • Ancient redwoods recover from fire by sprouting 1000-year-old buds

    In the same way, the West can recover from modernity (individualism). We take our ancient genetics, throw out everything else including hybrids, and regrow from our roots.

  • ‘John Lennon was the biggest phoniest b*****d that ever lived. I wasn’t about to let the world endure 10 more years of his bulls****’: Killer Mark David Chapman’s chilling confession tapes to be aired by Apple TV

    Mark David Chapman was an American hero. The Beatles served at the forefront of the culture wars, smashing down Anglo-Saxon society and replacing it with neurotic individualism. Never trust people who tell you to abandon your possessions but drive a Rolls-Royce. The hypocrisy makes it sweeter, because what you are seeing in them is the contrarian pathology of individualism, which holds that they are the most important thing in the universe and if they manipulate you poor stupid loser saps with easy lies about equality, peace, altruism, and spiritual tropes, that just makes them smart and you, yeast.

  • Russian cops target gays after court declares LGBTQ movement ‘extremist’: Repercussions to be ‘nothing short of catastrophic’

    This is a dumb course of action for Russia — who cares if homosexuals fulfill their purpose according to nature — but it is not our business what they do in their country. Russia is deliberately poking back at the worldwide human rights jihad that the United States and NATO support because it is ridiculous, the third world sees it, and it enables them to characterize the first world as neurotic do-gooders detached from common sense (ironically, this is mostly true, but because of our emphasis on democracy, civil rights, and diversity).

  • “No Thanks”: Viral app calls for a boycott of Israel-related products

    Welcome to diversity. None of the groups like each other, and they are all in competition, so instead of the relative peace of a mono-ethnic society, you get constant conflict and internal division. Smart move, intellectuals.

  • Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter slams “climate apartheid” by rich nations

    Grifter comes out with the usual story, claiming that the West demanding that we all shift to renewable power sources is biased against poor nations, so we should send them more trillions so it can all be stolen by warlords in places like the anti-White South African regime founded by her Communist father.

  • Aging societies more vulnerable to collapse

    Every now and then the scientists manage to crib a page from Plato and sneak it by the authorities in the form of a new “study.” However, the big point is that immigration does not stop this political inflexibility, which arises from too many laws and most importantly, means-over-ends rule where certain methods are proscribed in the style of political correctness. Basically, you can never kill too many Leftists to save your nation.

  • The migrant delivery driver making a mockery of Britain’s asylum system: Sudanese national who posed for photos by the Eiffel Tower boasts about illegally earning cash in the UK by brazenly spraying £10 and £20 notes in taxpayer-paid hotel room

    They come here for the free stuff. Any money they earn is untaxed, and they send most of it home, where it has ten times the buying power.

  • South Africa: The region where political violence is on the rise ahead of elections

    Introducing diversity did not bring a peaceful Utopia, but instead a divided, crime-ridden nation crippled by corruption and distrust.

  • South African government pressed on farm murders and race quotas before UN committee after AfriForum submits reports

    Somehow, the government there does not want to stop the farm murders and instead focuses on further race quotas to ensure that White people cannot work in government or any industry that contracts with it. Diversity is White Genocide.

  • Interior Race Theory Is a Creative Way to Decolonize Our Homes

    Academics generate a spew of words to justify removing White-identified objects from homes as a way to separate from Whiteness. A better suggestion: demand reparations-with-repatriation and return to the ethnic homelands from which all non-WASPs originate.

  • France: Muslims plotted to massacre an entire village, ‘it’s easy’

    The diversity hates you for having succeeded where they did not, so if you let them in, they will wage war upon you from within your borders. This is common sense, but in democracy, such things are denied in order to keep the warm feeling of togetherness intact long enough for the bureaucracy to steal a few more trillions.

  • Colby Cosh: Court of Appeal rejects idea that math test is racist

    Momentary sanity strikes as court recognizes that skills test may have unequal results, but is not engineered to be manipulative in its results, therefore is not “racist.”

  • Paris attack near Eiffel Tower leaves one dead and two injured

    Born in France to Iranian parents, this young man engaged in jihad and was treated with kid gloves by an Establishment terrified of being called “racist,” which enabled him to plot and prepare for jihad that involved the death of innocents.

  • Royal book at centre of racism row barely stirs a ripple on London streets

    Peak woke is over; ordinary people no longer care about the latest outrages because they realize that we are in the early stages of a war by the third world against the first world in which our democratically-elected governments are complicit and working for foreign powers who hand them suitcases of cash.

  • Texas GOP executive committee rejects proposed ban on associating with Nazi sympathizers and Holocaust deniers

    GOP rejects the ban as a slippery slope that will be used against conservatives with anything but Leftist views on race, while the same liberals who wailed about anti-BDS laws now complain that somehow this means the Republicans are Nazis, convincing more people that Leftists are simply people with mental health problems stemming from psychologically abusive childhoods. With such people, you can do nothing positive except euthanize them; they already ruined human beings who will abuse others as they were abused.



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