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The overproduction of elites can lead to societal instability. This holds particularly true in a scenario where these elites are credentialed beyond any legitimate measure of their ability to operate in Street-Level Reality. Once one of these mediocre specimens has some degree that inaccurately proclaims elite status, the mediocrity starts to chafe when nobody treats Zhir Majesty like The Jolly Old Duke of Burgundy.

A small sample size of faux-elites could make for a decently funny Saturday Night Live skit. Let them encounter reality the way Russian Army conscripts initially encountered Panzer Grenadiers in the first couple of months of Operation Barbarossa. The disposal process is inexpensive. The ones most aggrieved are the parents who failed to raise these people properly to begin with.

Back in my callow youth the dinosaurs were not all fossil-fuels quite yet. A person with a higher education sans gray matter met with humiliation until common sense grew in synonymy with personal desperation . The college educated hedge knight would walk the downtown of the nearest city with a stack of resumes. The nice receptionist would forward the resume to some poobah who was too busily busy to review it at present. They always promised to be in touch.

Today, we are too sensitive to run that sort of a condign boot camp for the superfluous professional. This practice has been deemed cruel. It makes the U3 rate look awful during the May to July time frame during which colleges and universities spew another crop of elites like a Fake and Gay Yellowstone Caldera. The youth is here to change Amerika. One Section 8 application at a time. Perhaps Piven and Cloward would call it the weight of the poorly acculturated.

Amerika is not ready to fix this any more than Ukraine is ready to clean up and environmentally rehabilitate The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The Ukrainian government simply keeps people out of the radioactive danger zone with a fence. Amerika has no such option for maybe 25% of every rising generation. Don’t let the Soy Byproducts, Pronhub Face fool you, these people are a danger to the future.

They are not intelligent enough to fix their crashing by design, but they certainly are capable of breaking lots of things that they cannot eat and will never be able to pay for. Amateur Jet Captain, Muhammad Atta is an example at the singularity of what happens when an utterly useless person with a degree gets repurposed in a really dark fashion. Dostoyevsky gave us the less virulent but far more common example of The Underground Man.

Amerika produces a veritable landfill of a these characters with every passing graduate cohort. The nation is rapidly running out of landfill space. Enter Google Incorporated. Amerika’s tech industry has a new mission: elite-disposal.

If you have ever wondered why our nation’s leading innovators never quite manage to accomplish either, let’s meet a few.

Ex-Meta employee Madelyn Machado recently posted a TikTok video claiming she was getting paid $190,000 to do nothing. Another Meta employee, also on TikTok, posted that “Meta was hiring people so that other companies couldn’t have us.” Over at Google, another company known to have pioneered the modern tech workplace, one designer complained….

We interrupt this Blockquote to inform you that Anders Brevik has come back from the dead to shoot these stupid excess people. The disgust he felt pulled his angry revenant back from The Great Beyond. The 101st Airborne Division was not dropped over Normandy to listen to entitled, California techno-brats complain about their Modern Problems. These people make me feel like The Judge character from Pink Floyd’s The Wall. They fill me with the urge to defecate.

I know that I am not alone in this situation. These people are not only execrable, but they also get to choose which home they park mom and dad in. They will inherit the future. They are the ones who managed to survive the abortuary and show up for it.

What then will they do with it? They will do exactly what mom, dad and all the elite university professors trained them to do. They will do nothing, get paid $190K, and then bitch while Rome burns. I’d rather listen to Idiot Nero play his fiddle. At least that activity involved a certain level of discipline and preparation.

In fairness to our current generation of political movement fodder, Amerika has suffered from elite-overproduction for several decades now. The Ohio National Guard had the right idea at Kent State, but only managed to reduce the societal bacteria count by four.

It is just now that our last generations of functional elites have gotten too old to actually function. Who really believes that either Joe Biden or Donald Trump could mange a coherent beer fart after 8pm? Who really wants Kamala Harris or Lindsay Gramaphrodite running things instead?

But Kamala Harris or Light-Loafered Lindsay will be running tomorrow. They are what are society produces as elites. They will lead the way tech giants such as Meta and Google pay them to lead. May God have mercy on our wretched excuse for a fornicated republic of diversity.

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