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DiversityWatch (April 29, 2023)


Conservatives are circulating rhetoric about how a handful of politicians control the country. This is a lie and should be called it: the voters still have influence. Yes, elections were stolen, and this undermines confidence, but elections were stolen in the 1800s also. The point is that they still have to work to steal them and can only do it when not enough people vote for the other side or become irate when obviously fake figures are circulated.

Look around you. Almost everyone you know is simply making excuses. They do not believe that the decline will ever stop — even though it is relatively simple and easy to do so, compared to going through with it — and therefore, they just want something to make them feel good for a few moments and distract them from the lugubrious decay.

The National Socialist waits for the great race war. The mainstream conservative anticipates a mass conversion to Jesus. The Leftist wants everything to be free and if this destroys everything, they are fine with that; they will simply sit in solipsistic perfect and subsist on roots, fruits, and bugs. The libertarian hopes for a market correction.

The sad reality of humans is that it takes a tragedy. People will not act until there is a giant heap of smoking bodies. This forces them to act. Otherwise, using their freedom, they will prefer to ignore all real issues while chasing after symbolic ones like abortion, prayer in schools, transgenders, gay cakes, and drowned migrant children.

We need our third world war. We are likely going to get it, and hundreds of millions will die. So what? Even if eight billion die, we will have enough humans remaining still, so long as those learn that democracy, individualism, equality, and diversity are paths to death and nothing else.


  • Against the New Racial Tests in Literature

    To make diversity seem like it is not failing, we must forcibly include it into everything and backwrite it into history, which means you cannot have books with only Whites in them, even if they only concern White people.

  • Almost 600 burglaries PER DAY went unsolved last year as violent crime surges

    We found a way to make crime stats look less racist: stop arresting minorities.

  • The Case of the Missing Investment

    That money was forcibly invested in anti-poverty and anti-racism programs via taxes and ESG demands instead. Consequently, it is not going into investment, and companies are cutting payrolls to afford the higher taxes.

  • Tucker Carlson: True Things Prevail And Because Of That There Is Hope

    Fox News just set Tucker Carlson free to think his own thoughts again instead of towing as much of the neoconservative line — “do not mention demographics or genetics” — as he could: “And yet, at the same time, the undeniably big topics, the ones that will define our future, get no discussion at all. War, civil liberties, emerging science, demographic change, corporate power, natural resources. When was the last time you heard a legitimate debate about any of those issues?”

  • Banking Problems May Be Tip of Debt Iceberg

    High taxes cause corner cutting and margin squeezing, including counting debt as income, which leads to a phenomenal market collapse. I wish I could vote for Biden again because he is systematically destroying all of the illusions in democracy, or maybe Trump was elected president and immediately staged the largest psyop in history to teach us that voting for diversity and socialism leads to horrors. We know regime change is coming because our governments and businesses are simultaneously out of enough borrowing power to maneuver.

  • On Race and Crime, a Counterfactual Narrative

    Poor people, dumb people, and alienated people commit more crime. Diversity ensures that minorities are alienated, and groups with IQs of 90 to 95 do the rest naturally, especially those who evolved in tropical areas where rape, theft, assault, and violence are necessary methods of survival because high parasite load means no one lives all that long.

  • White woman whose claim caused Emmett Till murder has died

    They must tell us she was wrong, but she was mostly likely right, especially since his father was a convicted rapist and murderer.

  • Field experiment reveals ‘blinding’ is not a silver bullet to deal with gender bias

    They found no bias against women who did not work with the evaluator; this means people form dislikes outside of prejudice. Stereotype bias has some basis to it.

  • China ramps up coal power despite carbon neutral pledges

    Since the moronic West has decided to commit suicide on the altar of righteousness in the city on a hill called diversity, China is willing to take over and generate the pollution it needs to take over the world.

  • Duisburg gym stabbing suspect linked to earlier killing

    More race warfare disguised as ordinary crime or mental health issues.

  • C-11 is now law and the internet is under government control

    As late stage democracy winds down into chaos, governments across the globe are adopting censorship powers as a means of hiding the ugly truth for as long as possible. Good thing we have “freedom” and “equality,” two terms that seem to be meaningless.

  • Equity and the Race to the Bottom

    Conservatives have enstupidated this and get it wrong: nothing about “diversity, equality, and inclusion” is good. These are false goals that force the strong to serve the weak. Equality is only proven by diversity, inclusion only by permissiveness, and diversity only by ethnic genocide of the majority. This way is the path to suicide.


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