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A Short Note On Our Traffic

This is from the CloudFlare console, which tells us how much traffic we receive after filtering out some of the known bots and scrapers. As you can see, a fair number of people visit this site, presumably not all of them by accident.

We are ignored here, not because we are not relevant, but because we are. On the rest of the Right-wing sites, including the underground ones, you will find cope and deflection (or maybe dilation) but not analysis of the issues based on how they are constructed.

Our writers here have spent years honing not just their craft, but their understandings of the world. You get analysis as a result of the inner workings of the world, instead of the cartoon of clashing flags that seems to make up most of CNN and Fox News.

We avoid the false solutions and the drama of the day in order to look at what is driving the change we see in our world, and how to steer it off. Naturally, this makes us not just edgy but incandescent, but since they cannot buy us or bully us, the world chooses to ignore us.

What other sites are banned on every major platform — Truth Social, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook — simply for expressing common language articulations of problems? Who else receives so little recognition despite long-standing status from those who hope to profit from the Right audience?

“They” want to sell you products. That means finding the most emotionally evocative current issues and wailing on about those as if they mattered, not looking into what went wrong, deconstructing it, and suggesting alternatives and paths to get there as we do.

Despite this widespread tacit decision not to mention this site or acknowledge its contribution, our ideas are getting out there and others are repeating them in simpler forms for a wider audience. What you read here today shows up other places at one of these tomorrows in the future.

If you want to help out, keep reading and posting our links across the net. Spread the word to others. Keep sharing the ideas, and mention us whenever you can. As the subversion of current concepts spread to those who can think and de facto lead this civilization, the Regime weakens.

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