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Deshaun Watson’s Last Touchdown

Deshaun Watson has probably taken his last snap under center as an NFL Quarterback. He seemed to believe that an NFL Quarterback could wield the same power as an NBA star like Labron James. The truth reads otherwise as the arc of recent history shows Deshaun’s angered employer selecting his replacement in this year’s NFL draft. He is also now accused of being a serial rapist and abuser. In his efforts to fend off the financial and reputational ruination this could entail, Deshaun Watson may have done every non-cad in Amerika a favor. He may have at least temporarily put The Rape Accusation Industrial Complex at a business disadvantage.

It’s simply amazing how fast #MeToo got old. The movement started out with a certain amount of righteousness. Reasonable thinkers hard to defend either “Suicide Jeff” (((Epstein))), or Walking Used French-Tickler (((Weinstein))). I could dislike the primarily Leftist women involved in taking these people down a notch all day long without being able to deny they had a logical reason to want these guys to do a nice, long stretch* in a prison.

Then, predictably, #MeToo got weaponized. The primarily Leftist females pushing this meme started using it against a gaggle of fairly average, and perhaps uninspiring guys who just wanted what all men want without resorting to stained leather casting couches and Pervert Shangri-La’s to force it upon victims. At that point, professional, and personal protection seemed necessary to defend innocent young men from hateful activist women. These of the ilk that Patrick J. Buchanan once described as “harridan’s wielding The Castrator’s Knife.”

This had already been mechanized by the likes of Lena Dunham. Eponymous UVA smear-merchant “Jackie” took the game to Rolling Stone Magazine as well. The blueprints were on file, and #MeToo provided a massive boost in demand. Like The Federal Reserve, they could now making the printing presses go buuuuuurrrrrrrr! Here’s how it all worked.

(1) Introduce a young, pure innocent girl with a hopeless attraction to the Christian Gray type of man. Someone who is identified as being well-connected, truly rich, and Gad Zooks! – Possibly even a Rethuglican!

(2) The rape has to be absolutely dominant and sadistic. The poor, defiled heroine has to sit in the bathtub for hours to make the pain go away (a la Dunham). She has to be pulling the shards of broken glass out of her ripped and scarred skin (See Rolling Stone Magazine).

(3) The accused man is generally identifiable. In The UVA creative writing selection Megan McArdle pointed out that at least two of the accused rapists should have been easily identifiable. Lena Dunham’s novel gives ten characteristics of “Barry” that should make it fairly easy to pull this guy into the nearest precinct for a fun evening of coffee and compurgation.

(4) At no time are either the alleged rapist, or the accuser ever put in a situation where they have to testify to the details of the rape under oath in a court of law.

(5) Nobody ever gets punished for either being a violent, deranged sexual pervert or for being a lying Jezebel authoring false and destructive accusations. The entire point of the exercise is to make society pay instead.

The racket is sweet, and flat-out ballsy. What could make it go bust-out? Imagine it directed at the proud race of St. George Floyd? In a sense, Quarterback Deshaun Watson has won a Super Bowl for all average working stiffs. This is true, even if he never plays another down of Watered-Down Rugby in the NFL. Thanks to Deshaun, due process has reappeared with regards to charges of rape filed against wealthy men.

Two judges have ruled that most of the plaintiffs suing Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson must identify themselves. The rulings from two hearings Friday cover 13 of the 22 lawsuits filed against Watson alleging sexual assault and inappropriate conduct, while the attorneys also agreed to release a 14th name later in the day. Prior to Friday, only two women had been publicly identified.

Things still remain worse for those accused of being evil cads in Great Britain. Vox Day points out that British Actor Noel Clarke has recently started getting the Deshaun Watson treatment with only a limited offensive line of civil liberties to protect him. He, like Deshaun, shares genetic heritage with St. George of The Fenty-Fent.

Clarke’s fate is complicated by the fact that women can file anonymous accusations that police agencies can use as “research” without them being identified as accusers. This means once one person comes forward and presses charges, Scotland Yard can then comb through all the anonymous reports and help a prosecutor establish pattern and MO.

I knew nothing of Noel Clarke’s existence outside of what I read on the blogosphere. He may well be as guilty as either Aaron Burr or Guy Fawkes. As a person who considers himself reasonably well informed with regards to how the US Constitution works, the use of anonymous witnesses against Mr. Clarke sounds like something out of a Simon Lee or Solzhenitsyn Polemic. The problem here is the fact that people can testify against him anonymously.

Anonymous hostile testimony is how witch hunts and police state anarcho-tyranny thrive. It allows for blatant dishonesty. If either Noel Clarke or Deshaun Watson happens to be the sexual predator each man is accused of being, let them face (((Epstein))) Justice. But let them face it openly, with all the rights of due process that “Jackie”, Tawanna Brawley, Crystal Mangum, and Lena Dunham surreptitiously denied “Barry” or anyone else.

I think it’s truly sad that St. George had to die in police custody for accused men to have rights when rape accusation witch hunts are fired up against them. Let us hope that Justice, unlike genetic heritability; is blind with regards to reestablishment of these rights.

* Perhaps not the nicest pun with regards to “Suicide Jeff”. Or, just maybe; he didn’t kill himself….

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