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Democracy Reveals Its Actual Identity As “Mob Rule” In San Jose


San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo just called his constituents snot-picking mongoloids. He just branded them mentally unfit for participation in the People’s Democracy of Kanye which the country formerly known as The US of A is increasingly turning into.

“At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo told The Associated Press.

He didn’t actually say these vile, iniquitous probable hate truths, but if the quote he offered up above is true; this is the only reasonable conclusion I can reach. The poor, recently deceased gorilla in the Cincy Zoo displayed better public behavior than the mob of Anti-Trump protestors in San Jose.

Protesters waved Mexican flags and one could be seen burning an American flag, with another burning Trump’s “Make America Great Hat.” Some chanted “F— Donald Trump” and “Donald Trump has got to go” outside the San Jose Convention Center, where Trump held his rally…As Trump supporters exited the rally, protesters shouted insults at them and accused them of being racists.

This is not the first Donald Trump rally to be attacked by Leftist thugs. The following took place in San Diego.

Those awaiting Donald Trump’s arrival in San Diego on Friday were mostly peaceful. But once he gave his speech and left, small fights broke out in the streets outside the Convention Center among crowds of supporters and protesters, and police in riot gear ended up massing to drive the crowds from the area. In one clash near Harbor Drive, thrown items hit people in the head, and several small street fights erupted in the same area, as the environment outdoors became tense when anti-Trump crowds started to mix with his supporters just before 5 p.m…In total, police arrested 35 people. Eighteen people received medical attention at the site, officials said.

This brings me back to a theme I touched on earlier. If there are large numbers of people who can’t handle the responsibility of allowing dissenting speech and opinion, are they really a good crowd of people to have voting during important public elections? Are they people that you trust to make difficult decisions in a sober, analytic fashion?
If these people react the way they reacted to somebody like Donald Trump broadcasting a message they didn’t like or appreciate, do you have any doubt in your mind that they would gleefully vote for the candidate who promised to dispossess or guillotine anyone they didn’t agree with? Watching this ignorant mob do what ignorant Leftist mobs are typically prone to engage in is not even particularly surprising. It makes it plain and easy to see how Hitler and Hugo Chavez both rose to power on the ignorant backs of the people.

What makes it scary and also easy to see how Hindenburg conceded power to Hitler so easily, is to see how Mayor Liccardo reacted to the mob’s behavior. He excused it. He blamed Donald Trump for presenting a political message that he and his pseudo-sapient thugs cared to disagree with. He just told us that the Brown Shirts are in the right if they attack anyone in San Jose, CA who upsets them. This is no longer a civil society. It is a thugocracy of violent compulsion.

During The American Revolution, British Loyalists were asked why they put up with the king. They responded it was better to be ruled by one tyrant 3,000 miles away than by 3,000 tyrants just one block down the street. This is what they were talking about. The mob doesn’t have to beat you up personally to take away your rights. They have to A) present a valid, believable threat of violence, and B) they have to be excused from responsibility for their actions by the legitimate, elected authorities.

Once this becomes a quid-pro-quo, Democracy assumes its final (and truthful) form: a primitive rule of the mob. The mob supports Mayor X. In return, Mayor X gives the mob a “space to destroy”. I’m becoming too cynical to just view this as weakness. The mayors in question know exactly who and what these mobs are prone to destroy. They encourage this destruction as a method of enhancing their political powers. The higher up the food chain this practice occurs, the less and less free and prosperous our society will remain.

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