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Countries Which Have Experienced Diversity Want No Part Of It

From the bright minds over at Pew Research comes this chart based on European countries and their different degrees of willing to accept Muslims and Jews as family members. The Hajnal Line divide remains fairly clear, but even more, this list reflects historical experience.

The countries which are more open to diversity are those which have experienced less of it in recent years. The Baltics struggle with Russian diversity and Eastern Europe has had its share of ethnic and religious wars, not to mention that countries occupied by Communists experienced Russian and other diversity. Now that they are out of that ideological ghetto, they have no desire to return.

On the other hand, wealthy countries where openness creates business success because it encourages social popularity have a higher stated approval for diversity. For them, diversity is still new and more exotic, but even more, they welcome the idea of more people to participate in the economy. Diversity still means success there.

As the West begins to realize what neo-Communist has done to it, expect this to change, but only when the economic benefits for supporting diversity die, much as they did in the East, with the failure of the system that is subsidizing them. The Communists did not have our thriving markets for tax-and-spend exploitation, but they ran out of money, and so will we.

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