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Periscope (November 6, 2018)

  • Emmanuel Macron calls for creation of a ‘true European army’ to defend against Russia and the US

    Back in the 1990s, I thought the European Union was a good deal when it was an economic free trade zone. The thought of Europeans becoming more self-sufficient by trading within Europe instead of with the rising third world was a good idea. However, since Leftists are pathological and Europeans fear doing anything unpopular, they had to make it into a Leftist project. Now the EU is the reborn USSR, wanting to be the world’s biggest superpower by having as many useless citizens as possible organized into human wave armies.

  • Former Nazi SS camp guard, 94, goes on trial in Germany

    The West fears that the ghost of Hitler will return and overthrow our fragile and tottering democracy, so they are going after the last few underlings they can round up and punish as if burning idols. Hint: he was 21 when the war ended and he is 94 now, so he was both unimportant and has gotten away with it.

  • Only half of Americans have faith in democracy

    Polls have been showing for some time that faith in democracy is falling like a rock, starting with our most successful and intelligent people. The real question is what is wrong with the people who still believe in democracy, which really is an article of faith at this point because the vast failures of democracy — debt, pollution, crime, diversity, ecocide — are visible all around us.

  • 1100 Migrants Apprehended Daily Along U.S.-Mexico Border, Say Feds

    Until we send a strong signal that they will not get through, migrants will play the lottery. Here there is less crime and more free stuff, plus easy jobs. Not only that but they are a coddled protect group here thanks to our civil rights law. Mexico wants them to leave because it has millions of low-IQ peasants, and if they come here, they send money back there. Everyone wins but the USA. Migrants are playing the lottery: they could have a huge payoff if they get lucky. They will keep coming until we shut them all out, legal or illegal.

  • Stunning early-voting numbers ahead of Election Day

    14 million more votes than 2014. People are voting against the mob, not because they believe in democracy, but because they want to defend themselves against the inevitable Leftward shift of democracy.

  • California lost more residents to other states than it got last year

    States can take one of two directions: either join the Great Conformity like California, and create a permanent underclass that they must tax their American population to death to pay for, or go the Texas direction, where there are fewer benefits and lower taxes (except property taxes, which go toward making shiny new schools for Mexicans). Voters are too oblivious to realize that all the neat free stuff they vote for comes back to them in the form of higher costs, multiplied at every level of the economy, and so when the bill finally comes due, they flee like rats from a ship.

  • Vote Republican and continue the jobs boom

    Trump makes his “jobs versus mobs” argument: he brought about an economic recovery by reversing Leftist programs. If the Left wins, they will force those programs back into existence, and we will go back to the sad old days of Obama America where lots of people in government, media, and Big Tech had high salaries but everyone else was starving. Republicans are not perfect, but with a Republican majority, we at least have people who will listen to our concerns. With Democrats, we will have people who will laugh in our faces because, hey, “I got mine.”

  • The numbers don’t lie: Working Americans are better off under GOP

    Democrats depend on those who benefit from Leftist policies: the permanent bureaucracy and the welfare state recipients that it serves.

  • The US must take action to stop Chinese industrial espionage

    Best way to do this: end diversity and send all the Others home (including the Chinese). Then you will have a uniform country where everyone is working on the same team.

  • In secret chats, trolls struggle to get Twitter disinformation campaigns off the ground

    Lying big media seeks to defend social media against “trolls” using entirely anonymous and anecdotal evidence.

  • Brownsville man facing federal charges for shooting in air to scare undocumented immigrants

    Undocumented immigrants run onto Hispanic man’s property and hide under some trees. He fires in the air three times to drive them away.

  • Texas contractor wins $145 million contract to build border wall in Rio Grande Valley

    The wall is getting built, piece by piece. Each one cuts back on the inflow and sends a strong signal to immigrants: go elsewhere for your free stuff.

  • China says ready for U.S. talks, sees no winners in trade war

    One thing terrifies China: that the US and EU will become self-sufficient again. This trade war is rebuilding American industry, and this means that China will have a real competitor. This is why the Chinese have been buying American Democrats since the Clintons or earlier because Democrats introduce divisive policies, regulations, and tax-and-spend, all of which retard our industrial development and allow China to take over by using its much cheaper labor. If we removed union protections, limited liability, stripped away further regulations, and nationalized waste disposal, we could truly pound them into the ground, and we should, since they are clearly an aggressor state who wants to conquer us.

  • Grenfell Tower bonfire: Five men arrested over video

    Five men have been arrested for making a satirical video about the Grenfell Tower fire. The government claims that they threatened or harassed people with this video, despite it being made privately, because it was shared on the internet. This shows us the end result of Leftism: dissent is punished. In the meantime, the Grenfell Tower fire occurred because corrupt Leftists were getting kickbacks for using low-quality cladding on the sides of the building, and the diversity managed to set it on fire. A perfect vision of the failure of the modern West as we punish people for noticing the same failure.

  • Cyril Ramaphosa clarifies “no farm murders” remarks

    And by “clarifies,” we mean “obscures.” He insists there are no large-scale farm murders, pointing to cooked-up official statistics that drastically under-report the crimes, mostly because his party is instigating them. In the meantime, farm murders are statistically dwarfed by regular everyday murder in South Africa, which is mostly black people killing other black people, and since this is the norm in the third world, no one really cares.

  • Spain finds 17 dead migrants, 100 survivors in Mediterranean

    We can have zero dead migrants by refusing all migrants, at which point they will stop coming. If any get through, the rest will try to play the lottery. They are unaware of the dangers.

  • Extra police on London streets after four murders in five days

    Just like London, Chicago, New York, or the third world. Anywhere diversity goes, crime and corruption follow.

  • Money seized as evidence by gardaí goes missing 14 times in three years

    Ireland confronts its middle eastern origins.

  • UK Armed Forces: Foreigners don’t need to have lived in the UK

    End stage of empire alert: the UK is hiring foreign mercenaries because it can no longer produce effective armies large enough for its territorial ambitions. It’s like they took this out of the playbook for the fall of Rome.

  • India’s TCS faces US jury over why it fires so many Americans

    Everybody prefers to hire, work with, and live around people like themselves. Indian company caught firing Caucasians at thirteen times the rate that they fired Indian-descended people now gets to see the ugly side of American civil rights: even if it just turned out that way, “disparate impact” means that you must pay and pay some more, and then they will keep hounding you for even greater amounts every year. Maybe people will start to wake up and throw out civil rights law entirely.

  • Trick-or-treaters in blackface, Confederate flags shock family on Halloween

    The more you demonize it, the funnier it gets. Diversity does not work, and telling people that they must change their behavior because someone else might be offended is rightfully mocked. The nagging nannies of the Leftist bureaucracy have created a new generation of edgelords who recognize the hilarity of living in a civilization that cannot admit its central ideas like diversity, equality, and democracy (D.E.a.D.) are lies.

  • Hans-Georg Maassen: Former German spy chief sacked from new job

    They keep persecuting this guy for noticing that the emperor has no new clothes after all, but he has raised some good points: are we sure that the violence in Chemnitz was initiated by the far-Right? Are far-Left elements in government security services actually a good thing? This freaks out the deep state and the herd, both of whom want to believe that being nice to people is good and therefore that increased Leftism is always a good thing. In reality, they are following their doom by letting fear dictate what they are willing to see of reality.

  • Half of the Russians in London are spies, claims new report

    Diversity — of any form: religious, ethnic, cultural, racial, political — does not work. It never has, which is why they have to saturate us in “diversity is our strength” propaganda.

  • Real estate investors flee ‘overpriced’ Germany

    Leftists treat prosperity as a blank check. They tax it and add lots of regulations and risks that raise costs. This makes everything more expensive, which at first works to draw in investors; this is demand-based economics, which considers both consumer demand for goods/services and the currency market, in which demand for a currency makes it more valuable and therefore Leftist governments can borrow more money. However, demand-based economics pump up value without improving what backs that value, and so eventually, the market re-adjusts and a recession hits.

  • High school principal apologizing for racial slur spelled out by marching band

    Anti-diversity memes are succeeding now for the same reason that weed and rock ‘n roll did in the 1950s, namely that adults are disproportionately and hysterically afraid of them. If people had just said that weed and rock ‘n roll were for low-rent low-IQ people back in the 1950s, they would not have been as popular, and we could have gone directly to all that wacky rap music the kids are listening to nowadays, which as it turns out ran through its vitality faster than any other genre. In the meantime, kids — even those who listen to hip-hop/rap — are turning “racist” because “racism” is the big fear that reveals how our society has no clue, why adults are so stupid, and that we are denying actual problems that will undo us. Satire is the last refuge of the socially excluded.

  • Six right-wing extremists arrested for planning to kill the French President Emmanuel Macron

    Assuming that this is not a false flag — a Confidential Informant is given money to instigate his fellow members of a far-Right group into doing something stupid — it is kind of inspirational, since Macron is such a total failure.

  • One Legacy of Merkel? Angry East German Men Fueling the Far Right

    The Left specializes in “counter-stories,” or reasons why things happen that are the opposite of why they actually happened. The perpetually try to paint the Right as economic losers, or people who cannot compete in our busy modern world, who are attacking it for that reason, instead of seeing us as people who have witnessed the destructiveness of the Left and have come to oppose it because we realize that it is a mental health pathology advanced by neurotics who suffer from deleterious genetic mutations making them prone to being untruthful and of low self-confidence.

  • Minister: Israel might destroy Syrian S-300s, even if manned by Russians

    Russia’s geopolitical overreach, encouraged by its partner China, may have hit its limit.

  • Pope condemns anti-Semitism amid increase in attacks on Jews

    Despite the shooting in Pittsburgh, Jews are most likely to get killed by Muslims, but the West has no vocabulary for what happens when our diversity kills other diversity.

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