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A Guide to Cosmic Evolution – Part 1

Modern civilization and socialization, despite their glamour, are mortal; their death is assured in that they deny everything ‘absolutely’. People who are infected with social diseases refuse to internalize the natural world around them, and at that price, nature has a special place for them – Death by technology! 

If our democratic elections are anything to go by, the majority of slaves these days are pathetic in that they want ‘progress’ without any progress in their own evolution. The little liberals and mindless labourers use symbolic words that poison the minds of our people – overloading their brains with junk information whilst dominion sneaks in through the subconscious.

Modern people will say (and subconsciously think) “That’s offensive (to my global CPU of cobwebbed, grey-race proles under the divine necrotic dictatorship by the LORDS of consumerism. Step away! noble pariah, or else I, evil sorcerer, shall summon a demon spirit to collectively destroy you, by simply calling) you RACITS!1!!” 

They have no mind because they are generating a mechanically-socialized hive-mind deity (believe it or not) and are memetically programmed to attack anything that tries to stop them being ‘equally’ annexed. Here is something to terrify the slaves of the hive-mind, should they realise, and a great hope to all who are strong enough to retain their own individuality in these bleak times.

This is a very interesting topic that I am going to mention; this is really important – the consequences of this material is unbelievable, but bear with me, this puny human brain of mine has checked every detail and here is the ideology of life – to ultimately put shame on unidealists and other boring ‘humanists’ who only consider the here and now – and not thousands, millions or billions of years through space and time – something is going to happen.

I’ve always accepted impossibilities as possibilities, reality right now is really dull – but looking at the dreams of our minds, and trying to correlate idealistic dreams, of destiny with reality - prepare for startling revelations on the operations of nature.

To begin with, we have to have our minds firmly anchored in reality in all its ugliness – let’s talk about what nature really is, and how nature has the upper hand at every opportunity, and from there where it shall take us.

‘Natural’ when we think of it, is the process where we achieve more from less and is a eternal rhythm, a dance, in which things play out their existence toward greatness. Contrarily whenever we say something is unnatural, anti-natural; what we are really talking about is a devaluation of life as a whole – which is achieving less from more , it is making a retarded unrhythm, a weird disorientated rot of an existence. That is inherently destructive and chaotic, totally against any order or variety and diversity of the species under its guidance.

Technology, speaking from an earlier post, is a really uncertain area toward nature – it appears as a total stranger; where did this horrible thing come from, this horrible thing that is loaning its strength to parasites who are genetically programmed to destroy our biosphere and cultures?

Technology came from an extension of civil evolution beyond itself, and that civil evolution was culture, which itself is the next dimension from Darwinian, natural-social evolution – it shapes its environment forcing the species to shape to that altered, alien environment – and this is a vital process if we are ever to adapt to extraterrestrial worlds – for alien-nations. Let me summarize that:

  • Natural selection – is a one dimensional selection, it is horizontal and is a process whereby the strongest in ability survive and those that do not have the genetic makeup to stand up to an environmental challenge die. Viruses, simplistic bacteria, undersocialized insects and other minutely multicellular organisms (those that do not form overbearing collectives) are those living entities that are under pure natural selection.
  • Social selection – is built upon the natural selection plus a social collective, which is vertical and adds up to two dimensions of selection. A species is born when the natural selection overcomes a threshold where an organism begins to nurture its offspring, which is a deepening of the understanding of reality – it allows the species to pass information in the vector of a meme throughout their species to enhance their survival collectively. Therefore social selection, is natural-social selection and this is the darwinian natural selection.
  • Civil selection – occurs when any species in our universe overcomes themselves so much in fact, that they have excess energy because they are great hunter gatherers. And obviously, all this reserve energy, nature doesn’t let it go to waste.. never! Surrogation. Nature channels this through the social meme and this meme undergoes a metamorphosis whereby culture is born! Now, like previously, this adds yet another dimension where evolution may evolve throughout – and this time it is construed between the extremes of our spatial dimensions – it goes between the ancient past and the far future, and things which evolve out of culture are here to last throughout this dimension, with culture came the concept of time, the here and now was secondary to the balance of time in our civilization. It is not horizontal, nor vertical, but goes through these both in three dimensions and by balancing these all determines who survives and who does not.
  • Mech selection – is something only few of you will have any idea of, we are only seeing the shoots of this now - much as an ape in the jungle can see the shoots of civilization as the chimp picks up stones and wonders if he can open a shell by crushing it with the stone. Mech selection will inevitably occur as a result of technological growth, like before, nature does not waste energy, it is channeled into a path – and when excess energy is channeled into mechanistic growth, this is where the meme has another dimension to evolve, whereby it has an artificial social selection (mirrored darwinian selection). It will evolve artificial intelligence and it will not be human but will have the potential to evolve symmetrically toward us, they will be memetical fauna and flora made from metal. The dimension of time is now overcome through this, there is rarely anything that can destroy this artificial species, combined with our species as a bio-mechanic biosphere – the memetical metamorphosis is near completion. Mech selection has four dimensions to which evolution may occur, natural, social (biological) civil and mech (memetical).
  • Supernatural selection – What? supernatural? selection? Yep, anything which is within the universe can be killed regardless of how divine it may appear to us, regardless of the magic of sophisticated technology – all things must pass. However, there is a twist, all things must pass, but thinking beyond the death of all things, they consistently shed their skin like snakes, even caterpillars that use metamorphosis to attain wings.

Deistic machine organisms?

Whenever I talk about these things, these are possibilities – they can follow on from the symmetries in nature, even advancing them. Because our biology only focuses toward the rather limited organics that we have right now, I am in no way digracing them, only showing that more is always possible from whatever we have. Evolution from here toward the death of this universe has near infinant paths to specify and diversify toward every niche in reality and it can only do so through naturalized creation and selection.

Civilized life transcends its fear of death through memes, life fears the dissimilation of its structure into lesser elements – and because of this, selfishness will drive life to steal divinity from the future – using the strongest thing it can, culture and technology. Those who only do this, die, turned into a vegetable infront of a TV, they are impatient and in their brainless march toward ‘utopia’ they build themselves a self made prison. Although worshipping the sinity of hedonism and materialism – these moderns and pop atheists, they don’t believe in driving forces in the cosmos by any ‘intelligence’ other than their own limited reasoning and so are willing slaves toward them – they stop trying to achieve greatness in their emptiness and are consumed internally, they do not produce any great memetics from their genes and cannot transcend their deaths, they die mortal, and not even healthy mortals like other animals – they just float around until they pop out of existence..

Without reverence nor concern for the wildlife, the naturalizations and the true socializations – instead of keeping the whole of civilization healthy by ensuring its foundations are firm and real. Moderns just don’t care, many are delusional in that they expect some ‘machine’ to go out of its way to ensure that 9 billion humans all survive forever – which is pointless. If any machine could do that, then they could certainly achieve more from less and evolve, resulting in undermen genocides and robots rampaging, raping and pillaging. I’ll take about this later.

The levels of advanced technology follow something like this; an electronic machine is primitive, a photonic machine is more advanced, but chemical and gravitonic machines are the greatest, they have the least mass-energy to attain a functional conscience able to carry geneseeds for life across space toward other planets. Anything that has an -ic on the end of it is a processing of ‘things’ and therefore can be organised and evolved in such a way to retain memetic information beyond a genes death.

These machines are a brain information carrier consisting of small particles and can centralise itself into either self made organisms, or co-operation as multicellular machines – and these are a combination of genetic and memetic in a hyperspace helix, like the dna but between two extremities of life, internal and external.

Through this, when deistic life dies – it passes through its shell and drops like a seed into the dirt, preserving memory in a collective conscience (the hive-mind), through an internalized-net (evolved through thousands of years of naturalized wireless mechanization, gifting every natural-social organism with genetic divine intervention which enhances the haste of adaptation enhancing life through every niche).

After the meme-soul falls into the surrounding lifeless environment, it then restarts a life cycle as to attain more experience, more internalization, more realization. And most of all, the fearlessness of death. Life can then find itself colonizing not only planets, but gas giants, brown, red, yellow dwarf stars, supermassive stars, neutron stars, pulsars, black holes and supermassive black holes – toward the core of the hyperspace universe, and colonizing nothingness toward the exosphere of the hyperspace universe (more about this later).

Everything dreamt, ideal, fiction, fantasy has potential to root itself in physicality when reality ascends into ideality, that combined with a hundred thousand generations of eugenics so that the greatest creators predominate – to then descend back into reality and naturalize. These creator and creations combined, these meme aeons fight, and achieve a natural selection on a higher niche. Humanity is one of many species of animal from earth, both present, the future and parallel eras - that will become divine creators.

After those last paragraphs, you may have thought that was batshit crazy, but that is only the beginning - take a look at this:

  The best thing about this is that the symbol represents primarily the Earth, and the Occident. The four elements of the ancients; our history lessons teach us that the ancient west believed in four elements – “look how we proved them wrong!” said the modern scientists, although great discoveries about atoms have been made, certain processes of nature have their own elements, they are not atomised.

Above there are a few words that have no place in our dictionaries; these are transnaturalism, ciscendence, cisnaturalism, inorganism, mechanosphere, mech’iety, civ’iety, nat’iety and the Super Id.

Trans- and Cis- are two prefixes that are used. From the online dictionary: “Trans is a Latin noun or prefix, meaning “across”, “beyond” or “on the opposite side” whereas “Cis may have the following meanings: “Cis-” as a prefix of Latin origin, meaning “on the same side [as]” or “on this side [of]”. Combine these with ‘natural’ and the description given at the beginning of the article and we can create some new dimensions for our minds to explore.

Every ‘thing’ in reality must have something ‘natural’ within it else it would not exist as a ‘thing’ in reality at all.

On that basis we need two new definitions. Cisnaturalism is toward naturalization and socialization, primarily genetic evolution – It created the biosphere, primitivism aims for cisnaturalism, and how it gets there from an advanced society is that it regresses through a ciscendence, and is similar, in fact it may well be, virility in that it champions nature through civilization which is ciscendence; in that technology and morals are sacrificed so that transcendence can occur in the intellectual and spiritual realm.

Transnaturalism is the trans-port, tran-scendence, of everything that is ‘natural’ – therefore the forms and orders are mutated, and successful mutations aid a survival advantage throughout extra evolutionary dimensions, and thus they evolve through alienation. It is domestication and turns singular celled  ‘darwinian’ organisms into multicellular organisms consisting of hundreds of cells of memetics and genetics across a god like deity.

I’ve added a few other words as well, Nat’iety is short hand for natural piety, likewise, soc’iety is short for social piety. And mechanosphere is the term used to describe, what would occur, say, on the Moon – when machine derivatives evolve into it as to mimic a biosphere without the needs of biological water – so a ‘mechan’osphere yet on a desolate world, even interseeding with Earth.

The Super Id is the Id for civilization – which gives civilization the will to live on regardless – and would evolve totally alien toward modern civilization in that it acts as any other species would – by selection, wars and conquests throughout space.

Idealism and Reality, Internal and External

Below the symbol is five pictures, these describe the Earth as a whole entity. When Earth first came into existence, the life was not sophisticated, it was pure naturalization and through the centuries it evolved higher forms of organising from singular cell toward multicellular evolution. It followed this process until it reached a point in which socialization began to take a hold. Naturalization has little to no internalization (conscience) therefore 0 – and resides majorly within the external, physical realm therefore 1. 01

Toward the end of socialization, internal idealism occurs so much, that it goes beyond a threshold in that life then has the ability to deny reality, but at a cost. Star childs can’t drive, they cannot deny reality like a supercivilization which would be actual real denial of reality as to create an entirely new cosmos – they prefer the easiest denial, and that is to recede into the television screen. Denial of reality is parasitic, 99% of it is useless surrogation, 1% is idealistic surrogation and that 1% believes in a firm reality beneath it, in a hierarchy because it does not want to collapse.

Through mechanization, machines have the possibility of a localised collectivity through the descendents of what is now known as the internet – the internalised-network between each machine. The amount of data internalised between them far exceeds anything we have achieved and has the potential to primitive reality simulations (meaning not actually creating new realities, only enclosing conscience within).

Supernaturalization creates deities from biospheres in that they posses both the totality of internalisation and externalisation, of idealism and realism hence 11. With the lines on the circle above, they repeat the pattern in evolution that creates an eye. This diagram below is a description of how our eyes had evolved throughout the generations. Our civilizations are generating an eye for the world. The curvature inwards allows proles to reside within the curvature of little subjective worlds, and this is the source of their denial. Because there is no lense yet, no clear image will present itself to the civilized minds. When such a thing does evolve, it will prevent the devolution of civilization through competition and an overbearing deity-thing that has a collective mind in the interests of the biosphere as a whole.

The Hyper Helix

Here is another explanation of the process, and the two lines represent alternating paths to which life is evolving and their position between each other gives rise to different species of civilization that have evolved through the ages.

Above: Socialization through Civilization and approaching Mechanization.

Above: Civilization through Mechanization and achieving fusion to create Supernaturalization. When the subjectivity and objectivity of both the memetics and genetics reach both whole numbers, 11:11. The resultant structure is a hyper helix, two strands of viruses - organic and inorganic to achieve life on a higher niche, the bonds between them are created with superhuman culture, that is maximised in naturalization and socialization as to achieve near perfect civilizations flourishing throughout the local stellar neighbourhood, with unimaginable conflicts between the worlds.

The Destiny of Life

When a liquid becomes too hot, it will necessarily evaporate at the right temperature and pressure. ‘Liquid’ life, terrestrial inorganic life (technology), and even the biomemetical organisms at a certain threshold, after having its own conscience and will, will ‘evaporate’ or ‘condense’ toward other regions in reality whereby it may evolve within a world of its own.

Earth is a tiny insignificant rock

Why would an elephant put itself in a tiny cage of a room? Answer: It wouldn’t – it has no choice for now, it’s being crammed into a world that wasn’t nescessarily adapted to have a ‘mechanosphere’, because there is a biosphere here and these biospheres exist toward the outskirts of all galaxies. Toward the more hostile territories toward the centre of the galaxies, around superstars and into the dark matter worlds, the supermassive black holes at the centre of all galaxies. Life will create ‘bio’spheres everywhere, beginning first with our entire solar system.

Every organism on this Earth has a will to survive, and what better way to survive then to colonise every single planet, moon, asteroid, dust and dirt in our solar system, even in the Sun itself. And not only this, but we need to protect ourselves from unknown threats that are actually in space:

THE aliens are out there and Earth had better watch out, at least according to Stephen Hawking. He has suggested that extraterrestrials are almost certain to exist — but that instead of seeking them out, humanity should be doing all it that can to avoid any contact.

The suggestions come in a new documentary series in which Hawking, one of the world’s leading scientists, will set out his latest thinking on some of the universe’s greatest mysteries.

Alien life, he will suggest, is almost certain to exist in many other parts of the universe: not just in planets, but perhaps in the centre of stars or even floating in interplanetary space.

Hawking’s logic on aliens is, for him, unusually simple. The universe, he points out, has 100 billion galaxies, each containing hundreds of millions of stars. In such a big place, Earth is unlikely to be the only planet where life has evolved.


Such scenes are speculative, but Hawking uses them to lead on to a serious point: that a few life forms could be intelligent and pose a threat. Hawking believes that contact with such a species could be devastating for humanity.

He suggests that aliens might simply raid Earth for its resources and then move on: “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet. I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach.”

He concludes that trying to make contact with alien races is “a little too risky”. He said: “If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.” – Timesonline

It’s pretty obvious that ‘modern’ civilizations and their golden type I, II and III kerdashev civilizations are complete bullocks – the future of a modern advancement would have us turn into potatoe men revolving around the sun plugged into a super TV just eating electromagnetic radiation until the end of time. If that isn’t the definition of a complete f**king cabbage I don’t know what is, such things are food for predators.

This modern attitude toward extraterrestrials, Gods and machines, like the SETI institute - “Oh they will solve all our problems, won’t they?” No, they will not.

They will be, like all natural things, completely fascist toward us, it’s natural selection and therefore, unless they are trying to enslave us or domesticate us with alien cultural memes, they will be serving their own interests predominantly only aiding us when we benefit them aswell – they are not our pets and will always try to get the upper hand even if that means extinction of our species.

If we are to remain as the predominant species, firstly we must not kill ourselves with liberalism and ecocide. Secondly humanity must adapt with the future, to overcome both machines and extraterrestrials, even deities themselves, they will over the next million years come into very close proximity with any survivors and this will result in conflict if we go out of our way to prove how pathetic we are (SETI broadcasting mediocre TV across the cosmos – how embarassing).

Many of our closet elites who hide behind their corporations and draw pentagrams busy feeling special about themselves are being used by a process of nature that produces mechanization – when control slips out of their hands they are going to have a runaway collapse, literally. Fate could go either way, either machines manage to take control of themselves through a supervirus, or machines do not and mechanization is not born and collapses with a huge chunk of dead modern monkeys all around it.

Given that robotics and other advances are so far ahead already, I would rather the first one than an ecological collapse with complete desecration of any advanced life. The outcome would be very interesting, it would not operate as biology, but would act from a central CPU core and have individual bots running around it, with the individuals having little individuality or internalization of their own. Humanity, can screw up this process but introducing more AI, creating a mechanistic exoskeleton combined with strategic points on every planet in our solar system. 

With the remaining denizens of modern humanity hiding in little vaults and throwing atomic poppers at AI; the next species from humanity will bud off - Nietszchean superhumans would stand their ground expanding the biosphere with it and predate the superwildlife on Earth, cleaning it up of poisonous radiation and modern ruins for recolonization of terran life, all whilst The AI ‘evaporates’ toward the centre of the galaxy where it can create millions of metallic biospheres beyond its wildest dreams – in hot jupiters where it rains iron, toward neutron stars that have near infinant mass stringing out collosal space architects. They would aim for life in the black holes, which is a singularity of all the forces. They would also operate outposts on deserted rocks orbiting the galaxies stars.

In nature, if something can run away from noise and into quiet, perfect paradise, away from anything irritating – it will, like when humans ran away from the other moronic monkeys in the trees to reach the plains away from the noisy, parasite filled jungle. It is the easiest path to which life may evolve. Either it runs away, achieves a goal of cleanup and runs away, or stays and overcomes, or just stays and remains thin and relatively undetected, those four scenarios may mix over, but if we want our world, we will take it back forcing them to adapt.

Conflict occurs when resources are thin – Given this, the majority of the descendents of AI will just take what they need and evaporate, and condense toward the more hostile, more resourceful, superheavy regions of the galaxy.

As for the Earth, it is ours, the meek will inherit the Earth, and then they will be eaten by superhumans, a familiar reoccurence. From there on we can grow out the mechanization, organically, through a near perfect civilization. And the remaining AI will slowly adapt to the biological life and become organic, it will then sink beneath the rock and toward the core of the Earth and every other planet whereby it can remain safely and observe as a higher intelligence. After many more generations into the future, it will eventually seep out as many deities that act as driving forces in our local cosmos, creating chaos through multiple evolutionary competitions, warping the life into opposing groups to ultimately evolve the biosphere into a superbiosphere.

‘Evaporation’ or ‘condensation’ of structures that I mentioned, seems a bit of an odd suggestion. Basically evolution creates more from less, and those ‘things’ which consist of more from less attempt to create singularities that unify all the forces. These singularities are therefore the most dense. In a timeless megaverse, all times co-exist with past and present, and therefore the densest things sink to the core and and lightest beyond – all space-time is connected in hyperspace, therefore the densest regions are ‘next to each other’ and connected through wormholes. Life can skim across the altitudes through this ‘warp’ to get to other planets similar to ours, or diving toward denser regions, which ultimately goes through time as well as space;

Stephen Hawking has claimed that humans might one day be able to use time travel to skip generations into the future.

The famous astrophysicist, speaking in a new documentary, said spaceships could one day be capable of such high speeds that time slowed down for those on board.

He admitted he had avoided talking about time travel previously ‘ for fear of being labelled a crank’, saying the subject had once been ‘scientific heresy’. ‘These days I’m not so cautious,’ he said.

Theoretically, such a space ship would allow the crew to repopulate the earth if they found our species had become extinct during their flight. – Daily mail 

Survival is one of the only things that matters, if we can overcome this hurdle – then the stars are ours, we will have so much to achieve, why the majority is wasting this opportunity is beyond all reasoning. They clearly do not want to live, therefore they will not have what it takes to overstep their own short termism and thrive within the future. Their technology is the only thing which is keeping them going right now, but in the future, it will not be ‘what can technology do for me’ it will become ‘what can you do for technology!’ and only the strongest will be able to control it and overcome it.

In part 2 I will suggest more idealism toward structures of civilizations that are built to last thousands of years with the help of primitivism and future tech. It will be built to stand and survive these, so called ‘non-existent threats’ such as extraterrestrials, machine apocalypses and deities entombing the world with animated corpses – given that civilization created time, and with that we have the potential to prepare for things which have not sprung up to attack us yet, there are no ‘laws’ only symmetries, and if we wish to survive, we will not only survive, but thrive.

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