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The Hierarchy of Economics

In preparation for a post-oil society, individuals must prepare themselves mentally for the reintroduction of communal culture. In order for these communities to survive they must discover the best way to survive the worst that a falling empire of debt can throw at them.

In trying to understand what we must achieve within the next decade or so in terms of relocalisation and ethnic re-establishment, we must know how to adapt to the onslaught of economic depression and by what means we can avoid the negative effects of hyperinflation, social unrest, ethnic riots, nuclear fallout or whatever will happen as a result through the collapse of modernity.

I will try to explain in idealistic terms certain things which may help us – given the reality of our situation it may or may not be realisable within our current positions in society but will at least illuminate a completely new perspective on viewing the economy and how to tackle it, and repossessing that which falls in our grasp.

Economic Empires

To begin with, let us add another dimension toward how we observe these economical occurences and explain how we may best adapt and resecure whatever wealth we have into another form of wealth that is beyond and bouyant, practically invisible to the tyranny of consumer economies.

The economy that exists within the enclosure of civilization is very similar to the bodies use of energy gradients, of osmosis throughout the cells to ensure their needs are adequately matched and not overcharged or undercharged.

Therefore, the civilization economy is similar to an artificial ecosystem of many cells, all joined up into a, rather horrid, multicelluar blob called a globalised economy.

In modern society, our globalised economy is not, it is a monopoly, one pyramid amidst no other, a lonely tree in the desert – this is extremely vulnerable as it only operates on one dimension, denying any other exists. This envelopes the world of individual nations measuring them all by GDP, industry, job slavery, production and other half wit indications of a nation’s ‘wealth’.

Let us invision a future where it isn’t, where there is a wilderness of differing species of civilizations and economies that benefit each other like an atmosphere, the same as many healthy single cellular cyanobacteria produce the oxygen we breathe – once many nations become this way, only then will we have the foundation necessary for the most natural planetary economy-system to see us through thousands of years.

In order for this to be achieved, self sustainability of localised economies must be healthy toward themselves individually but most importantly, toward their neighbours collectively.

Therefore by balancing these both in a symmetry, they overcome their bleak environment and create an economic singularity. An ecological economy derived from many nations performing autarky – bringing solidarity toward the nation and strengthening relations with neighbours as allies.

Levels of Wealth

Four primary layers of wealth

Mech: Credit (Civil capital which is thoroughly subjective inside modern civilization)

Civil: Capital (Combination of the previous two, natural things are socialized)

Social: Valuation (Social worth toward thing)

Natural: Accumulation (Actual thing in itself)

There is a foundation of natural wealth and that is the actual item, physical thing in itself – something pure and undomestic, having independence from anthropomorphic socialization.

The social valuation is evolved upon this support niche, the natural item provokes interests for various biological reasons of the natural things. For example; food is important, it sustains our life, therefore it has a high social worth, likewise with water.

Upon this a civil capital is created and finally introduces the wealth of which we know of, the civil wealth, or commonly known as money and any item which has a price tag on it. The natural and the social wealth are undomestic wealth, the civil is domestic wealth, it is transnatural and alien.

(On the diagram I have placed cultural values on the social, even though it really is a more natural form of civil wealth – but for the main reason cultural values are more inherently socialized then money is).

Natural wealth is the things in themselves and what they are made of, something which civilization converts with social valuations into items or produce. Social wealth is the valuation of the natural items toward that specific socialization – they vary in their valuations and make some civil produce ‘worth’ more than that of another, so a TV is worth alot to a horde of proles, whereas to a spiritual elite it is worthless other than for natural metals and reusable materials.

Civil wealth and produce is therefore the unity of natural items and social valuations. The quality of the social valuation is retrospective of the quality of its citizenry. Where a civilization breaks the support niche that ensures health and natural intellect, the civil needs are ignored and the social needs fall out of balance with the natural. This causes a cancerous bulge of over-socialized morons that break the singularity of civilization, which decreases the aesthetic civil unity between natural and social through their degenerate barbarism.

Sane grips on a natural reality are lost as the unnatural social neediness, neurosis and selfishness cause insanity of the economic collective, obscuring the natural prerequisites from which the civilization needs to ensure the individuals needs are satiated naturally as to keep the whole healthy.

It also means that without the natural prerequisites of their lesser forms, things such as credits and capital lose their value from their base, a leaky bucket – they are entirely dependent on natural wealth and social wealth (earth and culture) to sustain.

This is why a degenerate society loses all its wealth by printing more money and diluting the actual natural-social worth of its monetary economy – primarily because they have spoilt our Earth and tried to, unsustainably grow like a cancererous tumour would.

Too much social valuation has been placed on modern economies and they have neglected the more holistic wealth, that of spirit and natural intuition with the wilderness – something money can never buy..

Our modern economies are unable to satiate the individuals needs because; firstly, there are far too many people alive today, secondly because the majority of individuals themselves are irrespective of civilization and simply don’t care for anything but themselves (many modern day corporations, banks and the proliferation of consumerism – mech/civil wealth).

This places far too much social value on things which are naturally worthless (shoes, handbags, cars, games, alcohol etc). Thus the social wealth exceeds the actual, natural, holistic wealth – such as pretending shit is gold.

However, if you actually ‘alchemized’ this shit into gold then your base of natural sustenance, natural wealth, will grow in a non-modern meaning. It will be successful in the economy at large as more social value is focused on this reconstitution of a previous social negative.

Through this it is able to fluctuate between each layer of wealth and merchant between the flux, losing or gaining value to accurately reflect the nature of the civilization – thus survive the natural and social hurdles combined.

The most successful wealth generating civilization is one that abides its natural needs above all else, then the true social needs (that of the most productive, sane individuals in the civilization, not the needy neediness of insatiable consumer herds, therefore not socialized illusions) and through these combined it can survive and sustain the civil inorganism beyond self-sustainability and into selfevolutionary by increasing the natural quality and complexity of the quantity.

Cultural Whiplash

For a civilization to survive it must keep its veins and arteries (a form of taxation and of wages, not necessarily monetary) of the economy flowing whilst making sure each cell is not starved of what it needs to be productive to the whole. Thus using many localised cell economies to sustain a multicellular national economy and into the community of self-evolutionary economies in the global.

This civil body of a nation is then united through culture and ethnicity, due to the fact that different cultures and ethnicities form seperate socializations – having evolved in isolation for thousands of years and therefore inefficient and assymetric with disorganised ‘diversity’.

They form active extremities, a social schizophrenia within an individual civilization, it’s like a soviet experiment stitching two dogs heads on a body, for whatever dumb reason – it is cruel to both involved and causes unnecessary alienation.

Much life energy is lost in the chasm between the competing values system in frustration. Each nation must have their own economies, they are their own pinnacle, likewise the peaks of mountains do not hug each other – they are high above the valley from which 90% of the real wealth belongs in nature, in culture.

Making globalized, mechanical credit economies with no physical sustenance is destined for collapse; it has not the unity between all the other forms of wealth required to maintain such a mechanized economy.

The masses revolt when they’re alienated by a social schizophrenia; they release their kinetic wave energy into the surrounding environment in a desperate attempt to redeem whatever they have lost as their life force has no place in the economy – the support niche thins toward the base where the base of workers is actually much larger than the support niche can sustain.

They are unsustained and have no natural-social-civil environment, or culture, around them which will absorb that heat of alienation into the surrounding environment and thus increasing its potential, its rest energy, its natural wealth.

The civil capital and mech credit that we are so fond of, will fall in a mudslide when inflation rains down within the next few years; because there is no culture to root in the soil of reality, and because the natural accumulation of crude oil has peaked therefore, anything build upon that will slide off and collapse.

It is terrible that we are so disconnected from reality, but that is a good thing for the earth in the long run given the damage that has been inflicted upon it. Therefore we must create with our collective cultures, fresh, near-primitive economies from the foundation upwards based on nature for our future.

The Aristocratic Warrior Corporation

In order to avoid the falling boulders of debt and combat the corrupt oligarchs who deliberately threaten us, there must be introduced a new species of corporation in all our economic doings.

To create a ruthless predator of consumer corporations thus revitalizing the unity between laborer, artisan and elite through an aristocratic order and sane corporeal agency. Through this they can overcome the weak and mundane economic giants that have injected themselves with social steroids, as to become beefed up with so much vacuum social wealth that is seperated by a schizoid between nature and itself.

By only investing in the natural needs; the quality of produce in itself and of the productive workers who have reasonable self sustenance as to not expire all their wealth energy into the surrounding parasites (buying junk), as to actually evolve with the civil inorganism, here we have an economic primitivism. An economic naturalism (of the most naturalized, viril forms and castes of the civilization entity).

And not only the workers would be satiated, but they would overcome themselves and be challenged, they would be craftsmen and women, learning a true trade and not life denying job-slavery which would leave the majority of time to one’s environment and community therefore increasing mental strength and social solidarity.

They would be treated like family, they keep what they need and help each other out within the shared entity through the roughest of times. They would create produce that increases the complexity and variety of natural things required for civilization without an over extortionate social valuation of them – combined with their own culture they would create not consumer junk, but actual items that can last for many years and be reused and real heritage.

Debts exist where the social value exceeds the natural value, it doesn’t accurately represent and is illusionary. In order for this agency corporation to survive it must avoid the debt-devolution and go beyond itself as to create wealth-evolution.

By both adapting to the naturalized-social-civil needs of the environment, the civilization, the individual and being as ethereal as possible to the predominent civil ‘order’ or constraints that are chained to it externally. It is to starve the surrounding parasites of any natural wealth and let them pump up with vacuum wealth of social illusions as to devolve with their debts into bankrupcy.

In an ascending way above the surrounding civilization environment; an Aristoration fulfills the needs of locals where ever in the world they are, once it gets a firm foothold and rooting it cannot be uprooted by any lesser forms of organisation. Through local cultures they can capitalise their energy into which this evolutionary econosystem can then combat and kill off corporations leaving them with nothing but brand commodity, which will slide away into nothingness.

To third world regions, if an aristocratic corporeal was to overcome and lead those communities, and infused with local cultures and creating caste systems among them, could actually pay the workers and isolate them from western jobs and focus more internally, it would help them tackle their problems (overpopulation, they would have the resources for conflict) and encourage superhuman evolution within african, afghan, indian, martian, britain – or where ever it could possibly take a hold in such a crappy environment.

With sanity these third world regions would be cured by capitalizing on localised economies through localised social valuations, they could be immune to foreign species of economics – therefore if they could make themselves appreciate the spiritual and intellectual elites among them more – this would create a gradient with this wealth as to internalise it and prevent its expulsion, a safe haven from multinational parasitic economies and corporations – the degenerates from our modern society would shrivel up and die – starve them to death of any cheap labour.

Back to the main point – at present, paying with cash is a naturalized, socialized and civilized way and is the most natural in civilization as is currently possible toward the whole.

Although if we were to manage a small community in localisation, therefore barter economics could become valuable (especially immediately after social collapse). It is better as this is only naturalized and socialized with no domesticated metal and paper as a medium between them, it is localised and is good for the community (there is no nationalised economic blood streams between the community – small communities can diffuse natural wealth efficiently as to not need any arteries or veins between them and little to no economic blood suckers can merchant in between them).

Modern society has parasitic civil constraints (over-centralized government taxes and all that which sustains the parasite) so cash is the most ‘natural’ in this limited world. Credit cards are mechanized, and giving that our foundations are ill constituted and are unstable (governments think that pumping money into the system is the only solution to try and decrease debt) because it is simply ignoring reality and trying to float above it, something they cannot achieve due to the need to actually sustain citizens.

Life in the Freezer – Intelligent Extremophiles

In trying to survive this cold climate of parasitic debt we can call upon the help of emperor penguins. Look to the most extreme environments on this earth and see how life survives through the harshest environments, the emperor penguin during the midst of an antarctic winter, -60 degrees celsius and 100mph winds.

Try and think of our situation within civilization as that of the penguins. Within this century, all individuals not caring for anyone else, ‘minding their own business‘ will simply die, they’ll become poor, famine, riots – the gradient (skin) of the body that keeps the heat inside from escaping out into the surrounding cold is too weak alone and therefore all its natural wealth (its heat) is quickly eaten up by the careless winds of consumerism and parasitic debts of mountainous proportions.

Now imagine these winds as an anti-socialization – one that is devolving, full of debt and is throwing it around like a blizzard. It steals the natural wealth out of everything and instead it covers them in tonnes of fake social wealth (unnatural social value of an item, buying junk thinking you will need it).

Therefore covering it in ice – freezing it, killing it, the anti-socialization is trying to evolve itself out of devolution but is unable to because there is no sun (no workers under direct leadership toward it) to produce any natural wealth, workers on their own fail to produce any civil wealth (communism) as the civil inorganism is not build upon a higher foundation in which to diffuse it to where it is needed most and cannot capitalise.

Thus there is nothing that could sustain such a debt in the core of winter, the core of an economic bust. It happens because there is no leaders that would lead the workers to actually produce any wealth at all nor reserve it as warmth, instead they spend it on over-socialized junk, their ‘bread and circuses’ to the surrounding civil parasites, the old and decaying corporations.

They run out by themselves into circus land and die in the coldest blizzard imaginable, that is the fate of modern consumerists – it’s their own fault, they’ll drown in debt and get covered in ice – most commit suicide or turn to drugs and TV.

That however, is not our fate to share, we are not equally as stupid as the majority of people. We, like these penguins must become natural perfectors of these harsh climes, they act as one – similar to the omish communities but extreme.

Now a new species of corporation must be like this, an aristocratic corporation, an aristoration; one that is to restore societies into aristocracies and keep them alive through the collapse of the oil-based economy, uniting the labourers, artisans and spiritual elites who are not infected with social viruses like political correctness – Those parasites would happily be the death of us all with their dumb catch phrases ‘UHH dat is RACITS!!1!’ – they are unconstructive and worthless.

This aristoration is to slowly predate the surrounding weak businesses and corporations acting as many tiny aristocracies as to not create any monopoly, but a multicellular monopoly consisting of thousands of small ordered communities, resembling a kind of direct democracy borderline fascism (where necessary for survival), combined in one animal of a communal corporation. Taking measures not to let its heat, its natural wealth or any form of naturalized wealth to escape into the surrounding idiocy and the junk of consumerism.

Conservation of energy, now thinking of a star that is quantizing its mass so much as to form fusion economics – keeping so much heat inside and not allowing this to escape into the near-infinite cold outside the community – to create a aristocratic plasma like flow – emitting only light and creating a gravity gradient sphere around into the surrounding bleakness, widening its support niche and allowing third parties to revolve around us, restructuring the centralization of civilization.

Fusing natural wealth together is to attain a higher natural wealth that is beyond and bouyant of modern civilization; so ethereal towards it that taxes cannot capture it and freeze it in their blizzard – it’s called culture and having not exposed ourselves as individuals, tyrannic laws and parasites of govermental proportions cannot consume it whole, as more people are linked together with good respect toward each other.

These larger bodies outside of the community cannot bully any one individual with their cold hostility as the communities join together and overwhelm the parasite in a discharge of acid against whatever natural wealth it has, a benevolent-like malevolence, something which corrodes them internally and divides them.

The dead arms of government and old-corporations and businesses that fall are then consumed by the aristoration as it grows naturally replacing all their functions in civilization and evolving them to make a stronger society.

This can only sustain itself if the individuals remain as a whole and do not do anything selfish or stupid as to put the entire community at risk, one disruption can open the entire community and release all of its heat into the surrounding cold, devolving the community and making its chances of survival slimmer.

Penguin Supernovas.

There must be a cycle to those who shield against the debts toward the community as to push this cold outside and unable to steal the wealth and products of economic fusion, the super heavy nuclei of higher culture.

In the harshest of times then the natural wealth must be cycled from the core to around the exterior of the community as to create a centrifuge, naturally, the heat-like wealth in its lesser forms will spread in relative equilibrium collectively; and through this an ascendence above the surrounding cold toward the centralization.

Putting this into practice will require localisation and co-operation of like minded individuals of similar cultures, it will need a quantity of natural resources, starting with whatever we possess. It will also require turning ‘shit into gold’ as I call it, thereby turning things which are commonly thrown away into resources that can be exceeded in social wealth from their limited natural wealth, and then discharge this acid (eco friendly of course, ecological bread and circuses) into the sea of idiots.

That meaning something naturally worthless can be used as something socially worthwhile for the short term that allows individuals around to discharge their natural wealth into the aristoration thereby increasing its economic gravity.

The art of economic war.

For anything to ultimately evolve or attain ‘growth’ in this civilization, it must freeze that around it and absorb its kinetic energy heating it internally as to fuse natural wealth and create social wealth through its recombination into something not only stronger, but popular to use against the mediocre, a weed killer, to increasing its capital potential – preserving that heat internally as not to emit it into the cold around it.

Towards those who hate life and evolution, those deliberately outside the aristoration, give them their dose of quality mediocrity – specially designed for every generalized idiot through leadership, so that they do not participate in life and give up all their natural wealth to those who actually need it for the collective good of mankind – for the wildlife, for space entrepreneurship, for culture, for colonization, for terraformation, for advancing technologies within self sustained arcologies, agrology, for keeping the earth unpolluted, conserved and even exceeding its glory.

All natural profit is the life blood of the aristoration and is used to keep the whole healthy, it is contained within the whole and not within any one particular individual on its natural level, as it accends, social wealth always transcends beyond the natural – social status happens, shit happens therefore ‘capitalist’ mountains of natural-social surrounded by a warm sea of natural wealth, a cultured commune evolved from within a communal capitalism.

This is all to ultimately survive and overcome the threats imposed by mediocrity, destructive business and any other threats to Earth. These may be overcome through our total possession and overcoming of it – creating a planetary environment that thrives with evolution through conservation and a tradition of naturalized social values.

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