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Something new has been happening to humanity that has not occurred to it in a long time, which is to view all things as self-interested. Specifically, they are realizing that government and business services aim at maximizing their own profit, too.

Sure, they fooled us by technically not making a profit, but when you look at millions of employees, many of whom also get honoraria and trade favors, it becomes clear that with government the profit is indirect, that is a position of importance upon which one can trade.

We are seeing government as oppositional to our best interests just like we view the rug-cleaning service as prone to inflate its bills, do the lowest-effort job available, cut corners to shave off time so it can make more money elsewhere, and so on.

It will make future generations laugh to think how our slow voters did not conflate the behavior of their cable television provider with that of their government. How voters hated their HOAs and PTAs, but did not see the same pathology acting in government.

This pathology — Crowdism, or pathological individualism enforced through mutual pacifism applied via peer pressure — makes organizations go dark wherever we go. It arises from excessive formalization, which prioritizes methods over goals and reality, a sort of echo chamber of human judgments.

The question arises of course of where we go from here. We literally murdered whole families of our organic leadership, and taxed the rest to oblivion, so that we could rule ourselves, and it turns out that this makes us victims of the organizations we set up to babysit us.

As the twenty-first century really dawns, the incoming realization seems to be that we have to view every organization, employee, shareholder, and benefits recipient as self-interested, quite possibly at our expense, and when they join up in a gang, they take over society and ruin it.

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