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Has it struck anyone who without a center and any grounding civilization has become? We expect somewhat of a directionless aspect to Late Stage Democracy, when the last man comes out and demands nothing more than equal bougie comfort, but now we are seeing the effects of loss of culture and with it, anchoring.

Politics has gone ballistic. There can be no center not because Right and Left are fallacies, but because we are at a decision point. After centuries of compromising, accepting the bad along with the good for pluralism, and dodging core issues, we now must decide YES/NO on vital issues.

Do we endorse diversity? It turns out that it is the Great Replacement. This makes it a mess since it is genocide if we do it and genocide if we do not. Do we continue to pretend that we can afford our entitlements programs? Or that we like a government of ten million lines of law and rules?

Past generations did the pragmatic thing: they punted. When confronted with some new crazy idea, they called together the committee, hammered out a compromise, and chose the most bureaucratic methods possible in order to be “fair.”

The problem with that is that the issue persists, therefore the calls for the new crazy idea persist, which means that with each compromise, we move closer to it without believing in it. The voters sleep as usual, believing that all is sorted if their intervention is not required.

We hear a lot about the Deep State, but it really is the entrenched government bureaucracy that lives by compromise and constantly funding new programs so money can be spread around. It does not contain organizations like the CIA, but informally connects many of those people with a political machine.

That machine operates like all political machines, namely by rendering society dysfunctional so that it can keep trading favors for influence, which it does on the back of taxpayer money. Hey, if the taxpayers cared, they would say something, but only a few do.

In this way we see how democracy functions by marginalizing those who might notice something wrong so that the massive herd, who want nothing more than more free stuff for their convenience right now, can overrule any sanity, wisdom, restraint, or future-oriented planning.

Our leaders and pundits have no plan for the future. They are criminals, although they see themselves as businesspeople. To them, government is a business and you succeed by making compromises, doing favors, and ensuring that all the people in your social circle end up rich.

In other words, the leaders of this society behave exactly the same way as everyone else, which is to advance themselves at the expense of others. Just like the store charges you a high price for trendy items, government charges you a heck of a lot of money for a mediocre outcome.

Careers are made in the meantime. Your average politician sees his or her job not as a chance to do good, but as a chance to advance. They will go down in history for the free stuff they give out, the programs they create, and the problems they allow to ignite before putting them out temporarily.

Almost no one in democracy will say it out, but since the French Revolution, government has involved a singular goal in avoiding another French Revolution. If they can buy off the citizens, keep bread on the shelves, and not start a big war, their careers reach an apex.

In the meantime, they do what everyone else does. They use their position to grant favors, and in turn get influence so they can do more favors and make more deals. Everyone gets rich off the back of the taxpayer, and someday the bill will be due… but we do not think about that, even in the darkest night.

Very few have thought for a long time about what comes next, but now those in authority are starting to uneasily turn in that direction. Democracy has spent itself broke, its citizens are not reproducing at replacement rates, and misery was normal even before the Biden Depression.

What happens geopolitically? China may rise, but is most likely desperate to gain world control before its economy propped up by thousands of fake statistics collapses and its population crashes, since people working corporate style jobs have fewer children.

There is no plan for the future. Working the system replaced any concept of working for results, either good or evil. They simply keep the system afloat, keep passing the buck, repeat the past, and most importantly, keep themselves employed and in the news. That is government as a career.

At the end of every system, it seems, “the people” end up oblivious, selfish, and bratty while their leaders are shrewd and cynical criminals who maintain a little business within the government in trading favors and making each other fat and sleek with wealth.

Since everyone must make a career by making a name for themselves, there are no shortage of programs, laws, speeches, and symbols. Each person must stand out from the rest by doing something new and unique, not working toward keeping things sane and balanced.

Society becomes its own enemy once it turns from trying to achieve things yet unseen to trying to maintain what it has. In this way it resembles the markets: if a product succeeds, everyone emulates that and is afraid to stop lest it hurt their careers.

However, all things come to an end, including scams run within democratic republics. The money has run out and so has the goodwill of the past, so now the West needs to decide whether it wants to rise again, knowing that to do so it must turn toward the future, the excellent, and the realistic.

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