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White Guilt

Egalitarian societies, by the nature of needing to deplete the strong in order to shore up the weak, find themselves obsessed with victimhood. When the goal of society is to make the weak equal, only being weak guarantees that one is safe from attack and entitled to free things.

This means that guilt controls these societies. If you are not a poor worker, you are privileged. If you do not find another way to claim victimhood, like disability or discrimination, you are become a target.

In the republic of the Revolution of the Workers, the job itself has become a religion. If you are “working hard,” you deserve what you have; if you are not constantly working, someone may take it away from you because of your privilege.

If you are White, you owe a duty to all those minorities who were poor and crime-ridden before you arrived, and now live in air conditioned homes with free public education and other benefits, because you won and they did not. You must be to blame for their situation.

Ever since the arrival of our first Civil Rights Act, this society has been steadily more oriented toward egalitarianism, undoing the work of our founding fathers in limiting it with a political culture of rewarding competence.

When you see White (or whitish) people now claiming mental illness, being blue checkmark goodthinkers, becoming transsexuals, or loudly talking about their rapes or abuse history, you are seeing people trying to work around guilt.

Good luck. This society, because it assumes that all people are equal, recognizes only situation. Your situation is the conditions of your birth; our faux aristocracy are the poor, minorities, women, and damaged.

Judging by situation allows the egalitarians to continue their grinding deconstruction of all that is real. If your situation is bad, you are assumed to be innocent, and in need of free stuff from society to raise you up to a level of minimum equal.

If, on the other hand, your situation places you above minimum equal, you are assumed to be an aggressor, wrongdoer, victimizer, and thief. We love to blame the rich in the modern West because they have dared rise above that minimum line which measures whether you are equal or not.

Those presumed to be the least equal are minorities from third world origins (sorry, Japanese and Jews, you just got thrown under the bus). If you are a minority in the West, you get both free stuff from government and the chance to use all the nice stuff White people made for themselves.

This shows us the nature of diversity: it exists only because of White guilt, White class warfare against the rich, and the desire for third world minorities to come here for entitlements and a better living situation.

If we were to get rid of those entitlements — school lunches, subsidized housing, affirmative action, welfare, refugee resettlement, public schooling, EMTALA — then the diversity would stop coming, and those who are here would leave.

In other words, diversity exists because of our socialist programs, which themselves are just the economic arm of egalitarianism. Marxism is no different from any other form of Leftism: it aims to penalize the strong in order to subsidize the weak, but focuses mostly on the money.

Even our Amerinds (“Native Americans”) are only here because of two centuries of government handouts. Had the free stuff never existed, they would have rolled on back to Mongolia decades ago. Government thought it was clever for buying them, but then those benefits took over government.

White Guilt keeps the scam going. As long as Whites are drugged by the mental virus of egalitarianism, they will respond to anyone who projects victimhood. Minority status is considered de facto proof of victimhood.

Even worse, the scam hides in plain sight.

We live in a time when almost everything that everyone “understands” is wrong because they are looking at surface manifestations, not root causes. They think of effects, like situation, as cause, when really the cause is elsewhere.

No one wants to look at root causes because those force us to adapt by shaping our thinking around the world. That in turn means confronting some troubling sensations, instead of having nice solid absolute thoughts upon which to base our worldview. Life is nuance, mystery, and degree, not solid.

If we look at the root cause of our time, it is our addiction to egalitarianism. Because we believe in equality, we must also bring in all of the bastard spawn of equality, such as feminism and homosexualism (sexual equality), socialism (economic equality), and diversity (genetic equality).

For any identifiable group, any other identifiable group must be viewed as a conqueror in waiting. If that other group is wealthier, more numerous, smarter, stronger, or more technologically advanced, that conquest will happen faster.

It can occur through military conquest or soft conquest, which is what happens when members of the more successful group move into the territory of the less successful group and, using what they know, succeed and take over. Soft conquest leads to gradual political takeover and absorption.

Soft conquest was how Vikings established a presence in the British aisles. There were raids, but the bigger migration came from young men hopping over the sea to set up farms which succeeded. They became the new upper caste of that society. This is why high-end Brits are still Nordic-looking.

This means that groups view each other as potential enemies and especially fear those who are more successful than they are. Whites, as a successful group, are nearly universally feared, and the response by many groups is to try to subvert that feared group in order to feel “safe” from conquest.

They are all slowly figuring out that by doing that, they let China in the backdoor, and that Mongol occupation was not as prosperous as White colonialism. Give them time; they will get to this realization in full over time. They figured it out during the Cold War for the most part.

When you fear other groups, you tend to think well of pacifism. The idea behind pacificism is that since if some group has more than you, they are a threat because they will dominate you by hard or soft methods, the “solution” is to divide up the wealth equally so that there is no conflict.

Egalitarians apply this within their society through equality programs, and internationally by sending out foreign aid and making big speeches about peace. All egalitarians achieve is dismantling the self-defense of the competent, which is why they love gun control and no nukes initiatives.

In the West, we decided to embrace the idea of equal pacifism after it became clear that even small revolts like the Peasant Revolts were devastating to a country. They shattered its unity and left it open to attack by foreigners.

Consequently, those in power took a managerial-administrative stance and opted for buying off the poor and working classes. They would give them political equality, handouts, and a sense of self-importance through Leftism, so long as those lower classes did not destroy unity.

This idea of equal pacifism backfired when egalitarians competed. To stand out as an egalitarian, you have to demand equality in some new and novel way, which means that the franchise of those in power always expands, even extending to a Tower of Babel of other races, ethnic groups, and religions.

Without thinking that those people are “bad” in some way it becomes clear that diversity is destructive because it abolishes your culture. Your culture becomes a big soft bag into which you fit other cultures, which means that you can no longer prohibit anything.

This serves egalitarians well, since they are known for “liberalized” or relaxing rules, standards, and morals so that the individual becomes more important than social or natural order. Their ideal is anarchy with equal wealth sharing enforced by a benevolent Inner Party.

In our case, the middle classes began a revolt that ejected the kings so that shopkeepers could sell more junk to morons. Instead of a stable society, we got a neurotic one where culture and race were deprecated so that government and commerce could take over just about everything.

Having adopted the mental virus of equality, our people then applied it to everything, including other races. However, since the lower cannot raise themselves up, they must be raised, which requires taking what the higher have and “re-distributing” it to the lower. That means the higher must be scapegoated.

In America, the scapegoat is Whites. They want your stuff, mostly just your money. To get it, they must play the victim while they style you as the oppressor. No matter what you do, you will always be blamed, because they will always wanted to take what you have. Diversity is suicide.

This benefits those in power because they no longer have to think of ways to do that. Diversity inherently divides us. It also creates a hellish underclass, which causes all the little wage slaves to labor fanatically in order to avoid being dragged down into the ghetto.

In other words, the Revolutions which were supposed to free “the people” and benefit “the workers” in fact made them slaves to a system that does nothing but redistribute the wealth and go through the motions of being a concerned, benevolent government.

Everything it does occurs so that it can expand its power and its grasp on the wealth. It is a government-shaped object, acting out the role of being leadership, but in fact working like any other business to increase its income and reach. It aims at being the ultimate monopoly.

White Guilt gives it a blank cheque for whatever it wants, just like anti-poverty did in the past; both are egalitarian programs. If it finds one minority somewhere who is suffering, it can rile up the underclasses to riot and then invent a “solution” that involves more wealth transfer.

Governments of this nature specialize in never avoiding problems, but letting them get terrible so that everyone comes to government for help and hands it a blank cheque in the process. When Joe Biden restricts the oil industry and drives up gas prices, he can forgive taxes as a freebie.

This mirrors how the people attracted to this type of government work. They “do favors” for each other, just like in any organized crime syndicate, so that they all get rich, and they like to wreck society so that people need their favors. You obey, or you do not get paid. Capisce?

More than the Great Replacement depends on White Guilt. The entire power structure does, and since the 1960s, it has wholly controlled America — and Europe — with this device.

There is no Illuminati, Learned Elders of Zion, Satanists, Bilderbergers, or aliens controlling us. The secret is that the voters control us, but the people who fool the voters have made government into a business that is more like organized crime than benevolent leadership.

This business depends on White Guilt. If Whites were to stand up tomorrow and vote against this mess, they could have it removed within months, then strip away the laws that enable wealth transfer. At that point, the whole thing would fade and the parasites would go away.

Fortunately for those in power, Whites divide themselves. Half of them love the White Guilt agenda because it lets them strike back at the wealthier Whites. The other half oppose it but propose crazy solutions like theocracy or National Socialism instead, scaring the voters back into obedience.

If your government wanted Nazis gone, it could remove them systematically and easily because most of them are breaking some laws. It wants them to stay, however, because they are essential to scaring other people back into White Guilt.

We do not need to look for conspiracy theories here. Democracy is dysfunction; what you are seeing is how democracy normally progresses like a disease through a population. First it controls people, then it drives them insane, and finally it removes any hope that anything can ever change.

Ironically the solution is to use democracy to remove the power system as it is. Laws can change, diversity can be repatriated, and the Deep State made unemployed. But for that to happen, enough White people must agree on something other than egalitarianism.

So far, that step has eluded us. Even the Nazis are egalitarian, if you buy into their race cult. Even the most free market libertarians want welfare. All have been seduced and brainwashed by egalitarianism, which spreads through the approval of other people, not government action.

For Whites to escape White Guilt, they must first purge themselves of this virus of egalitarianism, and then they must find a new order which does not involve equality at its core. Right now, almost everyone fears that more than death itself, so enslaved by White Guilt they remain.

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