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DiversityWatch (December 4, 2023)


  • UW System President Suggests Less Liberal Arts for Poorer Students

    The root of the diversity impulse is an eternal human desire to make things equal. This appeals to people who do not want to be left behind by others. Any human group, once prosperous and no longer seeing the need for leaders, will revert to this idea, even though it leads to becoming third-world hominids over time. The class resentment of the proles leads them to capture government, at which point they enact diversity in order to stay into power, and this in time erases the population genetically.

  • US charges former diplomat with spying for Cuba

    Manuel Rocha sided with his ethnic tribe, not his host nation-state. In a diverse society, every tribe — a construction made of religion, ethnicity, race, and culture — acts in its own self-interest and because others stand in the way of its total power, acts to sabotage and subvert the others. If you want the opposite of peace and function, diversity is the way to go.

  • Outrage as eight of nine men convicted of park gang rape of a 15-year-old in Germany receive no prison time

    Across the West, justice systems hand out minimal punishments to non-Whites while jailing Whites for things they posted to social media. The fear of being called “racist,” plus a desire to break the back of the culture and people resisting total government takeover, has opened the door to totalitarianism in the name of tolerance.

  • Julianna Margulies Apologizes After Remarks on Black Support of Jews

    The actress Julianna Margulies, who drew criticism this week after saying on a podcast that some Black people not standing with Jews after the recent attack by Hamas had been “brainwashed to hate Jews,” said on Friday that she “did not intend for my words to sow further division, for which I am sincerely apologetic.”

    On the Nov. 20 episode of “The Back Room With Andy Ostroy,” Margulies, who has starred on the television series “E.R.,” “The Good Wife” and, presently, “The Morning Show” on Apple TV+, accused Black and L.G.B.T.Q. people of showing insufficient support for Israel and Jews in the United States since the deadly Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas.

    They are going to side with those most like them, and in the West, will identify as what makes them most unusual therefore most notable, namely their non-Western origins. WW3 consists of the third world trying to destroy the first world with the BRICS (especially “C”) at the helm.

  • Why are so many young people single?

    As Robert Putnam pointed out, diversity abolishes culture and people fear to act lest they offend someone, so they simply “hunker down” in their apartments, order DoorDash, watch movies on Prime, socialize on Instagram, and generally avoid the world except when they must go out to work or the proctologist. As a result, they have become awkward geeks who have no idea how to socialize, much less form enduring bonds with the opposite sex. Mouse Utopia continues to kill off its citizens by giving them nothing to live for, even as it gives them everything free and bills the people they hate for it.

  • Young Brits open to banning the Bible over perceived ‘hate speech’

    They are going to ban anything from before the 1960s as “hate speech”; watch and wait, and you will see how this is not prophecy but a description of the extension of their current tactics. However, in the long run, ending Christianity will be good for the West. We need our own gods, not Arabic, Jewish, and Babylonian gods.

  • ‘Middle-aged Black male’ vandalized FSU Black Student Union house: report

    One more fake hate crime. When you give people an instant ticket to fame and wealth by claiming victimhood, it is disingenuous to act surprised when they take advantage of this nearly consequenceless opportunity. If Black people were able to articulate it, however, they might point out that they are really victims of living in diversity, since this prevents them from having culture or autonomy through command of their future.

  • Outcomes associated with participation in high-quality early care and education

    More “wet streets make rain” thinking; higher IQ kids tend to get into higher quality early care and education, then do well in it and continue doing well. Others do not. Giving them high quality early care and education would simply waste it before those who can neither understand nor appreciate it.

  • Why younger Americans are stockpiling supplies ahead of 2024 election: ‘Society unraveling’

    The Left refuses to admit any viewpoint which does not embrace diversity, socialism, equality, and mob rule. This intransigent inflexiblity will result in absolute violence if the vote fraud continues. Hillary may finally get her comeuppance when they catch her behind that one.

  • Equitable sentencing can mitigate anti-Black racism in Canada’s justice system

    Ignoring the details of crimes might help even out those race-crime statistics, but really the intent here is to empower minorities as a kind of Inner Party group that can savage Whites, therefore keeping them in line for long enough that the permanent Leftist state can take control. Tammany Hall did the same thing in the USA, just like the Bolsheviks did with the Jews. The diversity is being used like a tool of the forces of tyranny, and remains its slaves.

  • Derek Chauvin back in same prison where he was stabbed 22 times by a fellow inmate

    The DOJ wants this guy to die because they know that, with the many law enforcement scandals of recent vintage and the widely-spreading knowledge of the first autopsy report which showed George Floyd died of fentanyl intoxication, Chauvin is going to be exonerated soon and will promptly reveal through civil lawsuits many of the bad actors behind politics in Minnesota.

  • For Labor Unions, 2023 Was the Year of the Strike—and Big Victories

    Trump had labor coming back to the USA. Unions are driving it straight to China. Whatever China donated to these efforts paid off very handsomely.

  • Illinois schools’ segregated classes blasted as ‘unconstitutional’

    We come to the 14a problem: “equal protection of the laws.” Where the Constitution favored natural rights and the Declaration emphasized “created equal” as a means of limiting equality, civil rights (called human rights in an international context) creates a duty for government to force equal treatment upon each and every citizen. Where under natural rights you could have an all-Black class if you wanted, under civil rights in theory you cannot, but most likely the principle of egalitarianism will control: take from the strong to give to the weak, therefore all-White classes are civil rights violations but all-Black segregated classes are entirely permissible. What conservatives see as hypocrisy is to Leftists justice.

  • White House warns Congress the US is out of money, nearly out of time to avoid ‘kneecap’ to Ukraine

    They spent it all on diversity, now have no idea how to arrest the Sino-Russian advance. Most likely, this will be used to force the situation and raise debt limits because children are dying or something of that nature. In reality, we spend a smaller amount on Ukraine than we do on our welfare state, which is socialism and therefore defeats us.

  • Poland: How Jewish identity is revived in Krakow

    Jewish people belong in Israel, not Poland or anywhere else that is not Israel. End the diaspora and save this ancient race. In other news, “Palestinians” belong in Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.

  • The Next Battle over Racial Preferences

    Now that affirmative action has failed at the collegiate level, crazy Leftists want to push it at the high school level so that colleges can only choose from a student pool already filtered by affirmative action. In the meantime, we are obviously shifting stuff around just to make it seem like diversity is working, but each time it lowers our competence and everything gets worse and more expensive.


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