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Black Nationalism

Nationalism means properly ethno-nationalism. If you doubt this, look who the nationalist powers were in WW2 and what they believed about race and diversity.

Any nationalist, and all nationalists, believe in the same decentralized world order. We think every ethnic group should have self-determination and exclude all others.

This means that all nationalist movements are working toward the same thing, independently and with the self-interest of their ethnic group in mind.

Nationalism is not racial in the sense of root races — African, Asian, Australid, Caucasian — but in the sense of ethnic tribes. A tribe is comprised of culture, religion, ethnicity, and homeland. These are needed for continuity from origin story through the distant future.

Noted pan-African nationalist Osiris Akkebala delivered the following call to arms to all Black Nationalists:

Beloved, the mission of Black Afrikans Nationalist Pan Afrikans are two-fold: a United States Of Afrika Government, and Enslaved Reparation-Repatriation Back to Afrika by the offspring of our Enslaved Ancestors who have been scattered asunder but our mission is with an ordained purpose that is inherited with a space-time compression that is set to engage when there is movement taking place toward the goal that involved freedom and justice to return to Black Afrikan people to become active by the action of Afrika patriots.

Pay no attention to adverse advice that points away from the rise of Black Afrikan people to be in Afrika, those giving off negative advice using sacred energy that makes its availability to the availability of mind of Black Afrikans Patriots, you see and we must be able to see if our goal is Divine our purpose is discreet to the mission qualified to give cause with the opportunity to cause a gravitation that is available to cause an attraction of magnetism that will activate the common denominator of Black Afrikans which is Unity of relationship with each other with a same unadulterated obligation to bring back to Afrika a spirit of relativity, Freedom, Justice, and independence.

Our weakness is not of the mind but action to be caused by the mind and we behave as if we are waiting on a belief that is not in our favor, the moment we use the power of thought toward what we must do to save Afrika and the black Afrikan Nation there is the moment a call for movement in an organizing requirement that will energize the rank and file of our Black Afrikan family; they are out there waiting on the call to action beloved and the call must come from an Afrikan patriotic mind to our rank and file Afrikans not to those who you make mention of that had nothing of encouragement with Afrikans Unity being a reachable intent, beloved.

A call must go out to the Black Afrikans and the Afrikan patriots out there will heed the call if given a time and place with a Divine reason to attend a meeting for organizing purposes.

If White Nationalists could stop complaining about Jews and Black people for a few moments, they would see that the interests of pan-African Black Nationalists is the same as ours. They want all Black people in Africa, ruling Africa, for their own self-interests and not some globalist/humanist nonsense.

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