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Biden 2020: Patronize, Condescend, Control!

Let’s say Jim Rico is a fire-breathing !RACIST! He got 88 tattoos of the number 14 all over his butt back when he was in the stir. Just because he’s into really deep intellectual symbolism and ish. Let’s say he feels let down and disappointed with Donald J. Trump’s Presidency because not only are Knee-Grows still walking around town, they even can walk into businesses and restaurants and get jobs there! Next they’ll be expecting you to peel them a grape. Que Horror!

So he can’t trust a GD Republican to get rid of The Black Plague in 2020 and he doesn’t know which Dem to choose. Andrew Yang has been a bit of a hit. Tulsi Gabbard saw a brief boomlet as well. Yang has offered to basically wreck and bankrupt the welfare system by handing out the jack to buy opiates to everyone, even those of The Caucasian Persuasion. This sounds amusing, but let’s face it. A guy named Yang has what are euphemistically referred to as purity issues. Gabbard was willing to pull our 80% young and White military out of the killing fields. Rico remembered enough of his rudimentary math and logic to realize this could give us more whities. But if Yang has purity issues, Gabbard would be the last mutt adopted at the SPCA pound. What do?

You go with the old, the tried (or tired), and the true. Not just old, but plate-tectonic old. I’ve got good news for Jim Rico. There’s someone out there. His name is Joe Biden and he’s tanned, rested, and probably senile. But wait a cotton-pickin’ minute. Joe Biden worked for Barack Obama. He voluntarily worked for him. Just because Mr. Obama was clean and articulate. It was story-book, Man. Like all those East-Indian friends Joe knows from the 7-11s in Dover, Delaware.

But that’s just the point. He knows exactly how to insult, mock, belittle, and shoot-down African-Americans with a smile on his face. Mr. Biden knows how to properly poison the blacks and get rid of them. He’s an expert. Just a spoonful of sugar and the sarcastic, condescending, Hipster arsenic goes right down. They’re dead before they even get a clue.

Biden helped write the Federal version of the first Three-Strikes Law and crack cocaine sentencing guidelines that filled Amerikan prisons full of uppity black people. He told them he did it to protect their neighborhoods and they were stupid enough to buy it! And abortion? Where would Kermit Gosnell have been all these years without Good Old Scranton Joe? On Gun Control, Biden has done everything in his power to make sure that Stringer Bell’s boys are the only guys on the corners of Baltimore properly armed to live in that particular garden spot of the Universe.

After eight years of Joe keeping a certain amount of White in The Obama White House, just how well were things being controlled out there? Pat Buchanan offers us some positive anecdotal evidence. Even if Joe Biden actually believes in affirmative action based upon the legal principle of disparate impact, he’s too damn moronic to actually make it work. He’s that kid on the other high school’s baseball team you want to see at bat with two outs and the bases loaded.

Of 895 slots in the freshman class of Stuyvesant High in New York City, seven were offered this year to black students, down from 10 last year and 13 the year before.
In the freshman class of 803 at The Bronx High School of Science, 12 students are black, down from last year’s 25. Of 303 students admitted to Staten Island Technical High School, one is African-American. According to The New York Times, similar patterns of admission apply at the other five most elite high schools in the city. Whites and Asians are 30 percent of middle school students, but 83 percent of the freshman at Bronx High School of Science, 88 percent at Staten Island Technical and 90 percent at Stuyvesant.

And what does he really think of those people? His fake Southern Accent is good enough for Saturday Night Live. Getting them to actually believe Mitt Romney was “gonna put yawllll in chains” was comedy gold for Jim and all The Stormfront Guys down in Cell Block D. His latest and most hilarious gag involves a failed gubernatorial candidate from Georgia. The lovely and talented Stacy Abrams is rumored to be his preemptive pick for Vice-President.

Now Mizzz Stacey has the demeanor, personality and attitude that medical science could verify as the 100% effective male birth control. Theological experts identify her as “that woman”. The one whose vituperative and evil gossip sends otherwise good and dutiful Christians fleeing in condign disgust from their local Low-Church Baptist Congregation. If Joe picked her as a symbolic, token representative of Black Amerika, then yawllll would be represented by a person with the proximate charisma of a mutant, radioactive Rottweiler from an old edition of the Fallout Video Game.

So if you are on The Dissident Right, and are convinced to the hilt that Donald J. Trump is nothing but a (((MIGA))) race-traitor. It’s like Highlander. There can only be one! Scranton Joe Biden, The Great White Dope, oops I mean hope! The one that should be endorsed by the ghosts of Theodore Bildo, Al Gore Sr, and Albert Speer all three. He can be sand-blasted clean, he’s quasi-articulate… after he takes his entire stack of old-age medicines. It could be story-book, Man. Like those Harlan Ellison stories they read to come up with The Terminator. Some guy named Beck was nice enough to write Mr. Biden a campaign these song. It’s time to gear up and go!

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