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Be A Lighthouse (So You Can Feel Good About Failing)

Cuckservatives, RINOs and other people who have decided to rationalize decay, rather than fight it, have given themselves a bad name by giving us some strikingly bad advice: work hard, pray hard, and “be an example” to others.

They do this out of frustration. When you see that people act as a herd, and as part of this they not only vote for idiotic non-solutions, but also enforce on each other the dogma of good feelings, you tend to give up. The dogma of good feelings is the idea that even if our civilization is falling apart, if we are just nice to each other, everything will work out fine.

As a result, to be mentally aware, realistic or conservative is to be cognizant of the fact that your society is doomed and will continue to be doomed until we get some actual leadership in power. Democracy, or people voting for whatever they think as a group will work out for them, is an unbroken record of failure.

Facing that, most conservatives focus on an individualistic strategy, which is to both enrich themselves and simultaneously, to behave well in the vain hope that others will indulge in the same, despite all proof to the contrary. Over the past century, conservatives have seized defeat from the jaws of victory with this tactic many times.

Now we see it reborn in a well-intentioned but unfortunate meme, “Be a Lighthouse.” While the author is clearly intelligent, he has set up the groundwork for failure:

Away from the internet, you are a leader by the mere fact of being Red-Pilled and wide awake. Whether you know it or not… better yet — whether they know if or not, the people in your life look to you for answers and for a good personal example. Subconsciously, they feel that you know something they don’t. They are unsettled by the surreal turn of politics, and they sense that you aren’t.

Your biggest responsibility — mine, yours — is to the people we are connected with in real life. Whether in a role of father, uncle, friend, you are a leader. Does one of your otherwise-solid friends say stupid things like “One day we’ll all be caramel-colored and there will finally be peace”? Use what you have learned on blogs to feed him tiny doses of the Red Pill. (Pro-tip: Brownian motion doesn’t drive human events.)

While this is not terrible advice in the context of doing other things, observers of humanity will note the inevitable response: “Well, that’s easy. I’ll just a be a lighthouse and hope for the problem to solve itself through conversation.” People will make this lighthousing into their sole activity and use that as an excuse for doing nothing else.

Conservatives tried the same thing decades ago. They decided that they would retreat from society, go to their churches and meeting halls, and spread the gospel of conservatism. The problems with this were that first, they tended to socialize with people already like them; second, their message got distorted as they tried to make it fit with what other people already thought; and third, they promptly let go of the reins, allowing the left to begin its march through the institutions.

Our society fails because while people are busy being focused on themselves, they support a civilization that has shifted to the Left, and in so doing, become effectively Leftists themselves. They are working to keep society afloat so that it can continue being Leftist, and consoling themselves with the thought that they are “being the bigger man.”

There is nothing wrong with reaching out to others to Red Pill them, but if that is all that you do, you have repeated the mistakes of the past three generations of conservatives. Our only solution is to regain control of the disaster, clean up the mess, and exile the malefactors. Anything else is a form of subservience and should never be taken seriously.

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