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Anatomy Of A Rationalization

Witness the response of one musician to a hate crime assault resulting from diversity:

When I was 13, I got attacked for looking the way I looked. I was walking home from a punk disco for under 16 year olds on a Monday night and it had kicked off at this disco — there was a lot of racial tension in the air then. I was with a Thalidomide girl — she only had one arm — and I had gotten the last bus home with her just to make sure she was OK. Her stop was not my usual stop, but I got off there and started walking home. As I got closer to the bus stop where I would normally get off, a load of black guys got off the bus and started giving me shit, shouting at me from across the road. I said, “Look, I’m not racist. Everything’s cool.” But they chased me down a hill called Skinner’s Hill, kicked the fuck out of me and basically left me for dead. I was unconscious for about four hours in the middle of winter—I was only 13 years old — before I staggered home and told my mum I fell down the stairs. Yeah, right. And the whole time I was getting kicked in, one of the guys was telling them, “Leave him alone — he’s all right. I know who he is.” But that didn’t stop them. So that happened to me, but it didn’t make me a racist. It just made me hate racism more. I got beaten up and attacked many times by white idiots, too. So I’ve got reasons to hate Nazis.

His attitude is one of pity; he notes that he is with a “Thalidomide girl” instead of simply a young woman with one arm, and he is on a mission of mercy. Christlike, he is betrayed, despite proclaiming his virtue cred with the classic “Look, I’m not racist.” Beaten, he denies it, and then blames those from the other side.

It is amazing that no one looks at the open ethnic warfare on our streets, then peers over at the open ethnic warfare worldwide, and finally makes the connection that having more than one ethnic group in the same place is a terrible idea.

We can witness the standard rationalization hamster approach through this paragraph. When his beliefs fail him, he doubles down on his beliefs rather than accept responsibility for his role in his own beating. Better to blame a group that it is socially acceptable to blame, namely other whites.

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