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  • Chinese social media censors hashtag ‘I want freedom of speech’ after coronavirus whistleblower doctor dies

    And so, the issue of the twenty-first century arrives: can we point out counter-Narrative facts? People say they want “free speech” but what they really want is the ability to observe things that are not controlled by the dominant paradigm of their political system. In America, political correctness led the way; you could no longer use terms which might notice failures of Leftism, including especially diversity. You had to use terms which framed everything as positive, so that the System was safe from people noticing glitches in the Narrative. Now China has taken this absurd Western invention — pioneered by the Jacobins — to its furthest extension, prosecuting people for factual speech that is inconvenient. In return, people are demanding the ability to notice reality even when it clashes with the official explanation for how everything has never been better and society is doing just fine. We can point and laugh at China, but the same battle plays out here daily, through both social media and government locking people up for the wrong opinion. Worldwide, the idea of the non-monarchist political system is failing, and so these systems, whether liberal democratic, market socialist, or Communist, are censoring, controlling, surveilling, and monitoring their populations. This cannot end well because it makes an enemy of reality and anyone who notices it, which places civilization on a collision course with the accurate observation of our world necessary for survival. Government will not let go of power easily however. Ask David Koresh.

  • A judge overturned the convictions of four volunteers who left food and water for migrants in the desert

    Breaking the law and providing food and water to encourage migration to the USA is religious freedom, says Hispanic judge as reported by middle eastern reporter. If that is the case, perhaps we can make nationalism part of our religious beliefs, and start openly discriminating in order to force the courts to accept the same. In fact, my religious interpretation suggests that God loves natural selection and hates diversity, so I am going to go ahead and act according to my faith. Maybe some nice non-white Leftist judge will bail me out.

  • Gayle King furious with CBS for viral interview clip about Kobe Bryant rape case

    We now know how to get away with rape. If you are a sports star, and tens of thousands of your fans harass the accuser before your lawyers buy her off with a settlement, you can not only get away with rape, but have it be taboo to mention that there was more evidence against you than there was against Bill Cosby or Brett Kavanaugh.

  • Dutch euthanasia center sees 22% rise in requests in 2019

    People are just looking for an excuse to throw in the towel on this failing world. They should realize that now they are combatants who are unafraid of mortality.

  • Senate report criticizes Obama administration handing of Russia election meddling

    Did Obama do anything right?

  • January adds a much stronger-than-expected 225,000 jobs, with a boost from warm weather

    Removing taxes, restoring the faith of the nation in itself, showing strong leadership, beating back parasitic trade, and most of all reducing immigration has worked wonders. Salaries are rising as well, and labor force participation has hit a high. When we constantly subtracted a third of everything we produced to pay for government, taxes, affirmative action, and political agendas, we could not get anywhere. Reducing those slightly has made things turn out far better; cutting them out entirely would allow us to provide opportunity and affordable living for the people who should be here, namely ethnic Western Europeans.

  • Shamima Begum loses first stage of appeal against citizenship removal

    The Left rages because a “schoolgirl” who left the UK to join ISIS has been denied citizenship. The commonsense pragmatic view holds that if someone quits your country to join the enemy, you should not let them back in unless they do something extraordinary like change sides and help you fight that enemy. The realist view says that no one but ethnic Britons should be in Britain, and that is the view that most people increasingly are adopting.

  • Scientists question work suggesting pangolin coronavirus link

    The comedy deepens as to which species transferred this to humans. Bats, rats, or pangolins. If the pangolin, a cute scaly creature which is being hunted to extinction for use in Traditional Chinese Medicine,™ turns out to be the vector, humanity should realize that this is fair retaliation for us nearly exterminating the little guys. No one will cry when humanity dies; we realize that humanity took a beautiful world, killed off most of it, polluted the rest, and then erected a civilization where everyone is miserable and lying about it. Humanity may simply be obsolete, powerful beyond what its little brains and unstable hearts can handle.

  • “We will be independent,” Catalan regional leader says

    The nation-state, which ties together related ethnic groups under a political and economic banner, finds itself in the midst of its death throes. People want to be able to define their own standards, behaviors, aesthetics, and future direction — called “ethnic self-determination” — on the basis of the people most like them, which is their ethnic group and not the family of ethnic groups that makes up what we now call “nationality.” Possibly in response, politicians have proposed uniting the remainder of Spain and Portugal into a new state impossible named Iberolux.

  • Merkel protegee struggles to assert control after far-right row

    Germany finds its government disintegrating yet again — shades of the Weimar era! — as it refuses to accept the legitimacy of the far-Right, guaranteeing that the far-Right will become an underdog in a system (democracy) dedicated to the underdog. It is not as if Merkel did anything right, so the passing of her government and era will not be mourned, but she was elected because she refuses to do anything extreme and always makes the right noises. However, as even she pointed out, the diversity model has failed in Germany

  • Some 200 migrants at Serbia-Hungary border seeking entry

    The invasion continues. It will not stop until we send a strong signal that we accept no one. Otherwise, we have told people that this is a game and some win, so you might as well play and see if you are the lucky one-in-ten who gets free healthcare, housing, welfare, and affirmative action just for crossing over an imaginary border into some other political regime. Even better, it is time to start sending everyone back who is not from the founding ethnic group, because only nationalism — one ethnic group per nation — works, and everything else leads to genocide. Germany for Germans!

  • Buttigieg narrowly defeats Sanders in Iowa caucus: Iowa Democratic Party

    Democrats now face a problem: yet again, the unpopular candidate has won out over the popular one, namely Bernie Sanders. No one likes over-achiever Pete Buttigieg, who is brilliant at working the system but useless at real-world questions, who advocates for continuing the Obama agenda of minority resentment disguised as peace, love, happiness, and empathy:

    The time has come for us to send a message that the only thing that our great country doesn’t have room for is hatred and exclusion. This is our chance.

    While that seduces the aging boxwine hippies spinstering away their last years of a regular heartbeat in their dingy city apartments while throwing darts at pictures of their ex-spouses, it does not appeal as much to the side of the country that wants an actually functional political system. Buttiegieg also suffers reduced appeal with minorities and those who are not fully yay-to-gay, especially since right now we have a strong heterosexual white guy hammering the country into order after the last slightly effete weird non-white (Buttigieg is part Semitic, just like Obama was half-white) went on a mission to end hatred and impoverished everyone while intensifying ethnic conflict.

  • Thais spike China-led plan to dredge Mekong river

    Dredging would have been an ecological catastrophe, and Thailand is resisting the inevitable destruction by pointing out that rivers are a shared resource. As the water wars ramp up, this distinction will become increasingly important.

  • Six Ancient Plants From 2,000-Year-Old Seeds Have Been Grown by Scientists

    People are becoming interested in continuity, or carrying the past into the future instead of replacing it with “new” ideas, starting with wildlife. This shows a tectonic shift in how we view history and our relationship to it.

  • The Ragtag Squad That Saved 38,000 Flash Games From Internet Oblivion

    While some tear down statues and delete books from the canon, others are attempting to preserve recent history that would otherwise fade into oblivion, even if parts of it are of dubious value and taste. Without knowing the past, we do not know ourselves, or the why behind how things are.

  • Global warming is speeding up Earth’s massive ocean currents

    A better analysis will show that this is not the result of global warming, but urbanization across the globe displacing jet streams, causing water to warm outside of its normal area, creating faster vortex currents in some areas that then make larger ocean currents in turn accelerat.e

  • Largest maker of pesticide linked to brain damage in kids to stop producing chemical

    There is no point banning these things; after the $78 million glyphosate lawsuit it has become clear that lawsuits are more important tools for saving our environment than regulations, which are administered lazily and unevenly by 400 lb bureaucrats, can ever be. The voluntary withdrawal of this manufacturer from one of its highest-valued products shows us the truth of this situation.

  • Number of Muslims in Canada predicted to triple over next 20 years: study

    Watching a civilization erase itself always feels surreal, but when your society gets in the grips of the Big Lie (equality) then it will always inevitably move in the direction of precedent. Diversity, which the West has chosen as its hill to die upon so that we can finally claim to have defeated Hitler and the Holocaust,™ will also end our liberal democratic governments because people have totally lost faith in them. Just like the Soviets and Jacobins, they took prosperous places and turned them into wastelands in the name of making everyone feel good through “equality.”

  • New High of 90% of Americans Satisfied With Personal Life

    Those who live in high-income households are most satisfied. This shows us an interesting dimension: while they see the decline of society and our political system, when asked about only their own path, people report good results. One wonders if they have not just winnowed down their expectations to salary and number of entertainment options available.

  • Indiana U defends ‘Sex Fest’ featuring BDSM demos, ‘kink’ and ‘sex toys’

    The college death cycle continues as universities appeal to more hardcore Leftists, which causes ordinary people to realize that nothing of value exists in such places anymore, and consequently to seek practical education elsewhere. Soon, people will realize the same thing about our public educational system. Our credulous insistence that education is the magic bullet for all of our problems has created a vast army of parasites who are working to destroy us. Modern education is the coronavirus of the mind.

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