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  • DHS suspends New York state access to travel programs over ‘sanctuary’ law: Fox

    Back to the 1840s, where tension between federal standards and state-level politics caused clashes, but in reverse. Now, the states want to follow the “everyone welcome” Asiatic warm bodies under central control paradigm, and the federal government wants to have some control over its borders. In response to New York flouting the rules, the federal government has cut that state out of its access to federal information. This shows a clear standard: work with us, or we do not work with you. When this is applied more broadly, it shows a new formula for American politics, which is only to support those who are doing what you need; this will accelerate freedom of association and natural rights, while deprecating civil rights.

  • America’s Trillion-Dollar Repair Bill: Capital Budgeting And The Disclosure Of State Infrastructure Needs

    To fix the infrastructure that rotted from lack of maintenance while we were busy spending all of our bucks on Clinton-era diversity jihads, America will need to come up with another trillion dollars, in addition to the almost two trillion we spend each year on entitlement programs. Socialism, even in “lite” form like the market socialist system we adopted in the 1930s, leads to economic depletion by diverting money from realistic concerns to ideological ones. It is a death spiral and nothing else.

  • Danish Minister Tells Somalis ‘Go Home and Rebuild Your Country’

    Danes need Denmark to be the for the Danes. Everyone else needs to stop fleeing from their homelands to areas they think will be easier to live in, and start fixing their homelands by adopting whatever it is that the Danes did correctly. It is bigotry against your own people to assume that you cannot make a productive, healthy, and happy homeland for yourselves.

  • Prada reaches settlement with NYC over ‘racist iconography’ in window display

    The New York City Commission on Human Rights shakes down a thriving business over a hideous but probably not deliberately racist display:

    With diversity, we will never have peace from the resentments between groups, because these resentments are how groups seize power, including wealth. In diversity, every group acts for itself because its only option is to be ruled by others who may extinguish it on a whim, and so you get constant events like this, depleting wealth and wrecking any expectation of a pleasant experience out there in the world. No wonder people are kicking it at home with Amazon delivering products, UberEats bringing food, and thousands of entertainment options on the screen to blot out the horrible world we have created.

  • Mashpee Wampanoags fighting for sovereignty over land granted by President Obama

    Really, this news article is here just because I like the word Wampanoag. It sounds like some kind of bitterly condescending battle plan. The only relevant point may be that Amerinds came to the New World when they escaped or were driven from their homeland in Mongolia, and things did not go so well here, such to the point when Europeans arrived, Amerinds were mostly busy killing, raping, and eating each other. They would be happier in Mongolia, where they have an ancestral claim. China probably fears that, however, since it does not want ethnic diversity at its borders, even if Mongolians and Chinese come from the same racial group.

  • Canada MPs condemn parole decision that ‘led to’ woman’s death

    Leftists argue that punishment for crimes should be “rehabilitation,” while conservatives counter that most criminals cannot be rehabilitated since there is something wrong with them. A few might get the message after their first offense and move on, but most people who do horrible stuff are horrible people. Some are one-time killers, for example those who remove troublesome spouses during acrimonious divorces. Most are repeat criminals who, when let loose, will resume doing the same stuff that they did before, except with new knowledge from other criminals in prison and their own fantasies during that time. No one wants to talk about it, but for most inmates, prison is institutionalization to keep them separated from the rest of us.

    Gallese was granted day parole in March after being sentenced to life for the 2004 murder of his partner, Chantale Deschenes, who he attacked with a hammer before repeatedly stabbing her. He had previously been in trouble with the law for assault and threats directed at a previous partner.

    Patterns repeat. Reality denialists find this appalling. We either recognize that patterns inherent in our world, or suffer constantly when our social idealism collides with brutal reality.

  • Germany: Far-right backed state premier resigns

    Germans panic because the far-Right was instrumental in installing a politician, which confirmed the importance and lasting relevance of the far-Right. Merkel, who might be popular simply because she plays the anti-Hitler role in a guilt-wracked nation, became head cheerleader for the panic over this one, but it shows more than anything else how much the anti-Hitler liberal postwar policies have failed and are now ripe for replacement.

  • Nearly half of Americans say rising cost of living is the greatest threat to financial security

    Take a thriving economy. Add affirmative action. Tack on lots of regulations. Raise taxes, including property taxes. Create lots of ground for lawsuits, especially civil rights and union-related ones. Pass lots of laws that require businesses to hire people to push paper. Add healthcare taxes. Suddenly, wages are low and life is expensive. People now live in fear. Perfect for maintaining control, bad for having a prosperous nation, but if you are in control, you will always be prosperous and your employees will be compliant because the time between losing a job and being homeless will be a matter of weeks.

  • A high school principal was put on leave for saying Kobe Bryant’s death was ‘deserved’

    When did we start firing people for having ordinary opinions? Kobe Bryant was a rapist who choked and sodomized his victim. She backed down after his huge fanbase abused her. Social media needs to die because of its intolerance of deviation from the “everyone is good” social norm. Some people are not good. Some make mistakes. Criticism happens.

  • Racist coronavirus event at Melbourne nightclub Pawn & Co cancelled after backlash

    The West depends on its irreverent sense of humor, but the Karens of the world will burn it down for us. Nightclub offers a special on Corona and facemasks to celebrate the coronavirus currently eating up China, but snowflakes promptly squeal and the event dissolves in a cascade of apologies and recriminations.

  • Oxfam accuses EU of tying aid money to African migration curbs

    Somehow, it is terrible and offensive to not want your people to be erased by mass migration and to put conditions on the aid you give to others in order to save yourselves.

  • FBI points to China as biggest U.S. law-enforcement threat

    Foreign powers all want to conquer us. Most keep it under wraps until they are powerful enough to pull it off. China states that they want to rule the world and be its sole superpower; naturally, they have been at work in the US since the Korean War, bribing politicians, spying on industry, infiltrating government, and fostering organized crime to make us weak. If we get a full forensic accounting on this, we will find China behind the funding for many of our pro-diversity laws.

  • Police believe CIRA planted bomb intended for ‘Brexit day’ attack

    Ethnic diversity proves as destructive as racial diversity in the UK, where the Irish still want an independence they cannot manage and the British still want control over a population they despise. The future involves no diversity at all. The Irish might be happiest in Basque country or the MENA area from which they originate.

  • The mysterious disappearance of Google’s click metric

    Google hides the figures that reveal how hard internet advertising is crashing. People are spending more on it than ever, but per-impression prices are falling because the advertising is not particularly ineffectual, in part because idiots at Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Apple, and Amazon have cowed to SJWs and therefore, driven everyone else to other activities. Sort of like how Kaepernick killed the NFL by turning a harmless inoffensive pastime into a political activity, these internet companies have killed public faith in them with a constant stream of abusive one-sided censorship. Not surprisingly, dot-com revenues are falling short of expectations despite still being high numbers. This would be less of a problem if the dot-com fake economy did not represent a fifth of our stock market value. Amerika has been tracking this trend in our dot-com file for several years.

  • Brazil teens told to delay having sex as part of national campaign to curb teen pregnancy rate

    The Left lies and says that abstinence-only sex education does not work, but this relies on using data from places where nothing works contrasted to best case scenarios where mostly-chaste kids received education in the proper protection for casual sex. In reality, only abstinence is a reliable way to avoid teen pregnancies and STDs, and the Left fears this because without promiscuity, it cannot ruin enough lives to have a future stream of the disoriented, sleep-deprived, doubt-ridden, and neurotic people who become uncritical Leftists in order to justify their ruined lives and poor quality life decisions.

  • Britons feeling far less satisfied with life, official data shows

    People do not feel that things done in life are worthwhile, for the most part. This occurs because their jobs consist of make-work activity to produce economic activity that can be taxed to spend on entitlements in order to prop up demand for their currency, keeping government afloat. Democracy has killed yet another nice place and replaced it with a zombie wasteland. It is amazing how one small choice can ruin so much in such a short span of time. If humanity has a kryptonite, it is the idea of equality.

  • Brazil’s Bolsonaro proposes bill opening indigenous land to mining

    This sounds horrible but actually reflects Brazil ending the rule of two different legal systems, one of which could not enforce itself. Indigenous rule over their own land sounds good until you see that law enforcement is absent, causing illegal logging to take over. Placing all of the land under the Brazilian system at least guarantees some enforcement, if Brazil can tackle its notorious corruption problem which shaves a third of the value of every deal and transfers that money into private pockets, meaning that only corrupt people thrive in positions of authority.

  • Coronavirus ‘hate crime’ is probed by cops after man attacks woman wearing a face mask at a NYC Chinatown subway station and calls her a ‘diseased b****

    Black dude flames out over coronavirus. When foreign people walk among us, distrust is the rule, and this guy is just more honest than most people, who say nothing in order to avoid the possibility of criticism or censure.

  • Nearly 100 Years After Tulsa Massacre, City Plans to Search Cemetery for Victims

    Anything to keep guilt alive. In reality, the white and black economies of Tulsa became interdependent and resentment spread through the usual methods of diversity, leading to a touchstone event and a massive race riot. The Left likes to blame “white racism” for what really are typical diversity failures ending in tragedies.

  • Caffeine has been a boon for civilization, Michael Pollan says. But it has come at a cost.

    Quick reminder that we are all strung out on a powerful drug that is only legal because it benefits business. With that, I’ll get a second cup.

  • ‘Fake diversity’: Barnes & Noble cancels race-swapped classic covers

    Barnes & Noble decides to social status signal by replacing white characters in books with minorities, at least on the cover. People point out that this is pandering and an attempt to shape minorities into being white, which Republican civic nationalists enthusiastically encourage as “assimilation.” The bigger story here seems to be how so many tone deaf morons get to positions of authority. Obviously, meritocracy and education are not working.

  • Switzerland divided over new law against homophobia

    New law adds sexual preference to the list of civil rights protections, but many note — having seen the American experience — that this is an attempt to mainstream homosexuality. While persecution of homosexuals is insane, so is trying to pretend that such things need to be out in the open and accepted. Societies thrive on chaste heterosexual nuclear families, not gay people.

  • 7-Eleven Tests Cashierless Store At North Texas Headquarters

    Public conservatives weep over automation, but really this is fair turnabout in exchange for years of prole revolts, peasant uprisings, class warfare, and union disturbances. If the workers are a problem, replace them. The rest of us will not mind. We do not mean you ill, but we are tired of the constant problems. Otherwise, no one would ever think to automate. The high turnover of convenience store employees factors in here as well, since that is a hidden cost of employment that somehow never makes it into Leftist calculations about the ideal minimum wage.

  • Furor Erupts Over Killing of Witness in MS-13 Gang Case

    Leftists change laws to be friendlier to defendants, and defendants use these laws to find out the identity of a witness against them and promptly beat him to death. The Leftist mania for believing that everyone is fundamentally good — a necessity for “equality,” which actually simply equates good and bad so that compliance not moral goodness is the focus of society — constantly results in such little hiccups, like happened in the USA after the liberalization of law enforcement in the 1970s.

  • People no longer believe working hard will lead to a better life, survey shows

    No one can believe in “working hard” in the first place, because working hard is a substitute for achieving results. Sensible societies do not care if you are lazy or diligent so long as you produce the necessary results. Societies where most people are idiots rely on conformity, so that you go to work and follow the procedure to the letter so that you will be seen as a good employee, even if your results are mediocre. Now, with credentials and affirmative action replacing competence, most people are accustomed to watching the mediocre get promoted, and consequently have no belief that work will get them ahead.

  • Racist reports symptom of West’s Sinophobia

    If we are so awful and racist, why do you keep coming here? Accidental truth follows:

    It’s not entirely fair to say that the “Yellow Peril” was back. It never left. Racism has always been central to Western culture. Why change now?

    The West thrived on the labor of its own citizens. Diversity is killing it. This coronavirus has revealed many things, mostly how unstable diversity really is. We are just looking for an easy exit at this point where we can keep our founding ethnic group and send back everyone else, no matter what their legal status or how long their ancestors have been here. Diversity is over.

  • China to halve retaliatory tariffs on hundreds of US goods worth about $75 billion

    The voters forgot that the objective of the Trump trade war was to eliminate hostile tariffs to US goods in China and Europe. Here we see China taking the first steps toward the inevitable, which is opening its markets instead of using its protected markets to leverage our open ones. Trump just used the “turnabout is fair play” gambit and, after a few months of plummeting numbers, China gave in, and now follows the Valentine’s Day rollback of US tariffs with its own rollback as agreed upon.

  • Birdseye view of Lake Michigan shore shows impact of erosion

    Rising water levels in Lake Michigan lead to shore erosion. No one wants to point to overbuilding as the source of the excess runoff which is now swelling the lake, so they will blame global warming in order to deflect attention from local urbanization, which is the real cause of climate shifts worldwide.

  • Dutch rightwing leader under fire over false account of harassment

    As the Right rises, it finds itself under scrutiny. We see the need for accuracy. Baudet was probably correct in perceiving racial resentment in this instance, but it was cloaked in officialdom, so there is plausible deniability for the other side. Never apologize; keep rolling forward.

  • Africa’s economies are growing but “nobody eats GDP” says bank president

    In the third world, we typically see many low-IQ people working low-skilled jobs and a few owners who end up fantastically wealthy because they are the only ones who have the competence to make something work beyond subsistence farming. This pattern plays out in Africa, where increased GDP goes to a few and the many easily replaceable workers remain at a subsistence level.

  • More than a third of UK workers ‘risk health in low-quality jobs’

    These jobs are the ones where “someone feels stressed and unfulfilled, whether that’s due to pay, insecurity, a lack of autonomy or a feeling of dissatisfaction.” This seems to describe most jobs, since they are simply pro forma economic activity designed to keep the system going. The lower third are simply paid less and therefore, feel greater stress.

  • Admiral Warns America’s East Coast Is No Longer A “Safe Haven” Thanks To Russian Subs

    Renewed Russian militarism has Russian subs operating off the East Coast of the US, meaning that American boats have to consider their territorial waters to be warzones. This will almost certainly end badly at some point, which was why even during the Cold War, it was generally avoided. The new Cold War will be less stable than the old as Russia-China try yet again to take over the world.

  • Officials consider next steps after large homeless camp fire in NE Austin

    Homeless people build an underground city in a water retention area next to a major freeway, but since it resembles a pile of garbage and the inhabitants are insane, it predictably catches on fire. No one knows what to do with the homeless. Since the 1960s, we have produced huge numbers of these people, almost all of them with dual mental health problems and drug/alcohol addictions, but thanks to Leftist government, no one can remove them and so they blight cities. About the only compassionate thing to do is to institutionalize them, but all of us know that this will further bankrupt an already-teetering system created by voters who cannot stop themselves from electing free stuff army programs despite the certain knowledge that these will expand and consume middle class wealth.

  • U.S. finalizes rule to slap duties on countries that undervalue currencies

    Usury plus entitlement programs created a need for countries to carry heavy debt, at which point they began marketing their currencies because they require investors to buy debt-backed currency in order to keep funding those entitlement programs. Now, many nations are cheating by under-valuing their currency to make it attractive, which coasts on the “on paper” wealth generated by the first world.

  • ‘Lost’ Anglo-Saxon monastery discovered. It might be where England’s first king was crowned.

    Throughout most of history, our kings kept us safe and strong as much as could be expected in a chaotic world. Reacting to the chaos of that world, we revolted and replaced them starting in 1789, and now we have made ourselves as chaotic as the parts of the world that we fear. Maybe it is time to take a lesson from history and bring back the kings.

  • Brazilians sent to Mexico by U.S. say they don’t understand why

    The Trump administration trolls illegal immigrants by sending them to Mexico as a further deterrent to coming here. Try to sneak in, and you will wake up someplace strange with four bucks in your pocket and a pounding headache, clutching a lawn flamingo.

  • Berkeley Law School Drops Boalt Name Over Racist Legacy

    In 1877, he gave a speech as the president of the Bohemian Club called “The Chinese Question,” in which he argued that non-assimilated races couldn’t live together in harmony unless one enslaved the other. But as slavery had recently become unconstitutional, he argued that the next best thing was to keep Chinese people out.

    Our ancestors knew that diversity did not work. Somehow, in our modern times, an argument against both diversity and slavery becomes some horrible racist truth that is so infectious and subversive that names must be stripped from buildings.

  • The scramble for masks amid the coronavirus outbreak is a crash course in Econ 101

    It takes a pandemic to teach some voters basic rules of supply and demand. The vital note however can be found here:

    So if the efficacy of price controls is debatable, what are some better ways to address the mask shortage? Increasing supply is an obvious one, though it takes time for supply to catch up with an upsurge in demand.

    Now wonder aloud why conservatives like supply-side economics. When something is expensive, you make it cheaper through greater supply; when your currency is pegged to that supply, it goes up according to actual demand, instead of demand for currency — which makes debts into assets — as occurs with demand-side monetary theory, universally endorsed by the Left.

  • Alleged leader of Iraqi al Qaeda group arrested in Arizona

    The increasing insanity of democracy has turned the news into comedy. Next time someone says “diversity is our strength,” think to yourself: diversity means they walk among us.

  • Levels of Evidence Supporting American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association and European Society of Cardiology Guidelines, 2008-2018

    Those randomized controlled studies that medicine likes to use to make recommendations? It turns out that very little of what they reveal is borne out in actual evidence. As always, science turns a molehill into a mountain by inferring too widely and deeply from surface data. Until you understand the why (cause/effect relationship) behind something, you are only noting a high rate of coincidence, which you cannot isolate because there are so many simultaneous factors. Like much of the rest of modernity, our vaunted science is often a quasi-unintentional lie.

  • This Southern Town Was Growing So Fast, It Passed a Ban on Growth

    Across the world, people are realizing that small manageable communities provide a better life than big anonymous cities and suburbs, in part because you can have culture instead of lots of little rules written by rodential bureaucrats. As it turns out, living in smaller communities, getting most of your food and products from local sources, and having multigenerational families provides the lowest environmental impact possible. It can be doubly reduced by producing much of your own food, since having a garden, chickens, and a cow contributes little to any environmental crisis. In addition, that lifestyle provides the greatest existential contentment. You know and enjoy your neighbors, spend more time with your family, own your own business or farm, and have little contact with the rest of humanity and its endless mentally disorganized problems.

  • Racially-motivated violent extremists elevated to “national threat priority,” FBI director says

    As the dying empire slowly circles the bowl, alarmed that it hears what might in fact be a rather loud flushing noise, it blames the messenger rather than admit that diversity has failed for decades but now has reached crisis dimensions. People want it gone because they know that they will never escape the endless guilt if diversity exists in their society, or even if they have neighbors who are too different right next door. Ideally, we drive everyone who is not a heritage American away and turn Mexico and Canada into nature parks as buffer zones. Bonus: that would make us carbon-neutral.

  • German police cadets suspended for shouting Nazi slogans

    People are tired of the guilt and the self-hatred. Even more, history has proven Hitler right on the topics of diversity, eugenics, and environmentalism. Despite years of trying to make Germans hate themselves, the Germans are now waking up, and want to break from the past and especially, break from the Leftist focus on diversity, civil rights, and immigration.

  • Blocked artery? It’s unlikely you need a stent, but your doctor may not tell you that

    One reason for high medical costs: doctors perform many unnecessary procedures. They do this both for profit and to avoid the risk of lawsuits. A doctor will rarely be sued for doing unnecessary procedures, but he can find himself in a sticky legal situation if it looks like a procedure “might have” avoided a bad outcome and he did not do it.

  • Coronavirus: scientists identify possible new mode of transmission in human faeces

    It turns out that this flu may be less airborne than spread through feces, which makes it particularly hard to eliminate in places where people do not wash their hands after defecating. This leads to virus getting smeared all over, picked up by others, and then spread in turn through feces across the city puffing out little clouds of viruses. The whole thing is really too disgusting to think about, but it turns out that with humanity the chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and our weak link is thoughtless people not washing their hands, littering, buying black market laptops, and doing other things that they know are wrong but are willing to overlook that fact for convenience. Convenience? Convenience equals feces clouds equal death. Until we get our metaphorical feces together, the word of the day will always be “feces.” Say it with me. Feces. Wampanoag.

  • How $98 trillion of household wealth in America is distributed: “It’s very depressing”

    Ninety years of anti-poverty programs and wealth distribution is more unequal than it has been in a half century. It turns out that tax-and-spend creates a few super-rich and everyone else ends up having relatively little. This follows the pattern in most advanced societies, which is that once they succeed they decide to redistribute income, something that the really wealthy can easily afford but the middle class cannot. Then with the middle class gone, you end up with a few rich warlords and everyone else living in cinderblock favelas and dodging bullets, needles, knives, and feces as they trudge off to school or jobs or whatever. Eventually they revolt and kill the rich, at which point you have only endless impoverished people and a few gang-style warlords ruling through violence, and they then become rich. Humanity, the self-defeating semi-perpetual motion engine.

  • Landmark study to transform cancer treatment

    It turns out that cancer arises from mutations in our cells, and that now these can be identified, leading us to the realization that cancer exists long before it manifests. Much as in human society some people have mutations that make them sociopaths, schizoids, psychopaths, or neurotics and these people then carry out most of the crime and drama that wrecks a society, the human body has some cells that fall prey to fundamental weaknesses and mutate, turning against the body. Perhaps Leftism is simply a cancer caused by defective people attacking their host civilization. In any case, the new research gives us hope against an ugly killer. Perhaps in the future we will stop in to the doctor every year to let nanobots or genetically-engineered bacteria eat up our mutant cells, saving us from future tumors.

  • Plastic pollution: ‘Hidden’ chemicals build up in seabirds

    Wood, stone, metal, glass: these break down without much of an effect on anything but themselves. We call that “failing gracefully” in computer science; a subroutine or function that self-destructs without taking down anything else makes a nice clean exit, with a bonus if it manages to inform something upstream that an error has occurred (otherwise, you get great Windows errors like the one below). Plastics, being simple in structure but of complex elements, break down into those complex elements, releasing an interesting and deadly chemical stew into their environment, and it accumulates in plants then animals, including us. Modernity has failed us and we will now inherit the pain which past generations escaped. As conservatives warn, it takes decades or centuries to see what the full effect of any action really is, and most people want to profit now and let someone else pay the price.

  • French economy shrinks in fourth quarter as strikes bite

    Unions will gladly destroy your economy so that union organizers get their money. Sure, the workers get some, too, but they are not the ones jetting off to retire in Swiss chalets twenty years early. Unions are a racket, but the workers by definition do not understand business, and therefore they get fooled every time. Are we tired of bottom-up organization yet? History suggests that human mobs make the worst decisions, despite all the palaver about “the wisdom of crowds” which was popular around the turn of the millennium.

  • Female genital mutilation feels ‘like living in a dead body’

    Neurotic, narcissistic white people: “Pluralism means that everyone is accepted and every culture is equal because that way, we can live in harmony instead of as enemies!”

    Also schizoid, solipsistic white people: “But surely that doesn’t include other cultural practices like female genital mutilation, arrangement marriage, rape, eating bush meat, bacha bazi, and cannibalism?”

  • Accused El Paso mass shooter to face federal hate crime charges: source

    The attack was “a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.” Perhaps it is better to simply seize power and deport them?

  • Ethiopians to protest ‘racist violence’ toward their community

    Diversity works nowhere. Different groups have different ways and different interests, mainly because each group wants power. As a result, diversity does nothing but make enemies. At low levels of diversity, this remains hidden, but once we go from 1970s levels to 1990s or 2020s levels, suddenly it becomes clear that diversity will never work and will always lead to genocide of one form or another.

  • Why food’s plastic problem is bigger than we realise

    Farms use tons of plastic. It, or its breakdown byproducts, makes its way into our food and then our tissues. It then tends to stay there, possibly spurring mutations.

  • Belgian doctors cleared in first euthanasia trial

    If you want yet another example of a slippery slope, the euthnasia laws were adopted so that people with terminal illnesses could end their lives peacefully. A few short years later and depression has become a terminal illness. Perhaps we should stick with the old rule, which is that in case of chronic and terminal illness, doctors could prescribe as much painkiller as they wanted with no consequence. That allowed the afflicted to consume morphine until death came, but die on their own terms and without pain, leaving the doctors out of a task that is not their decision to make.

  • Underage girls for sale in Hyderabad: First as a bride, then a sex slave as part of ‘contract marriage’ racket in city

    We live in a bubble in the West formed of our tendencies toward the good. Most of humanity exists in a darker place. We can only defend our way of life by separating from the rest, refusing to subsidize them, so that they eventually leave behind these inefficient and barbarous practices.

  • Channel migrants: Ninety rescued from small boats

    Everyone wants to come here, like a mob fleeing a sinking boat and crowding into the same life raft. This sinks the raft. It will also sink the West, since we cannot have any of them, since any diversity wrecks out way of life. We have to start saying both “no” to newcomers, and “you have to go back” to anyone here who is not of the founding ethnic group of the nation.

  • Humanity under threat from perfect storm of crises – study

    Climate, extreme weather, biodiversity, food and water crises could lead to “systemic collapse,” say study authors. Add to those political instability as democracy collapses, the debt bomb, and the crash of world average IQ, and you have a species on its way to reverting to hominid status.

  • Top British spy report: ‘Strong possibility’ that anti-Trump dossier was completely fabricated

    Forensic analysis reveals that the entire Steele Dossier, accepted as unassailable fact just like the testimony of flaky dipsomanic Christine Blasey Ford by the Left, may in fact be made-up nonsense. No one is surprised, but our disappointment spreads that this stuff was ever taken seriously.

  • Trump peace plan delights Israelis, enrages Palestinians

    This plan essentially makes the Palestinians responsible for themselves while ceding key territories to Israel, allowing conflict to lessen by segregating Palestine from Israel. This shows us nationalism at work, even if it favors Israel, mainly because Israel is more functional and about twenty average IQ points ahead of Palestine.

  • Small home living: not `downsizing’ but `right-sizing’

    People have become enslaved to jobs and are spending less time at home doing anything besides sitting in front of screens. To wit:

    “Younger people too are in couples where they’re both working, they’re having children later, they want to be active and they don’t want to be doing maintenance on the weekends. They don’t want to be tied down to mowing lawns and doing all the other chores that come with living in a big house.”

    We traded most of life for jobs, made people into financial actors, and convinced them to be good individualists. Not surprisingly, they are less concerned with family and the home, and more focused on jobs and entertainments. Humanity has domesticated itself into a race of perfect tools.

  • Nearly One in Four Millennials Saving for the Future Has at Least $100,000 Stocked Away, but Many Still Feel Financially Behind

    Millennials were the first to grow up in a completely managed bureaucratic-administrative system. That is, you went to school and got grades and credentials, and that determined your career, which in turn was already so well documented as procedures that it really required very little of your brain. It was all about loyalty and obedience. If you said the right things, the Leftists would promote you, just as they did in the Soviet Union; if you went through the State education and memorized the right stuff, you got the credentials, and so on, such that now most of the people out there are great at going through the procedure but unable to think critically, analyze in situations of any ambiguity, adapt to the unexpected, or do any of the other things that are necessary for survival in nature. The narrow channel of human “meritocracy,” much of which is social and political approval, produces people who are good at that channel but bad at life. Angela Merkel, we are looking at you.

  • How to fix South Africa’s unemployment crisis

    The think tank says that South Africa has one of the deepest and most persistent unemployment crisis in the world, with the situation worsening due to slow economic growth and labour market policies that discourage employers from hiring unskilled workers.

    Actually, your problem is this: any business that can is escaping diverse minority-majority South Africa, and that ones that remain are focused on hiring reliable white guys and paying them under the table. You cannot fix your unemployment crisis; you are in a death spiral.

  • Warrant Issued For BU Researcher Who Allegedly Worked As Agent For Chinese Government

    More exciting Chinese espionage. We self-flagellate over interning the Japanese during WW2, but we should be talking about interning the Chinese, since they at least seem to be at war with us.

  • US teacher suspended after casting kids as slaves

    Who would possibly think this was a good idea? Forget about political correctness; what is the educational value of this? How can this not fail to make children neurotic bundles wracked by guilt and doubt? How would the Black kids feel? Apparently, no one did that thinking because they are products of the system that cannot think but are good at following procedure, and the procedure here is to create as much make-work as possible to teach Leftist dogma. Loathing of white people intensifies at it becomes clear that back in the day, they used Black people as labor, and now use Black people to make political points. In every case, the Black people are tools. At least colonialism allowed foreign groups to manage themselves and eventually, separate and become prosperous, as some former European colonies have done.

  • Neo-Nazi faces $13million FCC fine for white nationalist robocalls mentioning the Mexican illegal immigrant who ‘murdered’ student Mollie Tibbetts

    Somehow, my phone gets a half-dozen spam calls a day and those never get prosecuted, but one riled-up Nazi guy gets canned and fined immediately. Nothing will come of this since you cannot squeeze $13m from some guy earning $25k/year, but if he ever publishes a book, owns a house, or starts a business, they will seize it.

  • Virginia House passes seven gun control bills Thursday

    After seizing control, Leftists waste no time in destroying anything that could be used to resist them. These include a “red flag” bill so that anyone who posts “diversity isn’t working guys” on Facebook can have his guns taken, lose his job, and end up a ward of the state. Leftists will simply create more radicalized and desperate opposition this way.

  • $76 Million Needed to Stop East Africa’s Worst Locust Outbreak in Decades From Spreading

    First a plague, then a legion of locusts? Nature is trying to eliminate humanity, starting in the most rapidly populating areas.

  • A crisis of citizenship in India is risking mass statelessness

    India realizes that diversity does not work. Its Muslim population, themselves part Arab, belong in Pakistan. If Pakistan were interested in ending this crisis, it would open its borders to them. Instead, it wants to keep them in India as a destabilizing force. Get ready for the migrant caravans.

  • Germany’s Schäuble calls for expansion of military operations

    Trump finally ended WW2. First Japan, and now Germany, have rearmed. We can let go of the past and its guilt — which turns out to be partial — now, and focus on why America was allied with a Communist nation for any war. Communism is the height of human insanity, having more in common with cults than politics, and to support that in any way suggests that we took leave of our senses.

  • German carnival costumes are offensive, children told

    In diverse freedomland democracy, you can make fun of conservatives only. Anyone else might be offended and, as a minority, they have rights. The phrase “tyranny of the minority” seems not to apply in individualistic societies, since those are based on defending the individual against obligations from any social order, and therefore naturally act against the majority, which is the anchor of social order.

  • A Nashville Art School Will Purge All Non-Christian Faculty Now That It Has Been Taken Over by a Religious University

    Conservatives can learn from this. We win by taking over and purging Leftists. In this case, they are pitching out the atheists because they are a religious organization, which makes sense. Conservatives should fully claim our beliefs as a folkway, and use that to exclude those who are culturally incompatible, especially Leftists. For bonus points, we can give them brochures for cheap travel to Venezuela with their severance papers.

  • The developing world has hit the brakes on clean energy

    While the West tries to turn itself into a pink glitter Prius, the developing world has doubled down on coal because it works. They want to grow their economies, and their emissions will quickly dwarf anything we have done in the West. Our best defense will be to start using our land more efficiently and convert any land we save into open forest, simply because this will then provide us with oxygen even as the rest of the world gags itself to death on pollution. For us to do that, however, we need to lose the population we have added since the Hart-Celler Act.

  • Bafta Awards 2020: Joaquin Phoenix praised for calling out ‘systemic racism’

    Raceless hybrid Joaquin Phoenix wants to gain social status points by signaling against the majority, but as a wealthy actor, will face none of the consequences. What does he care if culture erodes? All he sees is more of an audience for his superhero movies.

  • SA economy: Time to start praying

    The minority-majority pattern reveals itself. Minority groups, upon seizing control, use government as a jobs program, resulting in “the high public sector wage bill and the debt of state-owned enterprises” crisis which has made the South African economy inert. Until it gains control of itself, this country sees a future of declining revenues and increasing costs, entering the same death cycle that took out the Soviet Union.

  • Weather warning: Earth could be hit by MINI ICE-AGE as Sun ‘hibernates’

    If the Sun hibernates, then having more of a carbon dioxide shield above us will be a good thing. An ice age might be just what the doctor ordered, however, as it will force humans to choose between our wishful thinking and what actually works. Get ready for gnawed skulls around the campfire at twilight in the cave of the tribe of wandering northmen, because human infrastructure will not do well with all of our problems at once, whether global climate instability from simultaneous worldwide urbanization or a new ice age from a sleepy sun.

  • Italian Schoolchildren Labelled Fascists If They Refuse to Sing Marxist Song

    Leftists never change. These are the same people who brought you guillotines and gulags. Now they want to make you obey the doctrine so that we all go down together. Dissent cannot be tolerated.

  • ‘It’s a struggle for me’: Rush Limbaugh reveals advanced lung cancer diagnosis

    Very sad news. I do not listen to the program, but periodic public statements showed Limbaugh becoming more aware of the crisis that this society is facing as the years went by. If there is hope of recovery, may it be so. People of strong personality are rare in this world, and Limbaugh gave many something to look forward to every day on the radio.

  • Bernie Sanders’ letter to Margaret Thatcher on ‘disturbing’ treatment of Irish hunger strikers resurfaces

    Bernie has an Irish wife and supports the IRA. Leftists always favor whatever destroys the strong or the majority, and the neurotic professor seems no different.

  • Get ready for the taxman – Dawie Roodt

    Minority-majority South Africa cranks up the taxes so that it can continue hiring minorities to work in government, despite little in government working. A once-prosperous place now becomes third world in the endless cycle of taking as much as it can without stimulating production.

  • Finland to give dads same parental leave as mums

    More free stuff from a Nordic hugbox. They can get away with it for awhile, but eventually, it all comes crashing down. And then what? Then import lots of diversity in the theory that it will pay the tax bill. The cycle goes on and on, and by the time it suddenly stops, no one who can tell the difference between reality and fantasy is paying attention.

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