Furthest Right

A Satanic Prayer


The first move that evil embarks on, every time, is to re-define words so that evil=good.

That way, evil can triumph, because ordinary people — caught in the grips of the ignorance that comes with narcissism — will promote evil, so that their neighbors consider them good.

The point here is: all that you think is good, is evil; some of what you think is evil, is good. This is designed to confuse you and make you impotent.

The Alt Right embraces evil — genetic determinism, nationalism, hierarchy, quality — in opposition to what you are told is good, which originates in equality.

The pursuit of equality however is a race to the grave. It is an illusion, and by chasing illusion, you self-destruct by forcing yourselves to obey a lie and destroying all those who do not obey. That is the service of evil, and by obeying it, you are making yourselves agents of evil.

Good requires stalwart defenders. Good is never popular; evil always is.

And so, when your media and politicians and all of your silly hipster friends agree that the alt right is evil, realize that the opposite is true. The alt right is good, and what is “normal,” is evil.

In nominee de nostre
Satanas: Lucifere

Introibo ad altare

Ad Satanas, qui
laetificat gloria

Gloria Satanas, et
Belial et Spiritui

Sicut erat in
principio, et nunc,
et semper, et in
saecula saeculorum.

Praise evil, for “good” is rotten.

Only through evil may we achieve good.

For what is now known as good, is evil in disguise, and must be fought with every weapon conceivable.

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