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A Market For Self-Pity and Denial

By this point, everyone with an IQ above his sock size has acknowledged that the Modern West is deep within an Athens/Rome style decay process, and that this ends with us becoming a third world country of ruined DNA and shattered prospect like Italy and Greece today.

We might as well analogize to the New World. What came after the Mayans? Mexican culture — comprised mostly of the people enslaved by the Maya and Aztec — peaked with the cartels and the taco truck. This is a dead civilization with only a few high-IQ people left, and to survive they have become corrupted.

Another eye might rove toward modern Asia. We can look at the remains of Angkor Wat, then Cambodia today, and immediately see that a greater race got replaced by a lesser one. Similarly the Chinese burned out their moral geniuses centuries ago and now are a race of shopkeepers.

The big point here is that entropy strikes and groups that do not resist it as nature does, with a constant internal cycle of renewal, become inflexible and then crack when one of the waves of history makes a cosine pulse under the foundations of that civilization.

It is the same with any group. I could write volumes about your church group, HOA, or rock band having the same problems as civilizations. All of this is management theory; it reflects the need to keep a group of humans working together on task without resorting to the Holy Lottery.

Looking at human vice, such as prostitution, drugs, alcohol, and gambling, we can see the flaw in our character as a species. We like the idea that some little external thing can somehow make everything alright for us, whether the bottle, lottery, orgasm, or line.

The Holy Lottery appears in every human society and it is akin to our talisman/scapegoat pathology. The idea is that all is lost, but we are going to take one last roll of the dice, and that will save us all through the intervention of magical forces bringing money and safety.

This talisman/lottery/scapegoat dysfunction reflects our desire for an external force to save us from our own inner mental disorganization. We are stuck on a problem in our big brains and have thought ourselves into paradox, paralyzing ourselves, so we hope for a Holy Lottery to choose us for the big win instead.

Most groups succumb to this Holy Lottery style thinking because that is how most people think unless they have an affirmative mission, i.e. something they desire to accomplish. Most groups act on negative mission, meaning that they do not want to get fired or become embroiled in controversy.

If you wonder why there are so many “buzzword solutions” floating around lately, remind yourself that these are the mystical answers that people like, where mysteriously adopting a technology or process solves all the problems that have persistently caused problems for decades.

Even democracy, individualism, diversity, and socialism are negative solutions. They do not seek to achieve anything, only avoid problems, which is silly since every idea (especially the good ones) causes problems, since life is composed of action/counter-action pairs.

We adopted democracy because shopkeepers noticed their clientele was complaining about the harsh rule of the kings (it was not harsh, as it turns out). We adopted socialism because someone somewhere was starving and their problem became our problem in the glamour of optics and democracy.

Diversity is always the last Haily Mary in the Holy Lottery. Your society has run itself into neurotic paradox and can no longer think its way out of a paper bag because it has already committed itself to too many lies and special interests. Import the foreign, maybe they willl solve the problem.

As of last year, diversity officially failed. Despite spending themselves into vast debt to accommodate the foreign, Western governments noticed that (a) the foreigners are not performing as well as the WASPs and (b) more foreigners want to come every day.

Let in one, and he calls his friends to come over too. He has found a society that has paralyzed itself with too many commitments, because for it to act, it will have to sacrifice a sacred cow for some special interest or admit that past decisions (equality, individualism, democracy, pluralism) were lies.

This is the big view of the problem, and you will notice that you do not read this anywhere else. People are terrified of this big view because it means that we have to actually change, shatter some special interests, and admit that our choices were lies.

The Right burned down under the influence of grifters, all of whom are selling non-solutions because the fear of the big view has produced a market for self-pity and denial. Like the alcoholic or heroin addict, we prefer a warm feeling right now to a longterm fix where we no longer need our drugs.

Like the lottery player, we refuse to admit anything but simple solutions. If the last ticket went nowhere, the next one is the Big Win, and then all our previous losses do not matter. We play on, into the night, rolling the dice, drinking cocktails, and pulling the handle on the slot machine.

Right now, no one wants to admit that certain policies have simply failed. All those socialist entitlements: we cannot afford them. Diversity: this does not work. Bureaucracy: makes life horrifying. Ideology: turns us all into rent-seeking parasites who hate each other.

Instead of acknowledging the elephant in the room, looking the tiger in the eyes, and coming up with an honest strategy, conservatives have designed a product to fit the audience so they get that momentary warm feeling and then come back for their next shot:

  • Christian Libertarianism: since the 1960s, when William F. Buckley made a pact with the Left to stop talking about genetics (race, class, ethnicity) at all, the Right has had nothing to conserve except parts of our system, so it offers you strong markets with Austrian economics, Christian values in lieu of culture and race, pandering to Christians with support of Israel, and a little bit of self-preservation in having strong defense. This has failed for sixty years and will continue failing, but it gives conservatives a chance to sign that check, throw it in the mail, and then write off society for another year because they did their part!
  • National Socialism: without being disrespectful to homosexuals or actual artists, we can fairly say that art students are artfags, meaning stupid poseurs who fetishize art as a lifestyle and are useless in reality. Hitler made great art, but it did not work; socialism never does, and grafting it with a far-Right belief just neuters the far-Right. The Nazis are waiting in basements, collecting guns and rare copies of Siege, and will eventually get girlfriends and become normiecons, at which point they will do nothing but write that yearly check.
  • Benedict Option: the extreme Christian wing wants to exterminate your race and culture by replacing them with Christianity and replacing you with trace admixture, like the Asiatic and North African in various Southern, Eastern, and Irish populations. They want to mix this into the WASP, destroying the WASP and making him into what is ethnically effectively a Jew. To hide this, they use wink-and-nod anti-Semitism, but they are what they fear. Not surprisingly, following a Jewish religion leads populations to become Jewish, which means White with trace admixture of Asian and North African as has always been the case in the cosmopolitan market capitol that is the middle east.
  • Survivalists: like the Benedict Option people, their solution is to run away and set yourself up in another country or the countryside where you can ride out the storm. This works until they get tired of being poor, or their kids do, and move into the city. If you want to commit genetic suicide with extra drama, the homesteader/survivalist route will do it just fine as you labor all day for a garden while failing to participate in the process that could save your civilization.

Any time you see any of this stuff, stop reading and stop buying: these are grifters. They are nothing but parasite. Their problem is not that they are stupid, but that their thinking does not go far enough. They have backed away from the actual problem to make a marketable product instead.

For the Right to do anything at this point, first and foremost it needs to stop relying on these Holy Lottery non-solutions. We have the power, if we all vote together, to take back our local areas and thwart the power of the Left, at which point they break down.

We in fact have a great chance to break them coming up because all of our societies are broke. When you see prime ministers and presidents suddenly walk away from the job, it is because they want to distance themselves from the bill that is about to come due.

That bill takes many forms. First, we could never afford entitlements, and importing foreigners as a tax base has now officially failed. Second, they had to make too many sweetheart deals with special interests and organized crime, and so now anything they do will cause someone to come gunning for them.

A power vacuum is opening in the West, and if the Right acts as one, we can seize control, end all of the stupid laws, and then start over with something that works. This will force a natural and indirect solution to our problems.

For example, if America embraces its WASP identity, many of the “hwites” — people of White heritage polluted by foreign trace admixture — will bail out if they cannot look, act, and think like WASPs. Some (usually those with less trace admixture) will stay and become integrated.

If America and Europe drop their socialist-style entitlements, which were adopted as the European-style solution to the “problem” of frequent French Revolutions, the parasites are going to pack up and leave, and the rest of the foreigners will feel alienated and bail out, too.

If we end dual-citizenship and stop tolerating foreign ownership of our companies and lands, that money and its manipulations will leave our lands. If we stop accepting diversity, pluralism, and me-first individualism as good, those behaviors will die in a market for good behavior.

Cut the taxes, and government loses its power and goes away. Simplify life and reduce red tape and the bureaucracy fades away. The people who are victimizing us, whether politicians and rent-seeking CEOs at the top or the endless foreign invasion at the bottom, are here because there is opportunity for them.

If we end the free stuff and the free ride for parasites of all types, they will go elsewhere. The immigration will stop. The population will fall back to a reasonable size. We can have nature, clean air, and clean water again. We can have culture and less government.

Most of us rely very little on government. We have our jobs, we earn money, and we take care of our problems and needs with that and some hard work. This is how good humans have been since the dawn of time. We do not need government or social programs.

The people who do “need” those programs come here because there are handouts and sinecures. When they get the handouts, their next step is to get into government or education and begin the process of breaking down society so that they can consume the rest.

All of the solutions that we need right now come in the form of ceasing to do the stupid things and supporting the special interests, including internationalist religion, that we have committed ourselves to over a couple centuries of bumbling democracy.

We can fix it, all of it. It will not be in a one-step process and it will require prolonged exertion. At the end, however, we can stop worrying about when our society will fail because we will have reversed course and stopped our inertia guiding us inexorably toward The End.

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