Furthest Right

Where I Have Been

The wisest among us never ask the gods for a low-stress lifestyle because such a life means acclimated helplessness and compensatory pursuit of long-tired excitements. Instead we seek out the niche where we can give the most and be accepted for who we are and not what we contort to be.

Over the past week, I have been updating a lot of our gear and web presence around here. This involves digging through a lot of older material to see what was cast aside or deferred in the quest to keep what we had going.

Like many societies in distress, the projects with which I work grew too fast. Not too big, just too fast, and that meant lots of stuff to maintain that was never designed to work with the other parts. When you grow slow, you reintegrate what you have into a whole. Not so when you grow fast.

Somewhere in there, the quest became manic, and lots of our volunteers disappeared or retired in order to try to have normal lives, despite those existentially exhausting them. This leaves a lot falling on me, made more complex by the ups and downs of avoiding censorship over the years.

In any case, many projects and needs were put on hold for too long, creating a backlog that was inescapable, with no one to do it but me. One cannot invent more time like government borrows money, so sometimes vital things get postponed so that what is needed can get done.

This blog may be doomed by the fact that it demands nothing from you, the readers, except reading and doing your best to parse what we go on about. If we sold the content, begged for donations, and grifted like the rest, maybe we would be more widely appreciated.

As it is, someone needs to lay down the hardline realist vision, and apparently it falls to me and those who work with me, which probably gives us our niche. In that there is a fulfilling but often tiring life, and so sometimes there are delays.

Thank you for bearing with us.

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