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True Minimum Wage

Friday, May 19th, 2017

It is the considered editorial opinion* at Amerika that work, yea verily, doth suck. It kills the soul and sucks the marrow out its bones. It keeps you in your shaved monkey pen, off the streets and out of trouble for eight to ten hours of the day. It kills time. In the words of The Great Henry David Thoreau; this wounds eternity. Please be friendly and don’t wound eternity.

Another aspect of work is that it is both randomly and deterministically unfair. It is randomly unfair because you can prepare all day long for the interview, the sales pitch or the bigshot briefing and then get railed by the nefarious forces with which Murphy rides to war. The game never ends when your whole world depends on the turn of a friendly card.

Work also sucks because the deck can be deterministically stacked against you. Ask the Asian American High School Valedictorian applying to Harvard what I mean by that. It doesn’t matter how good you are, how hard you work how badly you want it. If you are not the Government’s kind, then you succeeding, you getting ahead, you affording that dream home, or you bringing home the bacon to momma has a disparate impact and must be prevented.

Afterall, no matter how hard you bust that @$$, ¡YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT! The pathetic, envying socialist grubs will never let you enjoy the just rewards of your efforts or achievements. They hate your guts for having that will to power and that drive to succeed.

Do well at work and the ankle-biters will tax you, defame you, steal your ideas and work products and then drive that shiv hard between your vertabrae. The Post-Modern workplace is the vile, hive-infested anus of Amerikan social interaction. Work is where they tell you to do your d@mn job and then secretly fear and detest you if you are better at it than them.

And finally, after all of that, the economic world we live in is governed by unpitying, unbreakable laws that care as much for your existence as gravitation or the natural environment of The Great Plains. You are nothing in the economic world, just as you would be quickly obliterated if you were dumb enough to hike the surface of the moon in your Bermuda Shorts. And if you make like a weedy Dungeons and Dragons nerd and roll to disbelieve it gets worse. Way worse.

In an industry notorious for its “tight margins,” restaurants in San Francisco are closing their doors in record numbers thanks to the minimum wage hike. The minimum wage in San Francisco now stands at $13 per hour for low-skilled workers. Compare that to the $7.25 per hour federal minimum wage, or even the rest of California, which is at a $10.50 per hour minimum wage, and you can already start to see the problem.

There is a simple economic law here. You set your own minimum wage. It is based on your own skills and abilities. If you can’t get it done, they aren’t paying you for nothing. Senator Lieawatha approached it as a social problem and even wasted the time and electrons of the US Senate to ponder why the US Minimum Wage wasn’t $30/hour yet.

She needed to approach it as a sort of statistical mechanics problem instead. Within any given population, different members will have different personal characteristics. These characteristics will determine their suitability to the world of work. This will drive each individual to some minimum wage they are worthy of being hired at.

Artificially setting the minimum wage above the level of any percentage of this population will eventually tend to exclude them from the opportunity to consistently work. The businesses that would have previously hired them will either go under or replace human capital with robots or more efficient processing. At that juncture, the minimum wage for anyone in the working population below that artificial cut line will equal $0.00.

So we should hate the workplace. You are not just a slacker or a Leftard for feeling that way. You should hate war too. Particularly when they use live ammo. Your feelings are totally rational. On to question two: So what?

Let that question marinate in your minds and work towards developing the post-work society. We are going to get there eventually. I recommend we travel a different path to that destination than the one being undertaken in Venezuela or North Korea.

* — To the extent that we tolerate such things at Amerika

A Sad, Sick Comedy Of “People Power”

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

As time goes on, the more it becomes clear that we are not fighting against an ideology, but typical human behavior shielded by an ideological justification.

Normally humans do nothing but screw up. This is why the world is most impoverished, violent, dramatic and corrupt. If not guided by quality leaders, people not only passively screw up by failing to do things, but actively screw up by inventing bizarre theories and activities.

The comedic downfall of Venezuela provides us with a shining example of this as a play in three parts. Keep in mind that Venezuela was starting from behind because although it has many Spanish-descended citizens, many of those were already racially hybridized and further mixing occurred with the new world Asians and imported African slaves.

Act I: People Power

Compared to its neighbors, Venezuela was a place of relative harmony. It was less important to the Spanish who colonized it than other places of greater mineral wealth. However, it was decided by the Revolutionary Simon Bolivar that it needed liberation, and he set most of South America “free” with the help of British mercenaries. This launched a century of unmitigated corruption and instability.

After the dust settled, the country “liberalized” itself in 1947 and then went back to the same banana republic politics. Oil money eventually drove that out in 1963, and the country found prosperity, but that collapsed in the 1980s with oil prices and it fell back into its old ways.

Act II: Taking It For Granted

In the late 1990s, a Communist revolutionary named Hugo Chavez rose to power with a program of socialist policies fueled by high oil prices. At this point, to the short-attention-span voters, it seemed like the good days had come again.

However, Chavez pushed for further economic reforms that suspiciously resembled wealth transfer and land redistribution. The voters, reeling from several natural disasters, apparently shrugged and approved of this.

With each new reform, Chavez — who died a billionaire — confiscates more land and centralizes more power to his government, building ties with Cuba and Russia. Violence breaks out frequently.

Money pours into social programs. The population becomes even more dependent. Then, as had happened several times before, oil prices crashed. The unstable economy, surviving on the fat oil wealth, collapses, and soon so does the country.

Act III: People Power

It is hoped, dear readers, that you like repetition, because here is what is happening in Venezuela today:

Nine other people have been killed in violence associated with a wave of anti-Government demonstrations in the past three weeks, in which protesters have clashed with security forces in melees lasting well into the night that culminated in the “mother of all marches” on Wednesday.

Protesters accuse Mr Maduro of trying to create a dictatorship.

“Yesterday around 9 or 10 (Thursday evening) things got pretty scary, a group of people carrying weapons came down … and started looting,” said Hane Mustafa, owner of a small supermarket in El Valle, where broken bottles of soy and tomato sauce littered the floor between bare shelves.

Over and over and over again.

This is the same pattern we see in the past: revolution, tyrant, revolution, tyrant. Those who attempt to play nice are usually eliminated early. Whenever things get tough for the tyrant, he just stokes up the population and they destroy everything, forming a pretext for more exciting tyranny.

If you wonder why the Alt Right says that genetics is upstream of politics, here is the point: Venezuela will never do any differently than this, because the “people power” of a mixed-race population always favors tyrants. They cannot control themselves.

For example, when the going gets tough, they steal from each other and loot instead of achieving an actual regime change. They have revolutions which get them even worse tyrants. They will blame anyone but themselves, and they will all have sob stories.

At this point, it is tempting to declare it a failed state and drop the nerve gas just to let something better take its place. The world would sail on unimpeded.

All of Latin America is this way: mixed-race, revolutionary, Leftist, and failing time and time again. People power betrays the people every time. Yet they keep at it, pathologically hoping for a different outcome to the same dysfunctional behavior, like gamblers addicted to the roulette wheel.

The same is true of people power in the US and EU, but on a slightly more functional level. At each election, we decide we will overthrow the system… by using the system. It betrays us time and time again.

The only way out is out of the system, and all systems like it. We have spent two centuries trying to “fix” the same democracy that failed Athens, choosing varieties of the modern system including National Socialism and Communism. But they reflect the individualistic character of democracy.

Soon we will resemble Venezuela, and enter into the phase of most nations, where government is the weak abusing the strong, enforced by “people power” that fears the awakening of something other than individualism, as smart people tend to do. There is no escape from that.

How Western Governments Will Fall

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

The French New Right author Guillaume Faye writes that the post-collapse democratic governments of the current era will fade away through a “convergence of catastrophes” which happen as all of their poor decision-making detonates simultaneously.

For many, this seems impossible because we perceive our societies as strong. The money flows, the media seems so informed and powerful, and we have these giant militaries which should be able to conquer anything short of Godzilla. And yet, doubts persist: how long can a society as indecisive and parasite-laden as ours continue to survive?

Most likely there will be a touchstone for this convergence of catastrophes which conveys to the ordinary inert and blithe person that things are really going wrong. If history is any guide, people will only really wake up and scream when their livelihoods are threatened. They can put up with the “death of a thousand cuts” of every product being worse, life being uglier, and work taking longer from year to year; after all, what else would they do with their time and money? They are mostly concerned with social factors, such as whether they appear likable to friends and neighbors, if they seem to be successful in comparison to their social group, and if they have something new to talk about. People live in small worlds, focused mostly on the biological imperatives of eating, reproducing, competing and dying.

This will go away when it finally sinks in that our governments are out of money because they spent it on entitlement programs, and that our future is to either default or go to some kind of managed economy like socialism, at which point the economic collapse will only accelerate. We got our first warning shots with the bankruptcy of Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico announced a historic restructuring of its public debt on Wednesday, touching off what may be the biggest bankruptcy ever in the $3.8 trillion U.S. municipal bond market.

While it was not immediately clear just how much of Puerto Rico’s $70 billion of debt would be included in the bankruptcy filing, the case is sure to dwarf Detroit’s insolvency in 2013.

After years of dumping money on citizens to combat poverty and racism, Western governments are seeing death at the fringes. Those are happening in minority communities for now, but soon will spread to others as these governments recognize that they cannot raise enough revenues to pay for the obligations of yesterday with the taxpayers of today.

In particular, the first of the entitlements are starting to fail as the union-given, state-paid and taxpayer-financed pension system begins its fiery end with obligations that will crash the economy hard:

Federal Reserve data show that in 1952, the average public pension had 96 percent of its portfolio invested in bonds and cash equivalents. Assets matched future liabilities. But a loosening of state laws in the 1980s opened the door to riskier investments. In 1992, fixed income and cash had fallen to an average of 47 percent of holdings. By 2016, these safe investments had declined to 27 percent.

…By some estimates, unfunded liabilities would triple to upwards of $6 trillion if the prevailing yields on Treasuries were used. That would translate into much steeper funding requirements at a time when budgets are already severely constrained. Pockets of the country would face essential public service budgets being slashed to dangerous levels.

In other words, the pension system bet on the economy growing forever in the midst of the Baby Boomer years, and that growth has not been realized as economies across the West decline as their people decline, mostly from existential misery brought on by the utter tedium and ugliness of modern society.

There is no way out of obligations that large. Couple that with large national debts, political instability, and the end of various market booms that have seemed to sustain us, and we see that a huge crash is coming. It in fact may resemble a Soviet-style implosion:

But the deeper problem for the Soviet Union wasn’t the oil price collapse; it’s what came before. In his book Collapse of an Empire, Russia’s great post-Soviet reformer Yegor Gaidar pointed out that during the long preceding oil boom, Soviet policymakers thought that they could walk on water and that the usual laws of economic gravity did not apply to them. Soviet policymakers didn’t bother developing a theory to make sense of their spending. They didn’t even bother paying attention to their results. The math seemed to work out, so they just assumed there was a good reason.

This is as true of the current Venezuelan leaders as it was of the Soviet leaders. The Venezuelan government, though it doesn’t claim to be full-fledged in its devotion to Marxism-Leninism, has been pursuing as absurd an economic policy mix as its Soviet predecessor. It has insisted for years on maintaining drastic price controls on a wide range of basic goods, including food staples such as meat and bread, for which it pays enormous subsidies. Nonetheless the Venezuelan government, like the Soviet Union’s, has always felt it could afford these subsidies because of its oil revenues.

Substitute entitlements subsidies for food subsidies. Replace oil wealth with the productivity of American industry. Refocus the picture: while the situation is not yet as dire as in Venezuela or the Soviet Union, the United States and European Union are going down the same path, with the same predictable results.

This certainty of doom provides an opportunity to finally replace our failing political systems with something that works, hopefully a monarchy, since those have no need for constant growth or government-style social spending. The West died long ago; as the ruins of its substitute replacement come crashing down, there is an opportunity to finally bring the old West back to life.

Anti-Pope Tells Venezuelan Christians To Be Nice and Behave While In Hell

Monday, May 8th, 2017

Anti-Pope Francis is the first Latin American Anti-Pope. He is watching a Latin American government that openly supports a doctrine of state-supreme atheism* rain down fire on the peasants in the street. Naturally, Pope Francis blames the people for being such poor Christians. He goes Full-on Jimmy Carter in his despicable sanctimony below.

Francis told faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square that, united in sorrow with the families of victims, he was making a heartfelt appeal to “the government and all the components of the Venezuelan society so that every further form of violence is avoided, human rights are respected and negotiated solutions are sought.” The comments came a day after Francis, the first Latin American pope, expressed frustration that Vatican-sponsored negotiations to resolve Venezuela’s political impasse had not succeeded, in part because of what he cited as divisions within the opposition.

So as Pope Francis dithers, President Maduro reprises an old query first posited by Josef Stalin. “How many divisions has the Pope?” The supposedly divided opposition is being systematically sliced and diced.

A Venezuelan national guard armored vehicle careened into a crowd of anti-government demonstrators in Caracas on a day of furious protests that left more than 300 people injured. The newspaper El Nacional published videos Wednesday showing the vehicle backing up as a gasoline bomb burst on its windshield. Crowds raced toward the vehicle and then suddenly fled as it advanced, and masked soldiers battled protesters in a chaotic melee. Rocks, bottles, shots and tear gas filled the air. One person was confirmed dead in Caracas.

The answer is obvious. The Pope has no divisions if he provides no inspiration. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter how many divisions he has if he will not simply and unabashedly field them athwart the evil. The man is a moral nullity. ISIS openly slaughters the Christians in Egypt with no consequence. Pope John Paul II never allowed the communists in Poland to do anything similar to his followers there without repercusions. He stood tall when the Kremlin sent an assassin after him.

As the believers die in the streets of Caracas and are reaped like the grain by the hateful, godless, detestable Socialist scumbags; Francis Cucks in muted protest. He just wishes Maduro could be more gentle with the sex. Certainly both sides could be more reasonable. It’s not like The Venezuelan meat-packing glitterati believes anything that philosophically bothers Anti-Pope Francis.

We’ll hear all about how Jesus said “Love your enemy.” He didn’t tell us to forget the fact that they were, in fact an enemy. He didn’t tell us to be more like them in order to be nice. He mourned the souls left to despoil in Hell. He never told them to shut up and like it. That would be Anti-Pope Francis’ schtick. He wants the you to be reasonable and render unto Caesar – far beyond anything that should be Caesar’s. He is the Statist Left’s evil joke on Christianity and will remain such until the Catholic Church holds a condign exorcism.


It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness. To call on them to give up their illusions about their condition is to call on them to give up a condition that requires illusions. The criticism of religion is, therefore, in embryo, the criticism of that vale of tears of which religion is the halo.

Karl Marx from “A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right”

Socialism Fails Because All It Ever Leads To Is Death

Monday, April 10th, 2017

Leftists are never truly and properly atheist. They may reject the religions they see around them and may well recoil from Christianity in particular as the Nosferatu recoils in the face of a crucifix or a coruscating blast from the sun. However, they will bow their heads and proclaim their adoration of equality.

But the worship of equality is a false idol intended to suck in the gullible. We are all created equally and then are equivalent just one more time: when they chuck us in the dirt. Thus to sucvessfully seek equality is to bring forth The Grim Reaper and embrace the end of all goodness and health.

Equality is never, ever a good thing. It is at best a neutral — but for the absolute worst in our midst. People never advance to equality with those who do it better. The betters are only brutally stripped and then forced into a sham of equality with and those unfit to lick their very boots.

It never occurs in nature. The very laws of nature, set forth by God; will not tolerate such idolatrous profanity. Even Absolute Zero is now believed to be a non-existent mathematical ideal beset and confounded by physical contradiction. Equality can never be real. Only one thing can happen to you while trying for it. You die. Leftism kills you. It’s what Leftism ultimately does. It’s all Leftism ever ultimately does.

Detroit, Newark, Birmingham, Baltimore, Havana, Moscow, Pyongyang, Phnom Penh, and now Caracas. All of these places are burned-over charnel houses where the hopes of the multitudes burn on a pyre of ineluctible existentential despite and despair. Venezuela is the latest place to take up the flag of International Socialism from the grave where Pol-Pot dropped it and serve as the perfect exemplar of evil. No, you cannot haz brownies!

Venezuela this week arrested four bakers making illegal brownies and other pastries as President Nicolás Maduro’s socialist government threatens to take over bakeries in Caracas as part of a new “bread war”. Maduro has sent inspectors and soldiers into more than 700 bakeries around the capital this week to enforce a rule that 90% of wheat must be destined to loaves rather than more expensive pastries and cakes.

In 2001, Venezuela was the richest country per capita in South America. They verily floated on a lake of oil. They now have to ration what little gasoline that still remains on the market. They cannot feed their people. They cannot even power the tractors to plant next year’s crops. No, you cannot haz brownies without the flour to bake them!

Venezuela then foolishly believed that it had to choose between Socialism and death. No, it’s not “socialismo o muerte.” It’s socialismo y muerte. It has to be. That is the only place Socialism ever leads. Everyone under Socialism eventually starves equally. They die. It is your destiny under Leftism. It is an eternal quest for the zero. The Zero that these supposed atheists worship as devoutly as Ignatius of Loyola or The Buddha ever prayed.

Should Anyone Cry For Dead Venezuelans?

Sunday, August 14th, 2016


I was brought up in a graceless, unsaved state of pathetically Churchian Christianity. I ignorantly and self-righteously choose to hate Charles Darwin with a crimson and ineluctable passion. I’d see those smug, arrogant fvcks with their Darwin Turtle bumper stickers and was actually stupid and immature enough to let these internet trolls of the highway make me angry. As time has allowed me to learn more, I have learned several things.

1) God allowed us free will. This in turn allows us to royally fvck things up. Eden, therefore needs a garbage truck driver. Evolution is how the almighty disposes of low-power users of Free Will. The losers of the real-world version of Dumb Ways To Die have to be picked up and hauled away like the trash I put out on the corner every Wednesday morning. If Chuckles Darwin appears ugly, it’s because he’s the guy stuck driving the truck, so to speak…

2) In nature, this happens via the surgical strike. Wolves are made to look ugly, and they may scare the kiddoes. But if a rabbit is ever too stupid or too undisciplined to hang close with slower members of its kind, that rabbit very rapidly ceases to burden the carrying capacity of Blessed Gaea for long.

Human acne is not so easy to pop in front of the mirror. We practice charity and regard others of our kind in a non-solipsistic fashion. At times we even exhibit a certain frustratingly likeable nobility that sabotages the wise plans of the universal Gnon. Paradoxically; it seems like some of our best and most endearing traits make us a problem for any environment in which we so boldly intrude.

3) The Divine Revelation proposed four methodologies to remove unfit humans and poor some badly needed chlorine into the human gene pool. War, Famine, Pestilence and Death. When coached by the corrupt, immoral politician known as The Antichrist, they were quite the polo side when they chose to get out the ponies and go for a trot. Yet, as man evolved and came to more thoroughly dominate the Earth; these guys couldn’t keep up. We needed something new. Something far beyond mere sympathy for the devil, if the human race was to be kept in proper natural balance.

4) That something new had to be lethal beyond mere small pox or the bubonic plague. That new slayer and harvester of man came stealthily. It came cloaked in fair garments, rather than decked out in the visceral gore worthy of a grim, tyrannical reaper. It took all that was fair and noble about The Modernist Era and turned it into a poisonous iniquity. Pathological Altruism took decent regard for others, crossbred it with greed, envy and jealousy and thereby weaponized it into the vicious sarcoma of political leftism. Liberalism, yea verily, is the Fifth Horseman of a coming apocalypse.

5) The business end of this killing machine is Socialism. The latest killing field of pathological altruism where the unfit and solipsistic are reaped as the barley, is Venezuela. The Gnu Yawk Times tells us what happens to idiots who take the views of its editorial page as anything other than a satirical joke below.

Hospital wards have become crucibles where the forces tearing Venezuela apart have converged. Gloves and soap have vanished from some hospitals. Often, cancer medicines are found only on the black market. There is so little electricity that the government works only two days a week to save what energy is left. At the University of the Andes Hospital in the mountain city of Mérida, there was not enough water to wash blood from the operating table. Doctors preparing for surgery cleaned their hands with bottles of seltzer water. “It is like something from the 19th century,” said Dr. Christian Pino, a surgeon at the hospital.

Come to think of it Dr. Pino, it is something out of the 19th Century. That something is Socialism. Your life sucks and will probably end soon because Socialism sucks too. Perhaps it’s enough to make a decent man shed a tear. Even Jesus famously wept. Indeed he did; but only in the shortest verse of the Bible.

Venezualens liked Hugo Chavez. The begrudgingly voted for his hand-picked assistant butcher Mr. Maduro who claims that Venezuela’s health care system is 2nd only to CUba’s in quality outcomes. And besides, it’s all the US’s fault for drilling our own energy rather than buying his.

Of course Mr. Maduro is full of crap. Of course, Venezuelans are now getting around to being very sorry they voted for him. Your typical drunk driver who mows down a little kid on her tricycle feels similar regrets. In the case of the drunkard; that will typically cut no more ice than a plastic knife.

Perhaps in the case of the typical, solipsistic Venezuelan voter, their regrets and pathetic scenes of starvation should evoke no pity either. They voted for it. Show ’em what they win, Dom Pardo!

But that’s cruel, JPW! You.Just.Don’t.Care!

As a younger man, I was issued some give-a-fvck. I walked down range for two or so decades and cooked that sh!t off. I now sincerely believe anyone that votes for a liberal plays a stupid game and should win a few stupid prizes. Let’s see how Obamacare handles next Summer’s crop of Zika mosquitoes. If only political leftism had no negative externalities for those not stupid enough to embrace it.

So, in the end we do have to fight these Leftists. It is not sufficient to protect ourselves if we just shrug it off as a bunch of demotist idiots who kept on asking for it until they got it good and hard. We must somehow destroy the atavistic impulse to socialism. We must decry and loudly cry for the vile results. Unlike Palm Sunday, the stones will not cry out for us. So shed that tear for the Venezuelan. Socialism the Red Saracin forever will march upon your motte-and-bailey. Cuthulu forever, will swim to the Left. If you don’t cry for Venezuala, who will remain to shed any tears for you tomorrow?

Caesar Comes To Fill A Vacuum

Thursday, April 21st, 2016


So guess what life is like once !THE PEOPLE! Are put in charge. We’ll make this easy for you. Bloomberg News is covering the Venezuelan Lifestyle for us.

The tap in her apartment yields water only every two weeks. It comes out yellow. Her 8-month-old granddaughter is ill. And as Yajaira Espinoza, a 55-year-old hairdresser, made her way down the halls of Caracas university hospital on Friday, Zika cases evident in the rooms around her, a dense ash-filled smog enveloped the city.

Verily the Venezuelan Lifestyle is downstream from the Venezuelan Government. The Venezuelan Government is as malignant and petty as the sort of mean thing that high school bullies like to do to the Special Education kids. But that’s unfair! Not all socialists are like that (((NASALT))). I mean the North Korean and Brazilian ones are such nicer human beings. Oh, wait

Brazil’s leftist President Dilma Rousseff suffered a humiliating loss in a crucial impeachment vote in the lower house of Congress on Sunday and is almost certain to be forced from office months before the nation hosts the Olympics. Fireworks lit up the night sky in Brazil’s megacities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro after the opposition comfortably surpassed the two-thirds majority needed to send Rousseff for trial in the Senate on charges of manipulating budget accounts.

But the impeachment of a dishonest Socialist (sorry for the repetitive syntax) is relatively minor. It doesn’t mar all the wonderful things Brazil has accomplished as an emerging economy. Well, except for one tiny, little problem. President Dilma Rousseff is the rule instead of the exception. She only got in trouble when the entire culture of corruption and Mokita went stale and drowned in the high-crime drainage ditch that is Brazilian politics.

You see, this is the 28th effort that has been made to impeach President Rousseff. The other 27 were all put to bed by the “opposition” lead parliamentarian. The charges simply didn’t rise to the level of such a difficult proceeding. They didn’t until said parliamentarian was put under indictment himself by someone in Rousseff’s nefarious alliance. And these two aren’t the only ones corrupted. An estimated 60% of Brazil’s political leadership is potentially indictable under a variety of scandals and ethical lapses. What The Economist Magazine euphemistically dubs “The Petrobras Affair” offers a typical example of what happens when ethical diversity is your strength.

The key things to note here are that The Petrobras Affair sucks in myriad levels of Brazilian Government and thereby effects regulatory capture across a wide swath of governing and regulatory functions. No institution remains completely uncompromised. Another key thing to note is that all the major parties are involved. Nobody can run on clean government next election because they all have blood and dirt under their fingernails. If one guy squeals, he gets hammered. By his own as well as the opposition.

Well, one idiot didn’t get the Mutually Assured Destruction Memorandum. The Brazilian Federal Police have launched Operation Car Wash. President Rousseff should give it up. She isn’t ever going to come clean. The dirt is out there. Rousseff is going down. Her partisans will take down the opposition leads along with her. Nothing will be left in Brazil except !THE PEOPLE! who were dumb enough to hire this disreputable lot of tossers in the first place.

Then what comes along other than The Zika Virus and environmental collapse? Then we get the Restitutor Orbis. El Guapo. The Big, Shwingin’ Dick. People lose faith in the leadership. They fail to admit that the leadership reflects them. They hang or burn the leaders. They pledge their fealty to any Caesar who will clean up the drinking water, kill the mosquitoes and effectively make the trains run on time.

Napoleon rightfully claims that he found the crown of France lying in the gutter so he bent over and picked it up. The gutter is where the crown winds up if a Democratic Republic is overrun by demotism. The Caesar is the first guy willing to clean up the resulting mess. He is coming in Brazil and Venezuela both. He may not be too far away from our border either. Forget Whig History. Winter is coming.

Venezuelans #FeelTheBern because socialism always fails

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016


Venezuela blows away Argentina. Venezuela nukes South Africa. Greece, The Ukraine, Spain and the rest had all better lace up their track shoes to escape the El Guapo Beat-down. We regret to inform sports fans around the world that we are not discussing either the soccer or rugby world cup results. This is the Bloomberg Economic Misery Index and the last time Venezuela could even see a foreign object in her rearview mirror; Vladimir Putin was driving his tanks through The Ukraine. As Al Gore used to bloviate, the science on this one is settled! Life in Venezuela sucks because socialism does too.

The SJWs will have you know that my first paragraph wasn’t fair. It also failed to take into account how mean the oil market has been to our brotherly socialists in Caracas. Petrochemical exports make up 25% of the swag Venezuela takes in during a typical economic year and if you’ve been reading JPW, you know this isn’t an auspicious time to be cornering that particular market. So it has to be the oil. Smart guys like Karl Marx invented scientific socialism. It ought to work because its !SCIENCE!

Well, since socialism is so gosh-darned scientific, perhaps we can sit down and discuss some data. Inflation has hit 720%. The GDP has shrunk at an annual rate of about 7.5% per year the past two years. In six more years, that would destroy literally 50% of Venezuela’s national wealth. Anyone sadistic enough to still follow Venezuela creditworthiness predicts that they will make like Greece and ooze out of their debt payments in very short order. This continues to happen despite Venezuela possessing the largest known sovereign reserve of crude oil in the world. As many a heart-broken Boston Red Sox fan has wanted to ask Bill Buckner; “How in the f&^% did you manage that?”

We’ll leave poor Bill in peace. Pascal Emmanuel Gobry explains things quite succinctly for us.

The culprit is clear and obvious: The problem is Venezuela’s authoritarian socialism. The country has had food shortages for many years, because many foodstuffs are price-controlled. If there’s one thing all economists agree on, it’s that price controls lead to rationing. And yet, the government insists shortages are due to greedy hoarders. President Nicolás Maduro has recently taken over a supermarket chain, arguing that it was hoarding. The currency crisis also means that food imports are prohibitively expensive, and capital and exchange controls mean there is often no way to produce the money to buy things even when they are available. Venezuela shows us a sight familiar to those who experienced Soviet Communism — long lines to buy food — in an oil-rich country.

And that doesn’t even get us into how badly Presidente Maduro’s revered predecessor Hugo Chavez schlonged the Rottweiler with respect to Venezuela’s petroleum industry (and anything else he could get his rat-b!@#$%^& hands on)…

Under Chavez, Venezuela nationalized a swathe of industries, including oil projects, and instituted a 50 percent windfall tax on oil profits, driving away oil companies. Sometimes the government just seized them. The government nationalized agriculture projects and major agricultural companies. It has also nationalized several banks and shut down others. It also took over the cement sector and the country’s biggest telecommunications company, as well as utility companies.

Oh, and about all the cheap gas he bragged about CITGO handing out. Venezuela has decided to raise that price in a manner that would win the respect of Martin Shkreli. The price for 1 Liter of petrol just got jacked by 6,200%. But these guys are socialists. They do it because they love the people. So let’s say you’re just an average Jorge from Caracas. What do, Brother? What do?….

Central American Peasantries have an instinct to survive these fecal shows. It kicks in when places like Argentina and Brazil go full Marxian Chernobyl the way The Mammalian Diver Instinct keeps fools and idiots alive who get themselves chucked into icy rivers. If the White Market won’t or can’t meet your needs, you make like the government and resort to corruption. The Venezuelans are unlike the government in the sense that they are competent. Again we hear from Gobry.

Transparency International ranks Venezuela in the top 20 of the world’s most corrupt countries. According to a Gallup poll, 75 percent of Venezuelans believe corruption is rampant at every level of the government. If you were a business owner in a country where the government is seizing companies left and right, you might believe a bribe is the only way to keep your living. Caracas is the murder capital of the world.

So that’s what socialism does for anything that it ever touches. It’s the Reverse Midas Touch. It turns everything into a hunk of lead and then makes you retarded from the lead poisoning. It sucks the life out of everything it touches. Living under socialism is like getting a red-shirt role in a vampire movie – you only get the bit parts. So sadly for the many very decent people trapped in the hell that is now Venezuela, their lives will suck. And make no mistake about it. Life in Venezuela sucks because socialism sucks too. Pray for these poor, suffering human beings. They are learning the hard way what it is like to feel the Bern.

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