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Making The Transition From A Demand-Based To Supply-Based Economy

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Leftism causes consumerism because when you subsidize the least capable, you get buying patterns that emphasize the trivial, disposable, novelty, and lowest common denominator types of products. For years the West has kept itself afloat by taxing the middle class so that the perma-poor can buy iPhones, increasing the value of that Apple stock, and thus making the middle class get more rich.

In reality, this scheme is like the fellow who went to all the banks in his town in a circle based on how long it took each to validate funds in an account. At each bank, he wrote a check on the account at the previous, deposited it in a new account, and then did the same at the next bank with a check on the previous new account. This created “phantom money” that was essentially unrecognized debt, but by timing his attack to stay ahead of the actual transfer of money, he was able to make quite a decent profit.

With the circular Ponzi scheme of our present economy, government dumps money on poor people who then spend it on consumer goods, which creates a few companies — say, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and Amazon — who make out like bandits, and everyone else starves because they are getting taxed to death. Obamacare was just the final nail in that coffin.

The result is a massive concentration of wealth at the top:

A new billionaire is created every other day. The three richest Americans have the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the U.S. population. And 82% of the global wealth generated last year went to just 1% of the world’s population.

These are among the findings of a study released Sunday by Oxfam, a British campaigning group, as political and business leaders, including President Trump, prepared to gather in Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. Income inequality will be a major topic at the conference, which runs from Tuesday through Friday.

…It also showed that 42 people in 2017 had wealth equivalent to the world’s poorest 3.7 billion people. The figure for 2016 was revised from eight to 61 people.

Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and legendary investor Warren Buffett are the three Americans whose combined wealth matches that of the poorest 160 million Americans — about $250 billion.

Buffet aside, these men made their wealth by appealing to consumer tastes, generally at the lower end more than the higher. They are not selling Rolls Royce automobiles; they are selling gadgets, entertainment, and consumer items. Buffet most likely saw his wealth rise because he invested in companies which directly or indirectly benefited from this cycle.

The problem with this cycle is that if it is interrupted, chaos and doom results, because the cycle depends on borrowing from tomorrow to pay for today plus some, which it then invests in tomorrow and repeats the larceny and re-investment cycle. Populism interrupted the cycle, which dovetailed with the natural slowing down of this wealth concentration as products like smart phones and search engines entered their late life stages.

When search engines and smart phones were new, people were willing to rush out and buy them from a handful of vendors and thus make those vendors rich with high-margin sales. Now, many people offer these services and products, and the margins are much thinner. Even more, with the interruption and future disruption of the welfare sluice due to a limited budget, people are going to be buying less of these trinkets:

Atlantic Equities lowered its rating for Apple shares to neutral from overweight on Monday, predicting weaker-than-expected sales for the company’s March quarter. This follows a downgrade of the popular stock last week by Longbow Research.

We see “signs that iPhone demand is starting to soften, limited visibility into the potential for future iPhone cycles and emerging challenges to the smartphone’s dominance at the centre of consumer technology, we believe the stock’s multiple will compress, limiting upside potential,” analyst James Cordwell wrote in a note to clients. We are “lowering our March qtr revenue estimates and are now below consensus for Q2-Q418.”

…”Meanwhile, there also appears potential that concerns could increase over Apple’s position at the centre of consumer technology, particularly given the growing consumer interest and rapid innovation in voice-based devices.”

In other words, the market has flitted on to something new. Smartphones are no longer trendy; voice-activated personal quasi-assistants like Alexa and Echo are the new rage. The herd stampedes with the shaky thunder formed of a million tiny feet furiously treading concrete at once, and what it desires, makes the new elites wealthier than any before them.

But in the long term, these companies face a bigger problem. These technologies have matured. There have been no major advancements in recent years, only enhancements to existing ideas, some of which date back to the 1950s. The “wow” factor is gone. Smartphones, search engines, social media, and online ordering are like running water now: something we do not expect to pay top dollar for.

Even more, the writing is on the wall for social welfare programs. The West is broke, China owns the debt, and we are tired of being manipulated by it. The budgets are going to get trimmed, and that means that programs like CHIP and other entitlements are not the sure bet we thought they were when everyone was okay running up $20 trillion in debt.

In addition, the triviality of these new businesses — software, internet, mail order, and gadgets — have citizens seething that their money was taken for this. It is one thing to be taxed to fix problems or explore space, but instead we dumped money into the ghettos so that we could mint a whole bunch of billionaires, all on the middle class dime!

The bigger picture reveals that we are moving from a demand-based economy to a supply-based one. Demand-based economy, as the name implies, estimates the value of money by how much people want to purchase it as loans, debt, or through trade; supply-based economy estimates the value of money by what backs it, or the productivity of the nation issuing it.

When in a demand-based economy, it is essential to create demand for the currency however one can, and perpetual pump-priming activities like welfare, entitlements, and subsidies create more demand than their cost, and therefore the circular Ponzi scheme can drive this economic scheme.

Moving away from that will require us to cut taxes, cut spending, and instead boost productivity by allowing the business sector and workers to retain more of their money. Slashing regulations also reduces costs that do not produce value, at the level of small and mid-size businesses especially, and so take money out of government and redistribution and get it circulating instead.

As this happens, companies like these big internet firms will lose some of their luster, since they can no longer depend on the steady diet of government-subsidized media sheep to lap up their products. If you wonder why Hollywood, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, and others went “SJW” during the Obama years, it is because they have been pandering to this audience.

Instead, these firms are going to find themselves competing in the world where not everyone gets free government money, and this will lead to the market re-evaluating their value. There is a large market correction coming when that happens, so buckle up and assume the crash position!

Nationalist Public Radio, Episode Fifteen: Social Justice

Friday, December 29th, 2017

This week on Nationalist Public Radio, the team — Everitt Foster, James Price, Roderick Kaine, and Brett Stevens — tackle a question at the heart of our contemporary experience: what is “social justice” and what are its advocates, “social justice warriors,” and what do they signify for the future of America and the West? We take on the case of Github and its ongoing convergence and hence, path to failure, and from there extrapolate about what the rise and fall of SJWs means for the dying West.

Download (102mb, 42 minutes)



Survivability Is Ideological Deterrence

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

So let’s say you live in the vicinity of a bully who gets off on playing Knock-Out King. Let’s say the police are so ineffective you’d rather they all just quit so you could save the tax money that pays their salary. So what can you do about King Kayo? Here are your options.

  1. Run and Hide. This involves avoiding the bully whenever avoidance is possible. This has an advantage of avoiding the risks associated with conflict. If you succeed, you don’t ever absorb the punch. This has several disadvantages. You lose freedom of action because you spend your time avoiding the bully. You lose the opportunity cost of what you could be doing instead of retreating. You lose freedom of association of being around anyone the bully associates with. And finally; everyone pretty much thinks you are a mantwat. Run and Hide is therefore a sub-optimal choice among other options.
  2. Hit ‘Em First. This involves walking right up to King Kayo and kicking him the nuts or cracking him with a Louisville Slugger before he even knows you are on to his game. This can be devestatingly effective if it works. He can’t knock you out if he is in The Land of Nighty-Nite. But then again, there are drawbacks. There is a social cost to being perceived as the guy who cracks someone’s ACL with the aluminum bat without being attacked first. You lose anyone who thinks it’s possible that you’ll smack them next. Your intent can be mistaken for cruelty or evil and *then* the hypothetical cop gets there in 10 seconds flat. Or, worse yet, they all decide thay should try and take you out because they are scared of your aluminum bat.
  3. You Develop the Ability to Withstand the Punch and Give it Back With Some Extra Love. This is the high road on dealing with bullies. Isegoria describes the advantage you get:

    Assume, for example, that you are trying to choose between two forces, one which we will call Force A, and the other Force B. A is such that if you strike first, you will be able to get 90% of the enemy, but if he strikes first, you will be able to get only 20% when you strike back. B is a different kind of force. It gets 40% of the enemy whether you or he strikes first. It is indifferent to how the war starts.

    The drawback here is that requires time and effort. You lose opportunity cost for the time and preparation needed to have a good deterrence. I believe the benefits outweigh the costs on this option, but you can’t pump an option w/o telling both sides.

Now, how does any of this relate to ideology? In the presnt, this relates to what any non-Marxian deals with in the contemporary SJW-dominated cultural scene. It’s the Spanish Inquisition out there and all non-SJWs are the (((Goldstiens))) to the SJW INGSOC. This begs the question of how these people are persecuting anyone. Fair question. Just calling someone a poop-head isn’t assault. It’s just unpleasant free speech.

Unfortunately, SJWs don’t just stop at unpleasant speech. They attack, attack and attack. They chase people like Gonzalo Lira, Pax Dickinson, James Damore, and numerous others. They kill careers over lack of defference to lifestyle perverts, radical feminists, raceturbators, and essentially Marxian ideals. And like the Knock-Out Game Artiste, they lean heavily on the sucker punch.

They lie. They project. They double down. Harvey Weinstein, at a pro-feminist march wearing a pussy hat is the archetypical example of what we can expect from the modern SJW Leftist. Like John Podesta complaining about dirty political deals with Russia influencing elections, the SJW cries out while he strikes. He lies and accusses you of doing exactly what he does to get his rocks off. The SJWs are dishonest, snarky, obnoxious bullies who seek to destroy you for doing exactly what they do for fun.

All gripes aside, how now does this relate to our initial palette of anti-bullying relate to an ideological fight between SJW thugs and Alt-Right cultural restorationists? The Run and Hide Strategy here is to publicly cuck. The Cuck attempts to redirect the SJW towards the “real racists.” This strategy has the short-term advantage of saving your job or reputation for a few more months. Then the piranhas circle back. You eventually run out of other white boys. Believe me, with SJWs you hang together, or they’ll damn sure make you hang separately.

The Hit ‘Em First tactic involves the aggressive Neo-Nazi. This would be someone looking for to clobber under the assumption that if they disagree, they just have it coming. The problem with this tactic is that after you succeed with it a few times (assuming you aren’t just shot and killed in the street), you wake up one morning, look in your mirror and see the SJW scumbag you deplore looking right back at you. If a BLM SJW is just a Nazi with a tan, then by converse, Protifa is no better than Antifa.

We therefore withstand the punch and then give it right back to them. How does this work? It starts with never conceding the premise of an SJW argument. They are wrong, therefore their assumptions are wrong. Always assume dishonest cynicism from both the arguments and premises from any SJW. Argue on their terms and you always lose and are always the bad guy. You’ve just given them permission to punish you.

Then, get together with your friends and condemn the SJW loudly. Make a point of specifically calling them out as a slimy liar, rather than merely claiming their facts are wrong. Stopping an SJW is all about destroying their moral pretensions so that they have no grounds to ever attempt to punish you. The entire point of their enterprise is to accuse you of something like racism, sexism, intolerance or any other nebulous, yet reputationally damning charge with which they can ruin you.

Once you’ve successfully impugned their reputation and destroyed their right to accuse you, make sure they pay a price for attacking you. Any sort of destructive action you can take that will make them known as a complainer, a grievance-monger, a hypocrite or a false accuser basically disarms them by making others unwilling to take their accusations seriously. So defend yourself by refusing to accept the merits of the accusation, gathering your allies to reject its veracity and then destroying the reputation of the SJW. This is ideological deterrence, it is how the Alt-Right can dissuade the SJWs from their purges and ideologically survive.

Instead Of Accusing Leftists Of Racism, Point Out Their Agenda: Vampiric Parasitism

Friday, October 20th, 2017

Every now and then, the Left accidentally tell you exactly what they are thinking and what their motives are. Although the University of Pennsylvania has not actually fired her, Stephanie McKellop got in some hot water for speaking the pure Leftist reality-doctrine:

In the Leftist view, equality is the goal, and so anyone who is doing better than mediocre needs to have their wealth and power transferred to those below the mediocre line. That way, everyone will be the same, and each person’s ego will be satisfied that no one has gotten ahead of them.

Through that lens, it is acceptable to — as McKellop argues — discriminate against whites. But, from a conservative perspective, no one is discriminating; they are self-sorting. Conservatives do not concern themselves with racism, classism, sexism, homophoia and other Left-terms at all because we know that people sort themselves out by flocking like to like, and so every group will exclude someone else.

This is why DR3 is a loser strategy for conservatives; any conservative who uses the term “racism” to express a concern for forcing everyone to like one another is in fact a cordycepted crypto-Leftist (including neoconservatives, lolberts, classical liberals, RINOs, cucks, SWPLs and Buckley conservatives).

To McKellop, non-whites can never be racist because whites are above-mediocre, therefore should perpetually be punished by taking the fruits of their labors to redistribute. In her mind, this can and should go on indefinitely. That shows us her real motivation: while she speaks about ending racism, what she really wants is to keep the benefits chain going.

An honest person concerned about, say, African-American issues will argue for African independence. Same with an honest feminist, homosexual, transgender, other minority group or minority religion. Instead they want to maintain the wealth transfer, which means they must simultaneously try to subjugate us and demand funding from us.

Even if they simply wanted to conquer us and wipe us out, that would be more honest. After all, every ethnic group has its own self-interest, and that includes displacing any possible competition. But for SWPL Leftists like Stephanie McKellop, they want something else entirely: vampiric parasitism. They want to make us into livestock for them to milk and fleece forevermore.

Many people disagree with the assessment that the core of Leftism is individualism, but demands for parasitism always are individualistic, favoring the needs of the individual over the group, nature and society as an organic whole. However, this individualism only makes sense to people who secretly suspect that they are weak, since anyone strong simply goes out and makes something better for themselves.

This means that the agenda of Leftism has been to leech off of us all along. They are merely parasites. All of their high-minded talk about morality and justice is just the cover story for a bunch of common grifters who want to find a sucker, get their hooks into him good, and drain just enough of his lifeblood every day that he will never wake up and be a threat to them again.

We Reach Peak SJW As Equality Includes Obesity

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Very few realize that the modern “social justice” movement has its roots centuries ago, in the French Revolution or The Enlightenment™ and The Renaissance™ before it. The idea is simple: do not focus on external order (society, God/gods, nature, logic) but instead look at the individual and its desires.

This came to a demi-peak in the “Me Generation,” otherwise known as the [expletive deleted] Baby Boomers, who insisted that only what flattered them as individuals was true, and they would act on that, and ignore the rest of reality. This of course causes isolation and paranoia because most of the world is filtered out, and so random events can occur without being anticipated, at any time.

But the Leftists got their hooks into the West after the 1960s, brought on mainly by how boring and corporate the 1950s were, causing anyone with spirit to revolt against our commercialized, democratized, and simplified mass culture. Unfortunately, as is almost always the case, the Revolution was a case of the cure being worse than the disease, as often happens.

And so for Generation X and others, we grew up in a time where adults insisted on what obviously was not true and denied what obviously was. Even to a child, this signals hopelessness: your civilization has opted to commit suicide, rather than looking deeply enough to see its actual problems, even though those are not that complicated. We were abandoned children.

The generation after us, the Millennials, they grew up believing the lies because they had never seen anything different. They never knew a time when people were honest, had culture, and managed to stay married without divorce or stay in love without a bribe. They had never seen pre-multicultural America, a place of trust and easy normal socialization, and were entirely lost and thus dependent on what their 1960s-style instructors told them.

Eventually, these cordycepted toxoplasma zombies gained enough power to elect a president, and then they assumed Utopia was near; it turned out that all their ideas failed, and so instead, we entered dystopia. But before that became apparent, because most people are incapable of analysis or thought beyond one level deep, we would see “peak Leftism” or “peak SJW” as the long tail whipped around. Witness the genius of obesity as a human right:

Following online backlash, Google is removing a planned feature in Maps that shows you how many calories you’d burn when in walking mode. Google’s attempt to promote a healthy lifestyle caused a number of people to lambast the feature on Twitter, claiming it would “shame” and even “trigger” those with eating disorders. Engadget reports:

Taking note of the negative reaction, Google is now dumping the experiment. It confirmed to Engadget that the update was briefly tested on iOS, and has been abandoned based on user feedback. As The Hill’s Taylor Lorenz noted in her tweets, there was no way to turn off the feature. Lorenz also claimed that using pink cupcakes as the unit of measurement was “lowkey aimed at women.” Others pointed out that Maps wasn’t the appropriate place for the update. After all, there are plenty of fitness and calorie counting apps that keep track of your activity and consumption — again emphasizing how misplaced the feature was.

The point of equality, although egalitarians will not tell you this, is to save the individual from being judged wrong for their opinions. Each of us tries to understand the world, and acts on our mental image of it, and when we screw up, it means that we were too neurotic, delusional, dysfunctional or otherwise less-than-superior to handle that simple task. Sneers and scorn rise like locusts from a field of dead corn.

As a result, egalitarians try a simple formula, which might be said to be “good = bad” or at least that good and bad are arbitrary, relativistic and irrelevant, so we might as well approve of everyone at the same social level. Their great fear is losing social position by being inept, and so they have banished judgment for ineptitude, at least in the public forums where it once kept our leaders competent.

We can extend this to any choice by the individual. No one should lose social status, or be punished, or be made to feel bad, for any choice. Being obese, on drugs, metrosexual, incompetent or anything else is just an arbitrary choice, you see, because everything is relative. It is not that we have a purpose, or a world to which we can objectively derive adaptive strategies, but a question of what the individual wants.

If you wanted greater proof that egalitarianism is individualism, and collectivism is merely a shield for the individual to use others to advance his own agenda, it cannot be found than in this great panic over criticism of obesity. Not even criticism; Google simply wanted to help us all stay fit. Maybe now they are reconsidering the monster they have been supporting.

An Outrage Bubble Ready to Pop

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

Chris Matthews knew one big thing, one very big thing in the run-up to the 2008 Election. As much as I’d love to watch him get treated to the same attack-dog opprobrium he regularly dishes out to anyone holding opinions to the Right of say, Salvador Allende, he was in early for the kill on Barack Hussein Obama.

Matthews speaks of having a tingle run up his legs when he realized that, finally, he was a pundit who was getting it right before anyone else. I get the same tingle he did when I look at what is now commonly accepted but will soon fall. Amerika is in the midst of yet another bubble. This is the social equivalent to the housing bubble or securities debt bubble. We are experiencing an outrage bubble.

This bubble seems like life as normal now, but it is over-ripe and ready to fall. It is being overinflated by an over-indulgence in altruistic and egalitarian attention whoring that is divorcing mainstream consciousness from the reality that actually exists on the ground. The asset being traded isn’t economic. It is social and political goodwill. The market is public opinion. The securities, so to speak, are political positions vis-a-vis American History and the roles of various ethnic groups therein.

Three idiot tribes are currently over-exposed in this market. These tribes are the SJWs, the SWPLs and the Cucks. Here is how each group contributes through the typical driving mixture between greed and fear.

SJWs want to destroy any vestige of White, European Culture in the United States. This culture tends to be more resistant to Socialism, protective of private property and resistant to centralized government. It’s very hard to collectivize the land you don’t own, held by people who believe you to be dealing from a deck that’s light a few cards with a government not powerful enough to make them zip their soup-coolers.

They therefore resort to shaming tactics in order to make people do their bidding. They claim to want equality in order to disarm their political opposition. They talk about slavery in order to expand their control over others. They talk about history that they deliberately twist and misrepresent to fit within what they believe will be an empowering narrative. SJWs Then they resort to violence out of frustration and greed for power. It’s at this juncture the bubble begins to inflate.

SWPLs are rich and powerful people of who happen to fit well within the target demographics of the SJWs. They, therefore, feel a sense of risk. In order to assuage this risk, they take two steps.

1) They position themselves as lovers of diversity. They loudly say all the things SJWs agree with. Their tongues grow blisters from the licking of the SJW jack-boot. And yet the dogs remain both rabid and hungry. Once you’ve accepted the disingenuous premise that prior historical injustice produces a valid claim to the assets of others in the present, the beast remains hungry and must be fed or it will not even temporarily agree to relent. This brings us to the second step of the SWPL two-step.

2) They shift the blame to the cultural, social and political right. They proclaim themselves better than those people — who, in order to keep their class consciousness intact, they describe as dirt people living in trailers — and stake them out there for the #JW ants. They scapegoat traditionalists, Conservatives, and any other Rightist they can pin a bullseye on.

Cucks then panic because they’ve been illuminated as targets by the SJWs. They attempt to isolate some form of “Evil Right.” They choose a bundle of issue to concede to the SJW/SWPL faction and then pass the threat of annihilation on to this “Evil Right.” In a sense, they are now an Outer Party of INGSOC as they loudly proclaim their love for Big Brother.

Yet every INGSOC needs a (((Goldstein))). It is at this point that they begin “Alt-Righting” as a means to better distribute the risk and shift the falsely-apportioned blame. The SJWs are repeatedly sent after scapegoats in hopes that the bloodlust will be sated. It’s like a game of musical chairs where the ones left standing get shot after the music stops.

This equilibrium is prone to metastasis at best, which means, like The Yellowstone Caldera, it will eventually have days where it is no longer particularly viable. There are approximately 200K actual Nazis in the US according to people with nothing better to do with their existence than count. This depends on how you define Nazi. If you include jailhouse Nazis who carve swastikas on their bodies only in return for protection from having their rectums frequently violated, you are wildly overestimating the Nazi Census. Let’s say half to two-thirds of the Nazis in the US are recruited through the corrections system. If only 50% of them actually think Hitler was a mensch, you are now down to 125K to 150K. Antifa should be able to kill and eat all of those and then take a dump before lunch. The next morning, they still wake up hungry.

So once you’ve run through the Nazis like the junk food aisle at your local filling station, who do you throw in the insatiable SJW wood-chipper next? Right now, that would seem to be anyone the Cucks decide to point at and scream like the Pod-People from a bad Sci-Fi film. So how is this a bubble? Two ways.

1) There is finite supply of people who are Nazis, pseudo-Nazis or even loseroids who just have hair-dos inspired by Der Fuhrer. There is an infinite supply of moronic people looking to eat a scapegoat rather than fix the surrounding, pervasive dysfunction. Eventually, they start running short of Kulaks.

2) The entire game, and I mean the entire game, depends upon what Ayn Rand once described as the sanction of the victim.

The “sanction of the victim” is the willingness of the good to suffer at the hands of the evil, to accept the role of sacrificial victim for the “sin” of creating values.

One man with courage tends to become a majority. What happens when the SJW train hits this roadblock? They lean on the SWPLs. The SWPLs give them money to continue their operations to avoid unpleasantness. The SJWs then lean hard on the #Cucks the way a loan shark goes in on a mark who has let the juice run a few days.

It’s then that the Cucks point the panicked finger of blame. They may not really believe you’re a Nazi, but they damn well believe they want #BLM off their verdant, meticulously-tended lawns. So what then happens to the Cucks when Mr. Big explains some physics to them. He tells them succinctly that it ain’t gonna suck itself. The whole fraud train crashes like the train in the tunnel scene from Atlas Shrugged. Do you feel any current running through the nerves in your legs yet?

Activism In The Post-Atomic Age

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Arnold Raymond nursed his grudges. Perhaps he hoped they’d one day mature into basilisks. He was just glad he wasn’t like those other people who believed hateful things. He wanted a big government, strong enough to fend for the weak and oppressed. He wanted the freeloaders who owned businesses and worked at corporations to pay. If other people would stop hating and share, social justice would enlighten us all.

Perhaps he would forever be a profit without honor in his home country. Perhaps he would have to go elsewhere to truly achieve his dreams like Lenin did. He would never quit. Like that old song, Carry On Wayward Son.

Raymond hated the obese soyform he worked for. He aggressively burped and farted across the retail floor as he reported for his shift fifteen minutes late. He resented being awoke, enlightened and employed by David Soblitzki at the local Home Despot. He was more than handtools and paint brushes. Commerce, he felt, tainted him. With every sale he made, he stole surplus value. With every hour he worked at $12.45, he got deprived of money he deserved. Senator Elizabeth Warren had documented that the American minimum wage should be about $35.00. He wanted what was his, but rich white people always stole it from him. Everytime the cash register rang.

He thought about his weak-assed member of Congress. Progressive people like Arnold had elected him to get things done. To bring real change. To make the 1% pay. This guy reminded him of what Duncan Black used to warn about. Atrios would have told this creature of Hillary to stop wanking. Wanking being a slang shorthand for talking like a woke Progressive while quietly slow-walking the true People’s Agenda in order to get donations or keep political popularity. He wanted real progressivism. He wanted a man who would address the politics of who and whom. He wanted that weight of the poor to come down hard on the 1% in their fancy suburbs.

As work continued its pointless grind, he hated the people he interacted with. He looked down on their petty, little needs. He saw their kids and imagined what ugly adults they would grow into. He imagined them smugly enjoying their meals and playing video games. And these people all voted to protect their unearned status quo. They deluded themsleves that they built something. They worshipped a sky faerie as a way to validate their nauseating dishonesty. Every last one of the bastards was guilty.

All the smart people told Arnold the typical American was a puddle of shit. These people were losers. They were racists. They exploited honest working people just like Rachel Maddow said and they needed to pay. Arnold Raymond and only Arnold Raymond could provide that sort of rough justice. The rest of them claimed to be dedicated to Social Justice, but as Duncan used to write over at Atrios, they were just wanking. Arnold Raymond was going to drive it had right up the man’s ass.

He thought about the stuff he had bought yesterday when he got off shift. There were chlorine pool cleaning crystals that he had bought right out of this store. Along with that, he had bought a 10lb bag of rocks; the sort you used to decorate a flower bed perhaps. Then he went to Papa Reilly’s, where they sold the homebrew stuff. He had bought a 5 gallon glass beaker, 2 containers of Star-San and a one-hole stopper. Then he went to Texaco and filled his car while simultaneously filling up a 1 gallon plastic gasoline bottle. Then it was off to the cute, little bourgois hobby store. He hadn’t entered The Orc Lair to indulge hobbies or waste empty hours playing Warhammer. He wanted two rocket engines and ten feet of fuse. These were the last two key things.

It maxed his exploitative POS credit card. VISA – it’s everywhere you want to spend yourself into slavery. But no. Not this time. Yesterday the bastard capitalists had sold him the bomb with which he would send them a real message. A man’s message. Arnold Raymond’s name would ring out. Trump that, you bourgois fvckers!

What he hated the most were the bratty, spoiled kids. How dare they enjoy their lives when other children had less. They went to their Montessori Schools of Entitled Brattiness and got personalized attention while learning how to read. Poor children and minorites were shunted off to obsolete and underfunded public kindergartens. The brats then went to private religious schools and got brainwashed with memory verses from their evil fvcking bible. The Peoples’ Children didn’t even have the latest textbooks.

Those evil, fvcking suburb brat children had a park called “Kids Domain.” More money given to them so that they could have a place to play. Did these evil, snotty, spoiled suburban White brats ever see where the Peoples’ kids had to go play in the projects. And their smarm-fvck daddies had voted for a candidate that was cancelling a bunch of The People’s Section 8 Housing Grants. There was this trachcan right next to all the cute little swings and balance beams. It was thin, metallic and would never withstand a blast. The bits of metal and shrapnel would all fly. Those overprivileged little bastards would die feeling The Peoples’ reality. Tonight, this very evening, the politics of who/whom would swing in the proper moral direction.

Five PM arrived. Arnold had about 2 1/2 hours to do what was right and necessary. He drove to his apartment and loaded his car. He decided to just be blatant. He would mix all the carp int he parking lot, carry it straight over to the can. His prep this morning had involved taping the fuses into the rocket engines and running the fuses through the 1-hole stopper. He had now cut a hole in the Star-San containers. The stuff was viscous. He wore gloves on his hands and squeezed hard to get it into the 5 gallon fermentation vat which he had covered with a black contractor’s trash bag, along with the cute, white rocks. He added the gasoline. He was careful to roll his car windows 1/2 way down. The fumes that would cook on the way to the park were not going to be healthy for human consumption.

He drove to the park and situated his vehicle. He had to get about 25 feet away. Arnold wasn’t a big, athletic man and the fermenter was getting heavy. He took out a funnel and started with the chlorine crystals. He would have to stopper the vat fast, The resulting nocious fumes were already triggering his eyes and nose. He got the stopper in and began to lug the fermenter inside the bag. He got it to the trashcan and then – Oh shit!

He had forgotten his lighter and couldn’t cook off the bomb. He went back to his car and grabbed what he needed from the glove department of his car. he had to get under control. Sudden movements would make Arnold look suspicious and then if the fascist cops showed up it would all be over. He forced himself to breathe slowly and palmed the barbeque lighter up his sleeve. He walked back over to the trashcan and – Dammit!

A little Hispanic girl in a replica Argentine National Soccer Team jersey was tossing a juice box into the trashcan. The girl noticed something and stopped as if curious. She reached down to pick up a stick and poked around with it into the can. “Abuela Sara!” She yelled. “Que es esto?”

A middle-aged to elderly Hispanic woman came forward. “No juega alla, Gatalitta.” She commanded.

The little girl moved away. But first, she stuck her hand into the garbage can. There was something in her hand and she gave it a pull. Out came a one-holed stopper with a length of fuse. The girl made it about two steps and then collapsed. “!Ayudame!, Ayiii…” She said between coughs.

“Madre de Dios!” The older woman yelled. She then switched to English and yelled at a nearby man. “Alex, its Gata! She’s hurt.” He pulled out a cell and dialed 9-1-1.

Arnold Raymond got back in the car. He drove out of the parking lot in a panic. He stopped a few feet away and tried to get himself back under control. It hadn’t worked. The chlorine had mixed with the acid in the Star-San. A little girl had opened the fermentation jar and now the gasses would leak out and there was no way he could get close enough to light the fuses and cook the bomb off. That didn’t even get into the problems he would have since the engines were inside the flask and the fuses were no longer attached to the stopper mechanism. He left and hoped nobody would go to work on finding him.

It was a year later and Raymond had learned exploitation in The Peoples’ Incarceration Facility. The other prisoners either ignored him or hated him and wanted him dead. The ones with children that knew why he was here were the latter group. The “Hacks” as the Corrections Officers were known had two sorts false consciousness. One type involved them enforcing Euro-Phallo-Centric dominance in such a way that proletariat was forced to remain docile. Ironically, these sorts of exploiters were why Arnold Raymond still converted O2 into Carbon Dioxide successfully. There was also another sort of hack. These people used the incarcerated proletariat to generate surplus value by selling narcotics and cigarettes. Anything could happen once these hacks made a deal.

One day it finally did. Raymond had discovered that lifting weights while in the stir served two purposes. It killed time and burned frustration and it demonstrated a certain physical vitality that would discourage people from taking one look at him and declaring him a seminal vessel to be filled at will. As he grunted and strained to bench a plat and a quarter, two large hands came down on the bar. “You look like you need a spot.” A large shaven-headed black man told him as he drove the bar inexorably down towards Raymond’s neck.

“Help me!” Arnold screamed. Two hacks turned and walked out of that section the gym.

It wasn’t a hard wrestling match for the burly and powerful convict to drive the bar into Raymond’s scrawny neck. “This is for the children.” The man said. He then leaned forward and propelled 185 Lbs of metal downward with a force far greater than the gravity that usually made the bench press a challenge.

Diversity + Proximity = Evergreen State College

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

So some E-Vil Republican* in Washington State is threatening to defund Evergreen State College.

The Horror! They are taking their government money. Can these poor, precious snowflakes survive? It is not as if they have the capability of earning their keep and feeding themselves. So why defund Evergreen State Commune?

Well, they decided to have a day without White People. No, this wasn’t a day when whites all left to show what would happen if they took an extra day at the beach. Nope, they were exiled for a day. This was a day where campus nut-cases demanded that all white people leave. For some bizarre reason, this bigotted white professor with a (((BANKSTER)))** last name objected. Not only that, he convened his class off campus.

One man with courage makes a majority, and most of the Evergreen College Community is conditioned to automatically assume all majorities are racist. The predictable scatological water material struck the inevitable oscillating rotary device. Students rioted and barricaded the University President in a room. University President George Bridges made like NeVille Chamberlain pondering the fate of the Sudatenland.

Student protesters demanded that he and two other college officials be fired and that a series of changes be made to combat racism at the school. After a confrontation with the college’s president, George Bridges, Bridges agreed to a series of efforts including mandating cultural competency training for all faculty and staff. Student protest leaders did not return messages seeking comment.

This was not the only way in which pResident Bridges more closely resembled PVT Parts than MAJ Woody. He had also ordered the campus police inside their stations. Part of the reason Dr. Weinstein was holding his class off campus was because the campus cops had warned him not to come to school. The animals ran the farm. Production predictably went to zero. The day after Dr. Wittstein illicitly taught his subject matter while White, the college received a death threat.

The Evergreen State College, where angry protests over race have drawn national attention, reopened Monday afternoon with additional police officers stationed on campus. The school shut down abruptly Thursday after someone called the county 911 line and said he had a .44 magnum and was headed to campus to “execute as many people on that campus as I can get ahold of.” The public college in Olympia, Wash. reopened over the weekend, but shut down again Monday.

While the campus remains shut down, the mob has been at play. They are apparantly dismantling facilites they don’t quite seem intersectional enough for them. Maoist Struggle Sessions are sure to follow.

Graffiti reading “fuck racist faculty” and “No Evergreen PD” [Police Department] has been written several places around campus. Rocks were thrown through the windows of both the Natural History Museum, and the Scientific Computing Labs today. (There are also pictures of students on campus with baseball bats, and reports that some of them were roaming around campus with bats, acting like vigilantes.)

So Evergreen State College gave in to its student radicals. Their president locked its police force down, chased the Evil White Albanoids off of campus and promised to send all the faculty and staff to indoctrination sessions. It got him the Khmer Rouge of Cannibis-Smoked Diversity. The school doesn’t even focus anymore. The National Guard may well have to reconquer the place the way they did Kent State.

This is where Leftism always goes. You cannot fight order without producing entropic anarchy. Ramp that entropy high enough, and the entire system collapses. Evergreen State, like Missouri University before, was a possible end state for the Cathedral. Maybe we shouldn’t send in the USNG to effect a reconquista. Let them live with what they create. Let them smell it. Socialism is the road to Venezuela. It leads nowhere but death. Maybe Evergreen State College can teach them that much. For now we’ll just leave you with a happy little song about diversity. Irony, it’s not just on the periodic table.

* — I was unaware their still were E-vil Republicans in Washington State.

** — Bret Weinstein

The Left Will Not Negotiate Until It Has Been Kicked Hard In The Nuts

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

ESCCCP Radio has a somewhat less bile-inducing than expected early morning show called Mike and Mike. This features a former NFL Defensive lineman named Mike Golic who actually drops an occasional subversive Red Pill. “You get what you tolerate,” he posited. You can claim it just represents one man’s view of defensive line play in the NFL, but try convincing anyone with at least the IQ of a rotifer that it doesn’t easily scale to most human interactions.

His other recent contribution to basic common sense from behind enemy lines was the concept of Golic’s Hammer. Golic’s Hammer works like this. If two people engage in some sort of competitive relationship (even one that involves a totally non-physical confrontation) the probabilities favor the one who would probably defeat the other in unarmed physical combat. Nature, in all her maternal sweetness, sodomizes the weak.

Cuckservatives will cuck down their noses, but don’t believe for a second that it doesn’t apply to political argumentation as well. Half of what drives the Left to stage fake beheadings of President Trump has nothing to do with the unratified Paris Climate Treaty. It’s a fight over who the public perceives to wield Golic’s Hammer. If Trump is the Alpha; who wants to monkey around with the suboptimal primates?

So how does one make the yobs in the mob believe that he is the biggest of hes? You decide to no longer tolerate something and successfully make it stop. That, not the tragic thought of missing out on more quality individuals like Lee Malvo’s partner in crime; inspired the Left to hit the mattresses over the Trump Travel Bans. The public sees Trump ordering immigration to stop and the immigration stops. Trump wielding power makes people believe Trump wields power. It reminds the public of who doesn’t.

The Paris Treaty? This is the Trump Travel Ban raised to the nth power. Trump is telling the civilized world to go pick its own nose instead of America’s. If they can’t stop him, who can? Somebody has to, the left must resist! And if they push you around and force you to get rid of Trump? Your @$$es are right back on the chain. The Deep State will bury you.

Crap like the video below occurs in accordance with another little hate truth. One that I claim as my own.

The Hate Truth I dub as JPW’s Law of Terrorism works as follows. The people who engage in terrorism are not driven to it by poverty, ignorance, desperation or even ideology. They are rational, intelligent, political, economic, psychological and strategic decision makers. The leadership of ISIS or Al Qaeda sends out the bombers because terrorism works like hell. It costs hundreds of millions and requires decades to put up a World Trade Center Complex. It takes a crappy airline, a few hundred thousand dollars, nine months and nineteen sub-literate morons to shut the whole thing down. You tell me terrorism isn’t brilliant.

Only one thing makes terrorism not work: kicking the terrorists in the jimmies. Hard. With the Steel-toe Boots of I Don’t Give a Wank. Amazingly, even the previously cucked are getting the idea. Kurt Schlichter over at seems to have awakened from a long epistemological sleep.

We don’t like the new rules – I’d sure prefer a society where no one was getting attacked, having walked through the ruins of a country that took that path – but we normals didn’t choose the new rules. The left did. It gave us Ferguson, Middlebury College, Berkeley, and “Punch a Nazi” – which, conveniently for the left, translates as “punch normals.” And many of us have had personal experiences with this New Hate – jobs lost, hassles, and worse. Some scumbags at an anti-Trump rally attacked my friend and horribly injured his dog. His freaking dog. So when we start to adopt their rules, they’re shocked? Have they ever met human beings before? It’s not a surprise. It’s inevitable.

The Left will not accept this either. You !CANNOT! show videos of the turd-checking howler monkeys hurling the excrement. Their !DEMANDS! follow below.

“We demand that the video created for Day of Absence and Day of Presence that was stolen by white supremacists and edited to expose and ridicule the students and staff be taken down by the administration by this Friday.” The students then outline just how they expect the university to proceed to find the guilty culprits. Claiming to have been in touch with “the Attorney General’s office,” the students suggest that the university “commit to launching an extensive forensic investigation” to discover just who “stole” the video, and, if a suspect is found, to ask that criminal charges be brought against the suspect “in consultation with the Attorney General.” The video contains many memorable moments of the students’ interacting with their school administrators. They shout “fuck you, and fuck the police” repeatedly while maintaining that “whiteness is the most violent fuckin’ system to ever breathe!”

So you finally get to the point where you give in or give them hell. Or, you can LARP about how #NeverTrump could have been a contender. And then, just because I don’t have enough to spitefully laugh at this morning, they cry over the Democrats not reaching out to them. Folks, this is Stockholm Syndrome that would get you killed in the typical S&M Dungeon below.

If their goal was to dismantle Trump, they would encourage the left to open space for anti-Trump GOP to thrive within the Democrat party. But there is no room in the Democrat tent. Indeed, the left that clearly needs a bigger tent has instead occupied themselves with kicking other leftists out of the existing tent. They want everyone in the GOP to commit career suicide and, the moment we do, people like Heer will sneer at us, mock us, laugh at our loss of career, loss of community, loss of opportunity. Having followed their advice, they will not offer a place for us to belong, but use us as an ongoing punching bag and continue to write manifestos about how to use the court system to destroy us. They want the GOP tent to be smaller but refuse to make the Democrat tent any larger. It is a positively schizophrenic political attitude, but it’s one most Democrats have bought in to.

Terrorism works like hell in Amerika because the political terrorists of the left have always been smart enough to forcibly defecate upon the Cuckservative. The Cuckservative was born and bred to be The Washington Generals gawkish, Whitebread, fumble-fingered starting point guard against their multi-culti team of Harlem Globetrotters. It takes no courage to be Chris Matthews and speak “truth” to the simpering male wet-nurses of the Cuckservative Movement.

It gets more challenging when Greg Gianforte spikes your geeky MSCCCP rear-end off the pavement. It’s harder still when an All-American Anders Braevik mutters his insane curses and starts filling up the magazines in a dingy basement over in some sold-out, dying coal town. That could be JPW’s Second Law of Terrorism. It’s only properly prevented by an equal and opposite reaction. The fighters become lovers and tell you they were “just kidding” when you can credibly stand there and threaten them with Golic’s Hammer.

SJWs Disavowed As Heads Of The Hydra Attempt To Work In Parallel

Sunday, May 14th, 2017

Watch for this trope to expand on the Left: they will disavow SJWs so that they can work in parallel with SJWs, advancing the same ideas but at different levels of extremity.

A fairly clear example of this is making the rounds with Keri Smith’s “On Leaving the SJW Cult and Finding Myself,” an essay in which she simultaneously distances herself from Social Justice and re-affirms her hardline Leftist beliefs:

I know a lot of my liberal friends are blessedly NOT privy to this part of the left. I was talking with a friend who is also liberal and she does not see this kind of stuff regularly, like I do. In the venn diagram that is Facebook, I hope you don’t find yourself overlapping with this circle, or maybe I do, because my vantage point may shed some light on why my beliefs are changing, and on where I see things possibly headed.

I see increasing numbers of so-called liberals cheering censorship and defending violence as a response to speech. I see seemingly reasonable people wishing death on others and laughing at escalating suicide and addiction rates of the white working class. I see liberal think pieces written in opposition to expressing empathy or civility in interactions with those with whom we disagree. I see 63 million Trump voters written off as “nazis” who are okay to target with physical violence. I see concepts like equality and justice being used as a mask for resentful, murderous rage.

The most pernicious aspect of this evolution of the left, is how it seems to be changing people, and how rapidly since the election. I have been dwelling on this Nietzsche quote for almost six months now, “He who fights with monsters, should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.”

Did you catch the sleight of hand? She simultaneously accuses the SJWs of being too extreme, and refers to the Right as “monsters” and an “abyss,” misusing the classic Nietzsche quote about directly fighting certain mentalities and adopting their outlook (not necessarily their methods, as Smith alleges).

Her statement allows her to both rise to an egalitarian position by pitying the poor Rightists, and simultaneously affirming her commitment to the same Leftist dogma that propels the SJWs. This allows her to fight in parallel with them while pretending to take the moral high ground:

I believe taking on the task of honestly assessing and trying to improve my character, and speaking up for principles of equality, justice, free speech, liberty, peace and love in a WAY that supports those principles rather than increasing resentment, hatred, and murderous rage, is the way to change the world. If that makes me a moron, a naive peacenik, a privileged bigot -a heretic- in your ideology, so be it.

In other words, she has the same value as SJWs. Perhaps we should revisit Stevens’ First Law Of Leftism, which states:

Leftists take on many names — liberal, Socialist, Libertarian, progressive, Communist — but they differ only in degree, because they are working toward egalitarianism which cannot tolerate any dissent because contrary examples prove its theory to be non-absolute.

Remember the birth of the Left in the French Revolution: they killed off ten percent of the country, including whole families, and lowered the average IQ of their nation by ten points before embarking on a suicidal world war to bring Leftism to the rest of Europe. The same pattern appears wherever Leftists gain power: Red Guards, killing fields, Jacobins, secret police, gulags, show trials, torture and guillotines.

They are all the same, no matter what words and symbols they use to dazzle and confuse your mind.

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