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Affirmative Action Reveals Its High Costs in Somali Cop Shooting

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

I remember being in history class at school and thinking, “I wonder what it was like to experience the Fall of Rome, or the last days of Nazi Germany.” My only conclusion was that it must have felt terrible, mediated only by the confusion as to what was going on.

We live in those days now. Our institutions are failing like organs in a diseased body. Our leadership, like someone with a mental health problem, pursues non-solutions pathologically while systematically denying even the existence of actual problems. Our people are withdrawn, suspicious and retributive, if not following their leadership into insanity.

And no one will talk about civilization decline. They will talk about just about anything else, but when you mention it, people get nervous and play the “kill the messenger” game.

Today’s example of ongoing crumbling decay is the shooting of Justine Ruszczyk by a decorated Somali police officer:

Noor, 31, has offered his ‘condolences’ but demanded everyone respect his privacy after opening fire on the 40-year-old yoga instructor. He has hired an attorney.

…Noor, who joined the Minneapolis Police in March 2015, has reportedly had three complaints made against him in two years – including a lawsuit.

…He also holds a degree in administration and economics.

Human beings are a collection of characteristics. Some are inborn, some are acquired. Many are internal, such as moral character and degree of perceptiveness. But they are multiple.

Affirmative action, and the related need to virtue signal by displaying minority “pets” in any department, rewards only one trait: membership in a minority group. Because that is what it selects for, all other traits are ignored.

In their rush to get shining black faces on the streets, Minneapolis officials promoted a man with clear problems, just as his professors gave him the affirmative action grade inflation that allows them to defend their careers — and the feeding of their families — against the accusations of racism which seem to hit every white professor but few non-whites.

Now we see the results of this disaster. It will be resolved semi-amicably. The city will be sued, and will pay out Monopoly money for having by negligence destroyed a life, then get more free money from higher taxes to pay their insurance, which will have gone up in price. The officer will be retired with full pension. Five or ten million dollars, everyone is happy, especially the lawyers and politicians.

At the same time the real damage here, in addition to the loss of the life of this young woman, is the lack of faith people can have in their community. Would you bother to call the police after this to report a rape, as Justine Ruszczyk did? Heck, no. The affirmative action cops might shoot you and, while your family will get millions, you will still be dead. So let that rape happen in the alley behind your house.

Watch this spread like cancer through the population. People will avoid interaction with the police. The police will be reduced to policing ghettos and issuing speeding tickets, making them entirely parasitic. Everyone else is going to hire private security to prevent crimes before they happen, since they now have zero reason to have faith in this police department.

As always, the greatest damage is to civilization, which always occurs when people are allowed to be individualistic — “me first,” like the “Me Generation” — instead of thinking with a tribal or transcendental mentality. Affirmative action is just one facet of this colossus of failure.

Richard Spencer Defeats The Establishment And Antifa In One Blow

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Richard Spencer spoke at Auburn University and advanced the Alt Right cause by pushing back the Left, and in doing so, causing the university and its police to become accountable, at which point they acted in self-interest by disabling Antifa by removing their masks.

This was a complete victory for the Right.

First, Spencer and his supporters cucked the university by forcing it to let him speak, which in turn compelled the university to act against instead of with the Communist protest groups, including antifa, “anarchists” and other thinly-disguised Reds:

Reiterating his key talking points, Spencer denounced diversity as “a way of bringing to an end a nation and a culture” defined by white people.

“There would be no history without us,” he said, prompting shouts from the crowd. “The alt-right is really about putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.”

…Spencer, 38, director of the white nationalist think tank National Policy Institute, has been a target for his radical beliefs. He has advocated a “peaceful ethnic cleansing,” where people who are not of European descent voluntarily leave the United States.

Bonus points if he upgrades that to “people who are not of Western European descent voluntarily leave the United States,” presumably as the welfare state and racial subsidy programs like Affirmative Action, Civil Rights and HUD are cut.

Here’s his speech:

The importance of this event, in addition to the content of his speech, is that he forced back the usual way of doing things, which is for the Establishment to favor its Leftists pets, the antifa who scare normal people into cucking and supporting whatever Leftism, Inc. is banging the tin drum for during that fiscal quarter.

For example, contrast what happened in Berkeley with what happened in Auburn:

According to Southern, the Berkeley police disarmed the free speech marchers while allowing the black-clad Antifa domestic terrorists to use M-80 explosives, pepper spray and teargas. As soon as Antifa became violent, the Berkeley police stood down and retreated away from the melee, leaving the free speech marchers dangerously exposed.

Part of the reason for this was that Berkeley police were not actually involved in the demonstration. For them, it was another public event, so the right thing to do was to obey union rules and retreat whenever it sounded like an officer might be in danger.

In Auburn, instead, Spencer forced the establishment to take responsibility for its actions. This created an incentive for the university to desire order, since it could not simply externalize chaos onto society at large, and so officers did the sanest thing ever, which was to remove Antifa masks and so make them behave because they were no longer anonymous:

This was necessary because the school had canceled the event because of threats of violence, and once forced by a federal court order to allow the event, they realized that if they did not denature Antifa, they would have violent riots just like in Berkeley. Police adapted:

A supporter of Spencer, a white nationalist leader who is planning a rally at Auburn on Tuesday, filed a motion in court Tuesday seeking an injunction to force the University to allow him to speak. The court on Tuesday granted that motion, attorneys for the plaintiff and the University told The Plainsman.

The motion was filed in U.S. Federal District Court in Montgomery by Cameron Padgett — a Spencer supporter who said he booked Foy Hall for Spencer’s speech — and his attorney.

…”This afternoon, a federal judge ruled that Auburn must allow Spencer to speak in the Foy Auditorium tonight,” they said in their letter. “It is now more important than ever that we respond in a way that is peaceful, respectful, and maintains civil discourse. We are aware that various campus groups have planned events for this evening. Please know that additional security measures are being taken by the Auburn Police Division to uphold the safety of our community.”

Had police demanded this as a matter of course, they might have been accused of discrimination against the Left. But now that the issue had been raised, and then made secondary to a Constitutional need to allow the event to go on, police had to ensure the safety of the event, which required disarming Antifa.

This shows a pattern for us on the Right. Instead of taking on the responsibility for preventing violence, we need to externalize it to the community, and with them finding their backs to the wall, they will respond by unmasking Antifa and Black Bloc types, which has been seen to prevent the violence.

Violence in Berkeley, California, for example broke out because police allowed a large group of black-clad, masked people to gather with primitive weapons in public, and then retreated when firecrackers were thrown. This ensured violence.

On the other extreme, the police in Auburn showed how easy it is to prevent this violence. Mobs act as they do because individuals are anonymous in them, and are empowered by the mob to act out their own pathologies, knowing that the mob will defend them. Remove anonymity and the violence decreases.

In the meantime, America’s public universities and cities now have an Alt Right problem: there is law on the record that says that speeches cannot be canceled simply because of the threat of violence, and we now know of a working method for ensuring the violence does not break out.

For those reasons, public venues no longer have a case for blocking the Alt Right. As America spirals downward into disorder and hatred, these events will become more contentious, but now we have a model for making them work, which defeats Antifa in their aim of “no platforming” the Alt Right.

NWO/XOG Loses Its Enforcement Arm

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Another day, another set of dead police officers:

One East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office deputy and two Baton Rouge Police Department officers were killed during a Sunday morning shooting on Airline Highway near the Hammond Aire Plaza. Three other officers were wounded with one remaining it critical condition.

Authorities have confirmed that the first of three suspects is a Missouri man who was killed after the shooting. Two other suspects were taken into custody in West Baton Rouge Parish and are being questioned by Baton Rouge Police.

Authorities later identified the dead shooter as 29-year-old Gavin Long, of Kansas City, Missouri. Social media posts indicate that Long was an active member of an anti-government group called New Freedom Group. Details about the shooter are still emerging.

With these events, the New World Order/Xenophile Occupation Government is losing an important part of its control apparatus: the officers who enforce its insane laws. Not losing them in the sense of heavy losses, as there are plenty more, but it is making them unwilling to enforce and more likely to flake out.

This is similar to what Anders Breivik did in Norway: he raised the risks and costs of supporting the system. Previously, Norwegian kids could just go along with the herd and never face any risk. Now, going along with the plan makes you a target, so it is better to drop out than join the herd. This denies it the most competent potential members.

In the same way, these police killings while tragic and cruel are having one positive side-effect, which is that your average officer is considering not enforcing the law. Since the laws are crazy, and biased against sanity, this is a positive thing entirely.

Follow The Leader… Straight Into Oblivion

Friday, July 8th, 2016


Anyone remember the old America? The one full of future promise and potential? The innocent, generous place that just tried to do the right thing?

You know that you are in trouble when every generation gripes about a golden age. When you filter out the usual fools and malcontents, you see that good people are saying this, too, which means they are probably all right. Then you see a cascade of lowered quality of life over the generations.

1970s America bounced back as best it could from the utter Leftist chaos of the 1960s. It was far from perfect, but not as far as what we have now. Unfortunately, the seeds of the bomb had been planted a generation before: the United States and Europe were going to devote themselves to “diversity,” or a mixed-race society, in order to avoid the horrors of those evil conservative Nationalists from WWII.

While The Holocaust™ appalls me, it pales before the killings of the Left in Russia, China, France and everywhere else they have been. We hear a lot about The Holocaust™ not because the victims were Jewish, but because the perpetrators were not Leftist. It is a means of distracting from the long list of Leftist murders.

But since the adoption of this diversity problem, life in America has been in free-fall. First, it requires a whole lot of government to force different populations together, including its most odious tool, affirmative action which in application (not theory) penalizes companies for hiring white people. Next, because diversity means that none of the ethnic groups involved has anything approximating control over its future or even a culture of its own, we seem to have constant race riots.

What happened in Los Angeles in 1992 set the stage. A member of a privileged group, Rodney King, was driving drunk and possibly on a cocktail of drugs, as he had in the past when not beating his wives or committing crimes. Getting a call about a possible African-American driver on sherm was not an unusual occurrence back then, and the cops knew the drill: subdue at all costs, before the suspect mutilates himself or harms bystanders, as is common when people flip out on PCP.

However, that gritty truth — that Rodney King was a disaster as an individual and that was more determinative of his treatment than his racial category — did not fit the Leftist Narrative, which states that in order to force diversity, the majority must be seen as bad and wallow in guilt, then hand over the cash. We are never allowed to look into the behavior of the “victim.”

Now we have two more dead African-American men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Both seem to have been troubled individuals engaged in troubling non-legal activity, which fits a pattern we see with Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin who inspired riots over the last few years. Let us take a look at Alton Sterling, who was a sex offender who sold bootleg CDs:

His cousin Krystal says he was a “people person,” which is why he figured selling CDs on the street was a useful way around the fact that he couldn’t get work in the formal labor market, thanks to a conviction for having sex with a minor when he was a 19-year-old himself. His customers—neighbors, really—seemed to genuinely enjoy him; they called him “Big A.” And he was good at his work. As one woman told The Washington Post, “That’s the most legit bootleg man in Baton Rouge.”

…Both Sterling and Castile were armed.

And now we hear we hear a bit about Castile:

Minnesota court records online show Castile had some misdemeanor violations, mainly related to driving.

Notice the weasel word “mainly.” What other misdemeanors are in that record, and why are those not the focus, since the driving misdemeanors are apparently so commonplace?

In both cases, we have a police confrontation where the police are a bit nervous, owing to several factors: (1) the higher danger to police in stopping African-Americans in cars, (2) the currently politicized situation, and (3) the generalized danger to police, since an officer is killed every 61 hours in the USA (a trend that is accelerating).

The point to take away from this is not “cops are bad” or “African-Americans are bad”; it is that diversity is bad because it pits groups against another. Minorities become dependent on the majority, which creates a frenemy relationship where the majority is both tasked with providing handouts and responsible for any problems that arise, since in Narrative theory the majority is “in control,” even though under diversity no group — in theory — is in control.

Much as happened in Ferguson and Baltimore, we now have violent riots with looting, much as happened in Los Angeles. But violent riots and looting break out after anti-Trump protests as well, which indicates a deeper discontent than about the shootings themselves. This is a conflict between groups, a clash of civilizations, a deep-seated resentment caused by diversity itself.

Further counter-Narrative facts: The officer who shot Philandro Castile was Jeronimo Yanez, who is likely of Amerind extraction. Police shoot more white guys than black guys, but minority deaths get more coverage.

But then, we seem addicted to The Narrative. As the Minnesota Governor explains:

“Would this have happened if the driver and the passengers were white? I don’t think it would have,” Dayton told reporters on Thursday. “This kind of racism exists and it’s incumbent on all of us to vow and ensure that it doesn’t continue to happen.”

He has almost none of the facts that will determine the truth of the statement he made. He did not speak to convey truth; he is conveying political symbols designed to make the audience like him.

Every society has its founding myth. With the advent of diversity, that myth can no longer persist, and is replaced by the myth of diversity, much as under Leftism all culture and origins are replaced with Leftism. This is what ideology does: it explains away reality and replaces it with comforting political symbols.

The American voters, like voters in the EU, cannot resist the steady Leftward surge created by political symbols. If you want to make people like you, you must be accepting to everyone, and inclusive of everyone. For that reason, all political symbols are inherently egalitarian, and egalitarianism is the theory of Leftism.

Like any civilization in a death spiral, societies in the modern West are playing a game of “follow the leader”: someone states the Narrative, and makes it seem plausible, which both flatters the voters and plays into their hope for conflict resolution through pacifism instead of having one part win enough influence to exert its will on others. People are sheep and sheep follow the leader right over a cliff, always believing themselves to be free.

As long as Americans insist on this pretentious approach of flattering each other with pleasant illusions, the shootings will continue. Either that or, as happened in Baltimore, fewer people will become police officers.

This shows us a situation which is inherently unstable and cannot endure. It conflicts with our apparent desire to look good to our friends and neighbors, as if showing off new clothes or a new iGadget. But as long as we indulge this pretense over reality, we will continue to achieve the same bad results, year after year.

Asking questions of the defense

Saturday, November 7th, 2015


If you’re eccentric like I am you may also be one of the six or so people in Alabama who enjoy a cold pint of beer and a rugby match at your local drinking establishment. For those of you more centered on the DSM axis of reference, bear with me please as I use a common rugby occurrence to spin an analogy to explain what is happening to urban crime in America. The perpetrators, career criminals and ne’er-do-wells are asking questions of the defense. The like the answers they are receiving, so the crime rates are going higher and may well do so exponentially until some of those answers they receive are different.

In rugby, a team asks questions of the defense by getting the ball to a large, fast bloke out in space and forcing their opponents to have to tackle him. If the defense gets the bloke down or figures out how to deny him ball, they pass the test. If instead, Jonah gets to successfully Lomu, the opposition gets to learn just how long an eighty-minute match truly is. The aforementioned Great One, Jonah Lomu gives us a flavor of how one properly asks questions of a defense in the video below.

James Comey directs the FBI in the United States. He partially got the job because of his willingness to oppose previous US President George W. Bush on civil libertarian issues surrounding the Global War on Terror. Current President Barack Obama now learns that Comey considers himself above partisan politics when Democrats are in office as well. Comey is a hard person to satisfy. Under Bush II, he accused the police of raping civil liberties. Now, in the Glorious Reign of Obama, he accuses them of being bedroom no-shows instead.

Maybe something in policing has changed. In today’s YouTube world, are officers reluctant to get out of their cars and do the work that controls violent crime? Are officers answering 911 calls but avoiding the informal contact that keeps bad guys from standing around, especially with guns? I spoke to officers privately in one big city precinct who described being surrounded by young people with mobile phone cameras held high, taunting them the moment they get out of their cars. They told me, “We feel like we’re under siege and we don’t feel much like getting out of our cars.” I’ve been told about a senior police leader who urged his force to remember that their political leadership has no tolerance for a viral video.

More accurately, in the wake of recent political pushback from both the Left and the Establishmentarian Right, police forces have decided they will acquiesce to the will of the loudmouthed. They are no longer policing people who do not want to be policed. The police are a law abiding citizen’s defense against the underworld. That defense is being asked questions. The answers are about the answers Jonah Lomu used to receive once he got that head of steam built up. Thus, we learn just how long and painful things can get when the defense does not give a good account of itself.

Most of America’s 50 largest cities have seen an increase in homicides and shootings this year, and many of them have seen a huge increase. These are cities with little in common except being American cities—places like Chicago, Tampa, Minneapolis, Sacramento, Orlando, Cleveland, and Dallas. In Washington, D.C., we’ve seen an increase in homicides of more than 20% in neighborhoods across the city. Baltimore, a city of 600,000 souls, is averaging more than one homicide a day—a rate higher than that of New York City, which has 13 times the people. Milwaukee’s murder rate has nearly doubled over the past year.

This is occurring because police have been perversely incentivized. They are avoiding controversy instead of stepping hard into the tackle with conviction. Fred Reed described how this process worked in one of his old Cop Columns for the Washington Times.

“Fred — After having read your article on 11/20/00 I have to state that YES!! We on the P.G.P.D for the most part are now looking the other way. After almost [deleted]years on the job I find this disheartening but a necessary fact to survive in today’s, what appears to most officers, an ANTI-POLICE environment. We are even being told by some supervisors to keep a low profile so “you’re not next on the front page”! I became a police officer to help people [deleted] years ago in P.G. County . . . but I now share the attitude of most officers, just let them eat each other, we have to survive.

Yes, society’s line of defense is being asked questions. If the answer continues to be “just let them eat each other”, then you, the law-abiding citizen now need to reevaluate the risk-reward decision implicit with living in a major US city. If these decisions get reevaluated on a major scale by lots of citizens and the major firms they work for, this will have a massively deleterious effect upon both the economy and sociology of Post-modern Amerika. This is what happens when the defense gets asked some questions they don’t have many good answers for.

The end of obligation

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015


Now that the ashes are cooling in Baltimore, every party has to inject its own post-mortem to try to spin the dialogue to its advantage. The left bangs the old poverty-did-it tin drum, the right rages about the death of the family, and the community blames everyone but itself. The truth, as often is the case, lies elsewhere than convenient scapegoats.

Some draw outrage from the refusal of police to stand up and be punching bags for first the violence, and second the blame when the inevitable glitches arises. They see it as a lose-lose situation: when you make 1000 arrests, by the nature of human error, one or more will go bad. The media and community will seize on that one and use it to implicate the rest, when in fact it is exactly what it seems to be, a screwup. Just like not every package reaches its destination, some cars have bad brakes, and sometimes your cheeseburger is small, some arrests go wrong. This happens in every situation. The problem is that when police fear that one arrest more than the consequences of letting the other incidents go free, you end up with no police force.

Witness the meltdown:

Residents tell reporters they see officers driving right past street fights and disturbances.

Officers turned their backs to De Blasio as he visited injured officers in the hospital and at the officer’s funerals.

But officers in Baltimore, according to at least one of their own, are turning their backs on not only the Mayor but also the citizens they’re sworn to protect.

While the media spin on this one leads you to think it is the end of the world, it in fact represents something else entirely:

A good idea.

I suggest that all of us follow a simple principle: we work for people who work with us. That is, let the cops patrol the nice white neighborhoods where people do not attack them on a daily basis, and let businesses sell to the people who are not vandalizing, stealing, open defecating or whatever other non-desirable behaviors are occurring. Let our taxes go toward services for us.

And the rest? The ghettos, the homeless, the impoverished, and the victimized? Let them follow the law of nature, which is that they either improve their own circumstances or vanish from this earth. They will blame anyone foolish enough to take stewardship of their communities and do it less than 100% perfectly, which we all know is a number achieved in theory only. A sensible response would be to skip out on the blame, and on the risk, and to go police where people pay your salary — most of the income paying for police comes from those white suburbs — and where they do not rage out and riot over a one in a thousand mistake.

Even more, let us the nice white people from the suburbs stop taking responsibility for African, Asian and mixed-race inhabitants of America. Their communities are their own responsibility. We will pay our taxes, work with our police, and keep our own streets safe. They can do the same in their communities.

Since the end of the Civil War, the narrative of liberal America has been that white people are oppressors and therefore are responsible for the well-being of others. That encourages the others to disregard their own well-being, do whatever is convenient, and blame white America when things go wrong. That can stop. We are not obligated to these people: we do not owe them a living, or policing. We do not owe them welfare, benefits, or social programs. We can pay for those for ourselves if we want, but if we have any brains, we will respect Darwin and get rid of all of those programs.

Our society has made itself miserable by creating obligation to those who are failing. Let nature take her path. End the obligation, and focus on success and how to achieve it instead of on failure. The ghetto will never be happy with its policing, so abandon it to its own fate. Its citizens will determine whether it lives or dies. We are responsible to ourselves alone, and our only obligation is our own well-being.

My Lai II

Monday, April 13th, 2015


America recoiled in shock at the My Lai massacre. In a war where the enemy routinely tortured, mutilated and killed villagers in order to maintain control, and where American troops greeted smiling villagers to hand out food, medicine and agricultural help only to see those same smiling faces shooting back at them at night, My Lai was not an aberration.

It was an inevitability.

One side got all the advantages, protected by the useful idiot public image war fought on American televisions. American soldiers must have felt like they were on another planet when they read and saw news reports, none of which mentioned the tendency of eight-year-old girls to smile and laugh and then throw grenades concealed in their dolls. Nor did the media mention the routine atrocities that the Communists used to keep power.

Our journalists were iconoclasts, you see. They wanted to prove they were different. That means taking the side of the enemy because everyone else has taken the side of your own nation. The pathological hatred of origins that emanates from our media and the left is not designed as a positive goal, but a negative one, and a personal one. They want to appear different than the rest, which lets them play pretend that they are prophetic Christ-figures, not merely self-interested attention whores. They have something to conceal after all.

America has been preparing a My Lai with its treatment of police.

We must ignore the failure of diversity, manifested in crime rates and poverty levels that correspond to average IQs, ranking the third-world groups we have imported from African-Americans to Hispanics and South Asians to East and North Asians. None of these groups fully integrate and all of them act against the interest of America as a whole, but this is a failing of diversity itself, which requires that groups give up identity in exchange for acceptance by a non-culture of compromised, averaged culture.

We must ignore the failure of social order. In the 1940s, we decided on a relativistic social order so that we might preserve equality. We followed historical precedent; the French and Russians did the same thing. Relativism says that the individual interprets social standards according to what is convenient for him. If he falls short, we measure his relative success and excuse his failings. This basically means no social standards, thus no social order.

We also must ignore the fact that we have been ignoring the general decline of our nation. On every important topic, there is a War on Noticing that reality does not match the narrative. The jobs reports are fluffed, the assurances made to Congress are polished, and the nightly news is a cartoon fantasyland view of an America that no longer exists or never did. We float on a sea of lies, designed to hide the drain below which is the inevitability of our decline. On police the media re-lives a caricature of the 1960s civil rights movement.

The press, coincidentally, loves cops only when it needs one. In order to appear more appealing to its audience, the press cultivates a “fun” image. They love ironic humor, street “art,” marijuana, and people giving the finger to authority. See, they’re on your side! This means that most of the time the police are the party poopers who show up and stop all of us fun people from doing the brain-destroying or otherwise vandalistic things we do to amuse ourselves while waiting for our society to fully implode. But if there’s a rapist on the loose suddenly the news loves a cop.

As a result of the above forces, police are caught between public image and some nasty criminals. These are not the sensible bad guys from the 1930s who know when they are nabbed and merely curse the police. Our new criminals are flaming idiots: they go on 120 mph car cases, shoot back, attack cops, and otherwise become literally insane when the net closes in around them. Unlike past criminals, the new criminals seem to have no idea that they can be caught; they think life is GTA IV. They are dangerous because they are delusional and panicked.

But in the media, movies/television and the eyes of politicians, these new criminals are innocent victims of the system. Our relativism has us blame the rule when someone infringes, and our civil rights mad media has us see every minority as a victim. This puts cops in a situation where they bend over to the breaking point, as in My Lai. When they cannot fight the real enemy, they hold their fire until frustration overcomes them, and then the dark tunnel of “exterminate all of the brutes” rages into the fore.

VDARE covers this case as usual with lucidity:

There are actually two videotapes of the incident, which was remarkably protracted. One is the dashcam video from Officer Slager’s squad car. It shows that Walter Scott had no registration or insurance for the car he was driving, and that he couldn’t keep his lies straight, regarding its ownership. He said, alternately that he owned the vehicle, and that he was in the process of purchasing it. Scott was lying like a thief.

…Officer Slager apparently tried to use his Taser, but was unsuccessful.

In bystander Feidin Santana’s video, whose order CNN deliberately scrambled, Officer Slager and Walter Scott are seen wrestling on the ground. In the next scrambled installment, they are wrestling standing, with Scott pulling the Taser out of Officer Slager’s hand (the Taser falls to the ground), whereupon Scott takes off yet again, but this time, Officer Slager fires eight times, hitting Scott in the back five times, and the latter drops to the ground, lying on his belly. – “Here We Go Again: Walter Scott, Michael Slager And Another Post-American Lynch Mob,” by Nicholas Stix, VDARE, April 10, 2015

This narrative will not be reported. The media sees white on black violence and police violence and believes they add up to dollar signs. That is because media, which is steadily losing ground as an industry, has driven away anyone who has enough intelligence to distrust the narrative. Now they have a smaller captive audience of the creduluous, and those put their hands together anytime a familiar narrative shows up. It gives them a chance to demonstrate how intelligent, altruistic and savvy they are when they follow the narrative, not noticing — because they are the credulous — that everyone else but the intelligent are doing the same.

In the meantime, commentators on the left and right have started beating the “police brutality” trope:

Because cops like that animal in South Carolina – a product of police state New Jersey, by the way – are what the cowboy shows called “man killers.” They have acquired a “taste for blood” and they are, in a real sense, animal predators that have lost their natural fear of Man. There is no redeeming them and they will shoot a man, white or black, just the same. Don’t believe me? Why do you think I forward all these police brutality stories? To prove to you cops [can be] Equal Opportunity Killers without regard to race, class, national origin or especially Vietnam Status. – “On ‘Comply or Die’ Policing,” The Thinking Housewife, April 10, 2015

This narrative is like all things in modern society inverted.

We need police more than usual because we have no social order and no culture in common. Without standards, people do whatever they want, and the cops rein them in when they get too dangerous.

“Police brutality” means cops deliberately using excessive force. The term has been extended to apply to any police violence that the crowd does not like, which means they ignore any of it that does not fit the narrative and categorize many justifiable incidents as police brutality.

This puts the police in a paranoid position where they nonetheless must go out there and deal with the residual effects of our society’s poor choices. Frustration and anger inevitably build.

We’re setting up another My Lai, and no one will talk about it.

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