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NWO/XOG Loses Its Enforcement Arm

Another day, another set of dead police officers:

One East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office deputy and two Baton Rouge Police Department officers were killed during a Sunday morning shooting on Airline Highway near the Hammond Aire Plaza. Three other officers were wounded with one remaining it critical condition.

Authorities have confirmed that the first of three suspects is a Missouri man who was killed after the shooting. Two other suspects were taken into custody in West Baton Rouge Parish and are being questioned by Baton Rouge Police.

Authorities later identified the dead shooter as 29-year-old Gavin Long, of Kansas City, Missouri. Social media posts indicate that Long was an active member of an anti-government group called New Freedom Group. Details about the shooter are still emerging.

With these events, the New World Order/Xenophile Occupation Government is losing an important part of its control apparatus: the officers who enforce its insane laws. Not losing them in the sense of heavy losses, as there are plenty more, but it is making them unwilling to enforce and more likely to flake out.

This is similar to what Anders Breivik did in Norway: he raised the risks and costs of supporting the system. Previously, Norwegian kids could just go along with the herd and never face any risk. Now, going along with the plan makes you a target, so it is better to drop out than join the herd. This denies it the most competent potential members.

In the same way, these police killings while tragic and cruel are having one positive side-effect, which is that your average officer is considering not enforcing the law. Since the laws are crazy, and biased against sanity, this is a positive thing entirely.

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