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Affirmative Action Reveals Its High Costs in Somali Cop Shooting

I remember being in history class at school and thinking, “I wonder what it was like to experience the Fall of Rome, or the last days of Nazi Germany.” My only conclusion was that it must have felt terrible, mediated only by the confusion as to what was going on.

We live in those days now. Our institutions are failing like organs in a diseased body. Our leadership, like someone with a mental health problem, pursues non-solutions pathologically while systematically denying even the existence of actual problems. Our people are withdrawn, suspicious and retributive, if not following their leadership into insanity.

And no one will talk about civilization decline. They will talk about just about anything else, but when you mention it, people get nervous and play the “kill the messenger” game.

Today’s example of ongoing crumbling decay is the shooting of Justine Ruszczyk by a decorated Somali police officer:

Noor, 31, has offered his ‘condolences’ but demanded everyone respect his privacy after opening fire on the 40-year-old yoga instructor. He has hired an attorney.

…Noor, who joined the Minneapolis Police in March 2015, has reportedly had three complaints made against him in two years – including a lawsuit.

…He also holds a degree in administration and economics.

Human beings are a collection of characteristics. Some are inborn, some are acquired. Many are internal, such as moral character and degree of perceptiveness. But they are multiple.

Affirmative action, and the related need to virtue signal by displaying minority “pets” in any department, rewards only one trait: membership in a minority group. Because that is what it selects for, all other traits are ignored.

In their rush to get shining black faces on the streets, Minneapolis officials promoted a man with clear problems, just as his professors gave him the affirmative action grade inflation that allows them to defend their careers — and the feeding of their families — against the accusations of racism which seem to hit every white professor but few non-whites.

Now we see the results of this disaster. It will be resolved semi-amicably. The city will be sued, and will pay out Monopoly money for having by negligence destroyed a life, then get more free money from higher taxes to pay their insurance, which will have gone up in price. The officer will be retired with full pension. Five or ten million dollars, everyone is happy, especially the lawyers and politicians.

At the same time the real damage here, in addition to the loss of the life of this young woman, is the lack of faith people can have in their community. Would you bother to call the police after this to report a rape, as Justine Ruszczyk did? Heck, no. The affirmative action cops might shoot you and, while your family will get millions, you will still be dead. So let that rape happen in the alley behind your house.

Watch this spread like cancer through the population. People will avoid interaction with the police. The police will be reduced to policing ghettos and issuing speeding tickets, making them entirely parasitic. Everyone else is going to hire private security to prevent crimes before they happen, since they now have zero reason to have faith in this police department.

As always, the greatest damage is to civilization, which always occurs when people are allowed to be individualistic — “me first,” like the “Me Generation” — instead of thinking with a tribal or transcendental mentality. Affirmative action is just one facet of this colossus of failure.

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