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Before Slutwalk

From the San Francisco Chronicle, October 19, 1978 as quoted in Sudden Terror by Larry Crompton:

The East Bay City’s Police Chief Chambers acknowledged yester-day that, unintentionally, he himself might have caused “frayed tempers” among “some would-be vigilantes” and “feminists.”

The angry reaction followed a talk by the police chief when he warned against women wearing “provocative clothing” and residents “arming themselves.”

“All I said was that women were better off not wearing short shorts or bikinis when washing their cars in the front yard…”

Some women, including members of the Mt. Diablo Rape Crisis Center, were angered by what they called the chief’s “sexist remarks” and his “blame of women” for supposedly inviting the attacks… (45)

The pattern repeats over and over again: when predators are afoot, do not look like prey. This offends the egalitarians, who want to look like prey or act like predators when they feel like it, and face no consequences for doing so.

Not surprisingly, when they get attacked, they blame the police for not protecting them.

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