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American Police De-Mask Antifa As A Means Of Preserving Social Order

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Police in Berkeley, California came to an amazing conclusion: since police in Auburn, AL avoided political violence by simply unmasking Antifa, if police in Berkeley did not do the same, they could well be liable in lawsuits for negligence. So the cops ordered the masks off, and the violence dropped way down:

Leftists always use anonymity to bully individuals, where Rightists tend to use it to get the word out about things that would otherwise be censored. As a result, “empowering” protestors by allowing them to wear masks and bring bike locks to protests results in violence, which inverts its purpose in protecting free speech into destruction of free speech through Leftist violence.

Is Antifa Receiving Funding From Organized Crime?

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Over in the free speech Antifa discussion group, one user spotted something dubious in Antifa finances:

Look through the donations. Some of these users forgot to use tumblers and have large-capital streams coming through that look like money laundering.

This fits with what we know of Antifa: people are being paid fairly generous sums of money to attend Right-wing events and basically created mayhem, which is referred to with a wink and a nod as “protesting.”

In the meantime, those who would benefit from a strong Leftist and therefore corrupt state — unions, the Left, organized crime, multinational corporations, corrupt billionaires — have reason to funnel their extra income to or through Antifa as a means of achieving total control.

Richard Spencer Defeats The Establishment And Antifa In One Blow

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Richard Spencer spoke at Auburn University and advanced the Alt Right cause by pushing back the Left, and in doing so, causing the university and its police to become accountable, at which point they acted in self-interest by disabling Antifa by removing their masks.

This was a complete victory for the Right.

First, Spencer and his supporters cucked the university by forcing it to let him speak, which in turn compelled the university to act against instead of with the Communist protest groups, including antifa, “anarchists” and other thinly-disguised Reds:

Reiterating his key talking points, Spencer denounced diversity as “a way of bringing to an end a nation and a culture” defined by white people.

“There would be no history without us,” he said, prompting shouts from the crowd. “The alt-right is really about putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.”

…Spencer, 38, director of the white nationalist think tank National Policy Institute, has been a target for his radical beliefs. He has advocated a “peaceful ethnic cleansing,” where people who are not of European descent voluntarily leave the United States.

Bonus points if he upgrades that to “people who are not of Western European descent voluntarily leave the United States,” presumably as the welfare state and racial subsidy programs like Affirmative Action, Civil Rights and HUD are cut.

Here’s his speech:

The importance of this event, in addition to the content of his speech, is that he forced back the usual way of doing things, which is for the Establishment to favor its Leftists pets, the antifa who scare normal people into cucking and supporting whatever Leftism, Inc. is banging the tin drum for during that fiscal quarter.

For example, contrast what happened in Berkeley with what happened in Auburn:

According to Southern, the Berkeley police disarmed the free speech marchers while allowing the black-clad Antifa domestic terrorists to use M-80 explosives, pepper spray and teargas. As soon as Antifa became violent, the Berkeley police stood down and retreated away from the melee, leaving the free speech marchers dangerously exposed.

Part of the reason for this was that Berkeley police were not actually involved in the demonstration. For them, it was another public event, so the right thing to do was to obey union rules and retreat whenever it sounded like an officer might be in danger.

In Auburn, instead, Spencer forced the establishment to take responsibility for its actions. This created an incentive for the university to desire order, since it could not simply externalize chaos onto society at large, and so officers did the sanest thing ever, which was to remove Antifa masks and so make them behave because they were no longer anonymous:

This was necessary because the school had canceled the event because of threats of violence, and once forced by a federal court order to allow the event, they realized that if they did not denature Antifa, they would have violent riots just like in Berkeley. Police adapted:

A supporter of Spencer, a white nationalist leader who is planning a rally at Auburn on Tuesday, filed a motion in court Tuesday seeking an injunction to force the University to allow him to speak. The court on Tuesday granted that motion, attorneys for the plaintiff and the University told The Plainsman.

The motion was filed in U.S. Federal District Court in Montgomery by Cameron Padgett — a Spencer supporter who said he booked Foy Hall for Spencer’s speech — and his attorney.

…”This afternoon, a federal judge ruled that Auburn must allow Spencer to speak in the Foy Auditorium tonight,” they said in their letter. “It is now more important than ever that we respond in a way that is peaceful, respectful, and maintains civil discourse. We are aware that various campus groups have planned events for this evening. Please know that additional security measures are being taken by the Auburn Police Division to uphold the safety of our community.”

Had police demanded this as a matter of course, they might have been accused of discrimination against the Left. But now that the issue had been raised, and then made secondary to a Constitutional need to allow the event to go on, police had to ensure the safety of the event, which required disarming Antifa.

This shows a pattern for us on the Right. Instead of taking on the responsibility for preventing violence, we need to externalize it to the community, and with them finding their backs to the wall, they will respond by unmasking Antifa and Black Bloc types, which has been seen to prevent the violence.

Violence in Berkeley, California, for example broke out because police allowed a large group of black-clad, masked people to gather with primitive weapons in public, and then retreated when firecrackers were thrown. This ensured violence.

On the other extreme, the police in Auburn showed how easy it is to prevent this violence. Mobs act as they do because individuals are anonymous in them, and are empowered by the mob to act out their own pathologies, knowing that the mob will defend them. Remove anonymity and the violence decreases.

In the meantime, America’s public universities and cities now have an Alt Right problem: there is law on the record that says that speeches cannot be canceled simply because of the threat of violence, and we now know of a working method for ensuring the violence does not break out.

For those reasons, public venues no longer have a case for blocking the Alt Right. As America spirals downward into disorder and hatred, these events will become more contentious, but now we have a model for making them work, which defeats Antifa in their aim of “no platforming” the Alt Right.

Battle For America

Monday, April 17th, 2017

The Alt Right and Antifa clashed in Berkeley and the nation lost its mind. Why? They realized that we have not won the Cold War after all, and that we are still in a struggle against Communism. The more informed ones in turn figured out that this means we are still fighting WWII, the Civil War, and the French Revolution all at once.

Leftism is a mental virus. It creates a mental disorder, known as pathological altruism or fanatical extremist egalitarianism, that turns people into zombies. Once they go zombie, they never go back to being the healthy, world-alert and outward-looking people we knew. Instead, they become fixated on an inner world where all that matters is their control, dominion and power through ideology.

Once someone has gone zombie, your solutions are few. Some bounce back, usually those who never took it seriously in the first place. Those who have given themselves over to it, however, cannot come back without extensive work and generally remain stranded within it because they tend to rationalize their failures and explain them instead as successes.

With this in mind, we realize that there can be no reconciliation. There can be no bipartisanship. We cannot achieve a society where both Right-wing and Left-wing people are happy, and we must separate. The Battle of Berkeley, which is the first skirmish of the Battle for America, showed us that. We are incompatible. And we need to separate.

All American struggles fit this pattern. When America was a collection of colonies, the Left-leaning ones were the holdouts who prevented national unity, because to them, all things including the nation were a means to the end of liberal ideology. When our Civil War took place, it was more a contest for the future direction of the nation than a concern about slavery.

During the World Wars, and, come to think of it, Vietnam and Iraq, we induced ourselves to fight for democracy but in a “conservative” view that included empire and strong defense. As time went on, we realized that these were justifications and not reality. Leftism infects every object and makes each a tool for advancing Leftism, and nothing else.

When we see black-clad Communists running down our streets, the cops retreating, and normal healthy-looking white kids fighting back, we realize that our country has been taken over by Leftism and that we need to not only reclaim it, but rip out whatever made it go down this path in the first place. We realize that “America” as we knew it is now over, and we are in uncertain times.

With uncertainty however comes the hope of change. We had no hope for anything but more Leftism for the past seventy years. Now as Leftism and liberal democracy fail worldwide, we have a chance for something else. This is why the Battle of Berkeley is not just about Berkeley, or America. It is a collapsed Western Civilization fighting to rediscover its soul.

Antifa Attacks Peaceful Alt Right Protest, New York Times Trots Out N-Word

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

The lügenpresse strikes again. A small group of Alt Right Trump supporters went to a museum for a field trip, not knowing they were infiltrated by an Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Communist who organized a group to attack them. The Leftists attacked, and the Leftist police reported that the Trump group attacked.

Here is the lügenstory from the doyenne of the Left, The New York Times, hammering hard on the inverted narrative:

But officials at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, that city’s grand encyclopedic museum, probably didn’t bargain on a version of democracy as messy as the one they got on Saturday, when a Trump-related protest turned violent and made its way into the galleries, with fists and feet flying near artworks.

The confrontation began when a large group of organized protesters, holding banners identifying themselves as the Industrial Workers of the World, held a rally in front of the museum, apparently to condemn the Trump administration’s plans for more aggressive immigration enforcement and deportations.

Kaywin Feldman, the museum’s director, said security camera footage showed two or three men apparently engaging in an argument with the protesters. When the men went into the museum, anti-Trump protesters followed them inside.

The Leftist press needs to signal to you what you should think. They use strong symbols to this end, in this case the “N-word,” or the ubiquitous and generic accusation of “Nazi,” to tag the field trip as some kind of foray into political violence:

Two witnesses told The Star Tribune of Minneapolis that they had heard the men who agitated the anti-Trump protesters yelling neo-Nazi provocations, and that one of the men was wearing a neo-Nazi or white-nationalist symbol on his jacket. Attempts to reach the witnesses by phone and social media on Monday were unsuccessful.

Translation: two people there, who may have been affiliated with the IWW group, issued their lies and then disappeared. Were attempts made to reach them? Possibly by looking up the fake names they gave, calling someone with that name, and then giving up because the lies support The Narrative that the Left is trying to enforce.

Here is the statement from the Minneapolis Alt Right group:

Our Minneapolis-based group is organized through a private server on an online chat app. Due to a lapse in security and our naivete, a member of the IWW managed to get on our server by pretending to be a Trump supporter. This member learned of our plans to meet at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and alerted the IWW.

We were there only to meet a few new faces and enjoy the Minneapolis Institute of Art’s collection of traditional art. However, when we got there, the IWW protesters were waiting. We had no idea that it had anything to do with us until two of our members were attacked upstairs, simply for how they looked. One was brought to the ground and kicked in the face until security intervened. The assaulters left the area and ran down the stairs where they met another Trump supporter who they violently attacked and maced.

One of the assaulters was handcuffed by the police after he was found carrying an illegal knife. The Minneapolis Police Department made no arrests over this affair…

Now we have two completely different versions of what happened: in one, Trump supporters attacked a Communist demonstration; in another, a field trip by Trumpites was deliberately attacked by Communists who used the cover of a protest and false accusations of Nazism in order to justify their actions.

Which is true? One thing is for sure: you will never know which by reading the lügenpresse.

Update: I received the following email from Randy Kennedy, the author of the piece:

Hi Brett – 

My source was the museum director. I wasn’t able to reach any participants or witnesses yesterday. But last night I was contacted by one of the men who was attacked and we’re going to update the piece today, as soon as I’m able.

As of 5:39 PM today, the article was updated — among other changes, it includes:

“We don’t have an indication of who they were,” she said. “But it was obvious that the I.W.W. fellows were going through the galleries looking for them, for their opponents.”

This confirms Typical Leftist Behavior (TLB) of accusing others of what they are doing. Namely, if a Leftist says you are rioting and looking for a fight, it is what they are doing.

Revealing The Left: How Richard Spencer Won Fistgate

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

Donald Trump was inaugurated, and the lügenpresse alternated between claiming that the turnout was low and talking about how exciting the rioting was. But in reality, the Left revealed itself, and what the world saw has reflected poorly on the Left.

For starters, the Left managed to achieve nothing but vandalism and assault. This alone makes them look bad in the same way that they are criminal, namely that they relieved at least one Trump supporter of his wallet and phone at the Deploraball. But even more, it makes them look incompetent. America would have been impressed by revolutionary violence. Instead we got ineffectual revolutionary vandalism.

The burnt trash cans will be replaced. The smashed windows will be fixed. The destroyed limo will be reimbursed by insurance. Life goes on, and yet, something has been established: in the face of what they claim is the second coming of Adolf Hitler, the Left did nothing more than have a giant tantrum that left a mess for someone else.

And then there is Fistgate, which happened when an Antifa protester sucker-punched Richard Spencer while Spencer was busy giving an interview. How brave, to attack someone so stealthily when they were otherwise engaged. And yet, Spencer won this one, not only by looking like a purposeful person in a room full of juveniles, but also because the Antifa guy got outed:

First they got a picture of him. Then some brave souls — glorious internet malcontents — went out and found more on this guy. It turns out that he is a literal cuck who is into degrading excretory sex. Click here for the backstory on this guy [NSFW/L].

Now, normally this would mean little. Most of us have no interest in such things, so leave them to the practitioners in silence. But here we are not talking about “what happens in your bedroom is none of my business.” We see a guy who is telling us what we can and cannot think, and by doing that, he is claiming to have his act together enough to tell the difference. And then, we see the ruins of his life and realize: we should not be taking advice from this guy about how to think. We should be arresting him for violence because he is essentially nothing more than a petty criminal.

Richard Spencer came away victorious from that confrontation. In the mind of this antifa assailant, he would be praised for taking out a vicious enemy. The rest of Amerika — newly attentive because it has awakened from the dream of a Leftist-consumerist new world order — saw a man talking get assaulted by some random guy who it turns out embraces practices that most people in America view as a sign of mental illness.

In the same way, everyone witnessing the Trump coronation inauguration saw badly behaved, spoiled children looting the businesses of ordinary people because they were having an emotional tantrum, or an excuse to take a selfie and post it to social media for the attention points they apparently value more than mental stability and personal responsibility.

Perhaps Americans would have been more impressed if anarchist/antifa types charged the mall with machine guns and grenades, occupying territory like a real rebel army. But instead, we saw the true face of the people who have been bullying us for years. These are not responsible, wise and visionary people. They are angry teenagers with no plan except to legitimize degeneracy, and we are done with them.