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When The Compromise And Negotiation Stages Pass Silently

Civilization destroys itself with the assumption that we are all in this together; that sentiment pleases the most people, since it means that they need to do nothing to prove themselves valuable in order to partake of the benefits of civilization.

If the aristocrats made an error, it was in perpetuating this illusion by including the less-useful people in a caste system which kept them at the bottom, but sadly, kept them, instead of exiling them all to Mexico or Russia.

Now we have them all here, and since the middle classes wanted the kings gone, we got government by mob rule, which naturally prioritizes the most numerous group, the proles. For decades and centuries we have compromised with them, appeased them, and attempted to coexist with them.

Those days have ended, silently and without fanfare.

Sometime over the course of the Obama presidence, COVID-19, the fake impeachment, and the ongoing diversity riots, the functional people of the West completed their detachment from “equality.” We no longer believe in it, democracy, socialism, or any of its other many programs.

This means that we are no long compromising with the herd. Not only have people rejected diversity in their hearts, but we have rejected coexistence and subsidy of the masses of nearly-useless humanity. Now we stand up for ourselves.

When the rioters come to your town, you will notice that the Cucky White Suburbanite has gone extinct, and has been replaced by the functional person who takes care of business. These people will not call the police, nor will they talk about what happens. They will simply clean out the parasites.

While we had a civil war in the past, and the herd won, we are now fighting a eugenic civil war. The functional people want to remove the dysfunctional, and we know that law and order has been suspended, so if these people threaten us, we are going to shoot them and hide the bodies.

Where to hide the bodies?

If you accidentally shoot a bunch of Communists rioting in your local neighborhood and threatening your future, don’t call the police; do make a pact with your neighbors never to talk about it again. Then, think corpse disposal:

  • Abandoned buildings make great Communist corpse storage
  • Forgotten outhouses, ponds, mine shafts, swamps and filled-in swimming pools
  • Pigs eat everything but the belt buckles
  • Put ten of them in a car and shove it in the river
  • Drop off a few dozen at a crackhouse and then set it on fire
  • Stick them in a compost heap from a neighboring Lefty farmer
  • Abandon them in a national forest with fresh hamburger meat to attract scavengers
  • Dig up an old grave and bury a half-dozen in it
  • Leave them in the forest on coastal areas so hurricanes will be blamed
  • Find serial killer dumping grounds like the I-45 corridor
  • An intense wood fire will reduce them to ash and bones in four hours

You have two choices when rioters show up: you can call the police so they ignore the problem lest someone inconvenience a minority person or Leftist and have his career destroyed, then grudgingly make arrests which will be bungled or dropped by Leftist district attorneys.

Or you can be practical, and treat the problem like you would chiggers, fleas, mosquitoes, rats, leeches, COVID-19, or other vampiric parasites: kill the attacking organism and smite its remains so that no one asks difficult questions.

We are going to be finding dusty skeletons for the next century at the rate we are going. Anecdotally, a good number of the heroin addicted, jobless, and diseased protesters have stopped showing up to protests and no one can contact them.

My guess is that they walked into the wrong subdivision, got lit up like Christmas, and then the responsible neighbors hauled the bodies off to where they will not be found in time to retrieve forensic evidence.

In fifty years, America will either be another incompetent third world tyranny nation ruled by bunglers, or we will have removed the Leftist problem altogether, and in both cases, no one is going to care about heaps of dead Antifa, BLM, ActBlue, and Organizing for Action droids.

Just remember to remove the SIM cards from their phones before you hide the carcasses. Leaving a GPS trail would make it too easy. If things get bad enough, maybe you can find a friend with an empty field to use as a municipal Leftist corpse dump.

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