Collapse: Modern Sexuality

The democratization of sex — making it available to all on an individualistic basis, or demand-based economy — has led to unexpected consequences, namely that making something universal makes it worthless, and now people are pulling away. Notice the demystification of sexuality caused by sexual liberation:

The debate was ignited on Mumsnet after one poster revealed how she disagrees with the assumption that everyone wants sex, and she was by no means the only one.

Even those who have previously enjoyed an active and even satisfying sex life agreed that they were perfectly happy never to be intimate with a partner again.

She and others pointed out that believing everyone should want sex is akin to thinking everyone must like cake or cats, and there’s something wrong with anyone who doesn’t.

Now that sex is everywhere, it has low value, sort of like running water. We are learning that sexual liberation means sexual conformity, and because the herd is all doing the same thing, value flees to those who are outsiders and doing something else, like tying sex to family and existential purpose, which makes it more valuable where “liberation” makes it less valuable.

Like all things Leftist, sexual democratization renders worthless something one prized by destroying the best examples of it so that the other examples can feel “equal.” In other words, no one gets what is beautiful; beauty is destroyed so that the average can rule. This is what the fearful and tyrannical human ego does to any segment of experience.

For example, Americans are having less sex because sex is sort of like running water or wi-fi now, i.e. everywhere and without much significance, which cries out for it to be bonded to something larger and more transcendental than what modernity has reduced to a bodily function:

American adults are having less sex than they did a quarter century ago, with married people showing the most dramatic decline of all.

The paper, published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, showed a drop across gender, race, region, education level, and work status. One factor is the higher percentage now of unpartnered people, who tend to have less sex than partnered ones. But a major driver is a steady fall in the rate of sexual activity for people who are married or living with partners, which reduces what had been known as the “marriage advantage.”

…At the same time, Americans overall became less coupled. In 1986, 66 percent of American adults were living with a partner; by 2014 only 59 percent were, according to GSS data. People who are not in couples, including those who have been married in the past, tend to have sex half as frequently as people who are, the study said.

In other words, sex has become a bargaining chip. People trade it for acceptance in a relationship, and once they are in one, there is no need for a further transaction. The liberation of sex has made everyone into slow-motion prostitutes. And as a result, sex has become a chore like any other job, something done in exchange for money or power and therefore, something undesirable.

This is the nature of all things under egalitarianism. Because society is re-oriented toward a minimum, everything which is not mediocre becomes a commodity, and as the herd chases after it, its value falls as it becomes democratized or spread around. In the end, nothing is worth anything, but each prole can claim they are a king… albeit in an entropic wasteland where nothing has value.

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9 Responses to “Collapse: Modern Sexuality”

  1. Pavol Horvath says:

    Tell us something we don’t know…

    Modern society is rotting. It’s broken. It reached its peak (in evolution) and going down hill: “the age of decadence”, going down the drain, call it what you want.
    There are two groups:the ones that know (and visit this blog to read about it) an the ones that don’t care, don’t know about it and don’t want to know about it.
    The first group is small and only writes/reads and complains about this process. There is no REAL change, or even attempt. The other group cannot comprehend, don’t understand and most importantly dont give a f*ck about it. Simply as they are humans and are not capable of anything else, or even more. They reached their evolution process: to consume; modern human existence. Worthless, useless, empty and stupid.

    So what are going to do about it???
    Without depopulation (which is not in the power or ability of any of us) we can and will do nothing, I repeat nothing, nothings going to change…


    “A stylized version of our IKEA present. It is talking about very simple concepts. We’re designed to be hunters and we’re in a society of shopping. There’s nothing to kill anymore, there’s nothing to fight, nothing to overcome, nothing to explore. In that societal emasculation this everyman is created.”
    David Fincher

    • We have to express the fact that the West is dead and the post-West has hit rock bottom, so now it is time to choose leaders and rebuild, including exiling the incompatible (Other and our own Brokens).

  2. Anon says:

    I think you’re over analyzing. People are just tired. And they’re looped into the video screen aka mass-opium. And they are joyless. It’s pretty simple.

  3. Stephanie says:

    The sad reckoning may be on the way. Zika babies seems to be an apt warning and outcome. Sins of the father. Degeneration. Visited upon the innocent.

    When kids are seeking to be a different gender, and are encouraged to do so by the ‘adults’ and the ‘experts’, and then anyone who proclaims that an anus is not a vagina and is persecuted for saying so, well, some very bad things are in store for humanity. This should be obvious.

    Its going to get worse, much worse, and humanity may not survive. So much for Mars.

  4. Matt says:

    I disagree. Sex is now much less available to men who are not in the upper 25%. Two generations ago, assortative mating was the norm. Today, all women want George Clooney of someone very close to his status. So even the least attractive woman is always trying to trade up, leaving the average or below average man alone and involuntarily celibate.

  5. Dr. Evil says:

    I agree with this article. One thing Americans have lost sight of is that sex is really an art. A second thing we have lost sight of is that it is healthy exercise. That’s because Americans get too hung up on sex and make too big a deal of sex. Instead of having sex we wind up to our ears in cinematic and TV sex innuendos , but very little in the way of depictions of passionate sex or love making to aspire to.

  6. Dr. Evil says:

    That Paglia lady had good points last week about Larry Flint having in the past represented the working man, while Hugh represented the Bohemian.

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