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An Ecology of Star Systems

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

The need for space, a buffer and medium between things is a truly universal phenomenon. In this article the cosmos is illustrated in parallel toward groups of individuals who are closely related genetically.

There are many names to describe this organic grouping of individuals. The most controversial is race, and I can show that this shares the same dimensions as the macrocosm of space. In this article, race is here understood to be a microcosm of a higher pattern in nature and yet a macrocosm of individuals. Whether you associate with your peers via race, ethnicity, tribe, buddies whatever. Try and understand this.

So our planet, beautiful as it is, is only this way because it keeps to itself – it has a gravity yet it has its limits, everything has a gravity and things gravitate toward it if they share a close proximity — but what if it somehow defied the natural gravity, creating a super gravity on steroids that simply allowed all matter to come ‘in’ as it pleased?

One thing would fall almost immediately, and that is the life that resides on its surface — asteroids then begin to bizarrely sinkhole into the Earth, impacting and devastating the terrestrial life, reducing the biomass into nothing and then melting the crust into molten rock — if that was bad enough, further still the planetary collisions would rip the Earth into tiny pieces killing all multicellular organisms for good, billions of years of struggle — for what?

Soon enough in our fictional example, Jupiter would invite itself and engulf the Earth and swallow it whole, then Jupiter sucks in Saturn and every other mass in the solar system thanks to this warped, unnatural and disharmonic gravity. The Sun then is absorbed, then the stellar neighbourhood, then the galaxy — you get the picture.

This of course could never happen in reality? We have a brilliant non-existent thing called space, just like our evil discriminatory non-existent thing called race. It’s made of a little mass, and a lot of distance (be it light-years, or in our individual lives, how distant our genes are). This open space allows us to exist isolated so that our planet may be independent and raise its life free from the devastating, bone cracking gravity of the giants.

Space allows us to exist isolated away from things which ultimately destroy the life on our Earth, we don’t have to worry about blackholes swallowing up our planet, nor intense gamma rays sterilising and peeling off our atmosphere, vaporising our flesh from supernova. We are distant and cold to these extremes.

In space, Earth is a microcosm of the cosmos at large, everything it is made of is thanks to the ancestral stars whose death composed the very rock beneath our feet. If it wasn’t for our ancestors, both stars and people, we wouldn’t be where we stand today — because the conditions for our existence would not be here.

Our planet is one of many in our star system, yet many other star systems each have their own planets — there are billions, each supports its own conditions, some more favourable to life than others. It allows there to be billions, therefore more chances of success.

Through this great expanse of space, many planets, many worlds, may co-exist with their own shining light. Yet it is our very own star, our Sun that provides our world with the light it needs to survive.

Our Sun is warm, the other Sun’s are cold. Meditate on this contrast of dimensions, see the parallel, the cosmic pattern that is living throughout ecology.

Each point is a microcosm, each part of a much larger ecology in the galaxy. Each race, ethnicity is a microcosm, each part of a much larger human ecology, these part of a much larger terrestrial ecology of species on our Earth.

We should know better than to deny the prior conditions toward our existence, and know what we are doing with them, to find a common centre between the global and the local, to revolve around and receive the warmth. A stable homeland able to appreciate the magnificence of our neighbours — in their own space, from our own space.


Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

In stable countries, eugenics is the tool which can be used to change the general traits and abilities of the general population. It does this by selecting desirable individuals to become a majority rather than a minority.

It’s a fact that some people will always be better than others, in varying qualities, and if we are sane, we will remove the criminally stupid and replace them with higher quality individuals who we can trust not to wreck the biosphere with overpopulation and wasting of natural resources on mundane consumerism.

It’s evident there is a shortage of intelligent people in any country we observe, and an abundance of dim witted people who look human enough to be intelligent, but are nothing of the sort. If this was spoken to a population now, it would be suicide because it is simply not popular to tell stupid people they are stupid and must reduce their breeding, they would riot, smash and stampede.

So instead of declaring out-right genocide against the stupid, in stable regions that need to evolve, they can zone off areas for higher quality people who contribute toward civilization and leave the lesser to fend for themselves, to which they would only form a mob of starving, stupid peasants – after all, they have the “human right” to eat, drink and be merry, and they’ll kill to prove it, so why shouldn’t God just give it to them?

It’s cheaper to kill the huge distances between worthwhile people rather than the majority of people themselves, instead zoning them into their own territories, trying to keep out of reach, allowing naturalized selection to do all the work (post peak-oil, convergence of catastrophes, civil war, AIDS, etc). The zoned area would attain total self sufficiency, a seed for a better future.

Then it’s only a matter of helping nature by chipping off their numbers, piece by piece, carefully expanding the zone of the higher quality to enclose the whole country. Nature repeats this pattern, so should we.

Toward the next epoch of civilization.

Once a population of higher quality is concentrated, they could then begin to advance toward the next epoch of civilization itself. This involves a migration toward an extreme environment leaving the rotten population behind to die of its own incompetence, especially if it is too big to simply replace at the time.

There are new varieties of civilization possible, because civilization so far has been focused on soil based agriculture as the main support for it. This can be changed in the future with the use of Closed Environment Agriculture and Closed Environmental Life Support Systems. What’s more, is whatever is achieved with these will help space settlement needs and can be developed thoroughly before even leaving the planet, both allowing more compacted, higher civilizations.

These greater civilizations can be created in ‘transnatural niches’ for an advanced population – these are new settlements deep underground, in the oceans – on the bedrock and in floating cities, leaving flat land (for wilderness) in preference of mountainous land where biodiversity is generally lower and finally to thrive in ice deserts like Antarctica and Greenland, Svalbard, even the Sahara as an interesting contrast.

This benefits us in a number of ways:

  • It prototypes technology which can be vital for colonizing the entire solar system and beyond.
  • It provides many safe zones in the event of mass extinction or death of the biosphere.
  • It frees up territory which is rich in biodiversity for wildlife to exist undisturbed, reducing our weight onto the biosphere.
  • It uses our creative abilities to exploit regions that have little biodiversity and are difficult for life to survive in.
  • Your tribe/ race will gain the higher ground dimensionally and will have a survival advantage over those who are still dependent on standard agriculture.
  • There is more depth than surface area of land and so nations gain another dimension toward their borders, there is also more to the surface area of our planet than simply land. The “land carrying capacity” is just that, limited to the available soil of the land for standard agriculture.

The Ecology of Race, by Robert Martin ©

Thursday, February 10th, 2011


During an Executive Council meeting of the Renaissance Vanguard International last summer, in the course of conversation was floated the notion of “the ecology of race.” Intuitively all Council members knew we were onto something. Our preliminary intellectual probes were simply that.

A search on the Internet revealed a surprising dearth of material on “the ecology of race.” What small handful of papers did exist, certainly were not coming at the notion from an Ethno Nationalist nor an ecological perspective.

For several months the idea sat until it dawned on me that there was probably one English member of the Renaissance Vanguard International, based on his past work, who could kick-start this idea and make it work. Robert Martin was approached with a request to philosophically and conceptually open the door into an intellectual room of which the extent, parameters and content were unknowns.

With the essay that Robert has prepared, he has performed admirably and opened up intellectual terrain that is, for the most part, uncharted. The door is now open. The idea is as exciting as was originally anticipated last summer.

This essay further establishes the RVI’s intent to sit on the cutting edge of Ethno Nationalist and ecological politics. Where Occidental youth may be wanting on the development of a nationalist consciousness, we know for a fact that a sincere concern for the ecological health of the planet is a given. It is also a given that this concern of Occidental youth is being grossly mismanaged and misdirected politically by the now Globalist co-opted Green movement.

Our opportunity to construct a bridge beckons.

Robert’s essay, “The Ecology of Race” nudges one step further the timely legitimacy of the slogan: Green and White Unite!

Sebastian Ernst Ronin, Chairman, Renaissance Vanguard International

(This essay first appeared in Civil Liberty for a European audience.)

The Ecology of Race

The Ecology of Race is a new principle proposed by the Renaissance Vanguard International to help us understand the reality that race plays in nature, and rather than appeal to emotional justifications, we propose a reverent philosophical system of thought for the realistic benefit of all races in their respective Ethno Nationalist state. Such organisations working in parallel can act ecologically, thus enhancing our collective existence as an ecosystem of races spread across the planet.

Firstly we take a brief overview of the mechanics behind the principle “Ecology of Race”. This principle can be split into two things, the ecology and race. The ecology firstly means house or housing of biology, it is supporting biodiversity which in turn supports the ecosystem.

Now of race: we see it is part of the biodiversity of the ecosystem that is shaping it and is shaped by it.

Making things more complicated, ecology can look at two properties:

  1. The contracted dimensions of the microcosm – these can be the atoms, chemicals and proteins of biology.
  2. The expanded dimensions of the macrocosm – these for example can be the gravity, oceans, land, atmosphere of the planetary geology.

Together the planetary geology and biology create an ecology, which are co–dependent and we find that they are mutually beneficial. Between them we can study an ecosystem in depth, how it all works together and the combination of many smaller things create a pattern of large things. For instance many atoms bond to form compounds in the smaller microcosm, yet also they settle together to form the solid surface of a planet.

The microcosm is smaller and more abundant than the macrocosm. A macrocosm is necessarily expanded, engulfing and containing many alternate microcosms. So when we think “Ecology of Race” we are looking for the small things which constitute and sustain the existence and future of a race; the individuals, society, the ideas of their cultures, their genes, their dreams — these provide the undercurrent and subconscious of a collective entity known as a race, just as the undercurrent of magma beneath the Earth’s crust keeps the surface young and habitable with nutrients for life.

The stuff of life – the sub-microscopic world of DNA

The Ecologic Origins of Race

The origin of race isn’t a difficult question. The very same question is similar to that of species, except races of a species have some distant similarities but not distant enough that they cannot interbreed. Race is then an ecological fission of a larger species into smaller groups of individual organisms, bio-synchronised to their geographic territory of evolutionary origin; Europeans from Europe, Africans from Africa, Asians from Asia, etc. Race here is a pathway to becoming an independent species within a unique microcosm of the overall biosphere.

In this planetary biosphere all things influence each other in some shape or form. However, as we descend into a microcosm (a continent) of this biosphere we find variable differences that filter biology forcing them to adapt as a prerequisite for survival. At this level the influence of distant microcosms becomes more obscure, whereas the shared planet guarantees a range of light on the surface, the use of air to breathe, the use of water and other external factors. It is through these elements, that they hold similarities that conjoin all these separate ecologies to create a bigger, more complex one with a wealth of biodiversity.

Different ecologies receive variable abundances of energy (see the contrast between deserts and the polar ice caps, between the tropical rain forests and temperate forests — how the wildlife and people have adapted). In these environments, life undergoes a specialization, they are isolated environments to all but the migrational animals. The life that remains in isolation undergoes a strict natural selection and the variables are very specific to that ecology. What affect this has on life that exists in these parts is that they gradually become geographically and biologically synchronised, they are one with their environment and have roots.

All unique ecosystems have specialized life forms

It is when we introduce civilisation, an evolutionary trip wire, that many new threats arise along with the benefit of technology for spreading life further beyond the limitations of standard Darwinism. It is here in the artificial structures that races may evolve and create themselves physically and mentally how they wish with even greater precision — If a race wishes for technology, it will reward those who are competent with technology with land, money and social value as if to lead by example. It is inegalitarian for it selects a desired value in an individual that the race would like the harness for their collective benefit. The resources allow them to sustain more offspring and from this the gene that generates technology becomes common over a steady period of time, making it an racial asset, if that is desired.

The Death of Race

In contrast to the origin, we can achieve the demise of our race (and consequently our civilisation) by being placid and ignorant, refusing out of fear to create ourselves a destiny. Instead allowing another infamous “Glorious Proletariat Revolution” to promise unnatural levels of disorganisation and levels of consumption. Another lie to further burn out the soul, the order and health of a race and the planet’s finite resources. If we want to kill our race and every other species with it, we can use these advancements made by our forefathers as highly precise evolutionary tools to merit the stupid, dysfunctional and most irresponsible individuals to poison the notion of quality and turn everthing into blight, creating poverty, famine and mob rule who demand flashy trinkets and endless entertainments.

A major fault in our civilisation is the immoral value of humanism. Many like to insist the equality of all people as ‘the human race’ because it’s cool and nobody gets offended. This humanism enshrined in the West, is beyond a doubt, superior to all other living organisms; to all animals, the birds, the fish, the forests and insects that exist together in the ecosystem.

Humanism is an unscientific grouping where we find that, what it means to be human, is simply that animals can speak some symbolic language, look like something that can function brainlessly at a job and can lie compulsively about reality. We find that these members of the human race on the majority are not effective in sustaining the standards of traditional living in a European civilisation, in fact if you are part of the human race you are between every race and lack any identity or loyalty to your kin. These humanists, ‘the citizens of the world’ are a band of incompetent traitors living in the corpse of a rotten society, like spineless maggots whose destiny is to fly around and buzz about unnatural entitlements. The human race then, is for those who are spineless enough to destroy their European blood, or their African blood, or their Asian blood, attempting to mix insolubles that only ever seperate through time.

There are some traits that are inherent in A race and not in ALL races. Those compulsive liars who oppose ’discrimination’ are cowardly attacking first-world levels of organisation which they attempt to worm their way into like insects. Those who deny or simply are too stupid to understand the need for organisation – for selfish survival, giving into social pressure, whatever — they are irrelevant because they hate nature and any understanding of the biosphere.

We shall now use an analogy of tame species, this shows that when people venture into uninhabited lands, the species there appear tame and show their curiosity unafraid to these strangers. When people venture into lands near settlements we find the species there are naturally terrified and either courageously attack the (known) strangers or flee as if from mortal danger. The reason being because there is only a limited supply of resources and the species (or race) that occupies the territory must necessarily begin competing with them if resources are thin. Now as the unknown strangers begin taking what was theirs, they will begin to conflict — the life that is affected then begins to learn the danger of this new group, the predated group will lose territory and individuals to the invasive species who get themselves too close. Most are naturally unable to defend themselves to this unknown threat. As the population of the preyed begins to decline, the survivors are selected by their ability to recognise and avoid/ challenge the rivalry — this is evolution and the end of tame species.

In times of increased abundance, the instinctive rivalry begins to fade as the those with the least recognition of self-preservation take bold and naive steps into the open ecology. They survive and they reproduce more often, they evolve to become tame toward outsiders as the selective pressures vary. Eventually the abundances dry up, the resources spread thin, those with the boldest and most naive view of survival find themselves quickly in the ‘no-mans-land’ of ecology and consequently die for having no distinct loyalty to one group or the other. The shrinking resources force compromise and consensus — with abundant resources each individual is their own destiny, their ‘freedom’. When resources are thin, each individual must sacrifice their ‘freedom’ for survival, quit moaning about ‘discrimination’ and find similarities in common and form a group organisation, the race is the logical outcome for they share heritage, ecology, culture and spirit.

Europeans are being tamed into weak domestic animals that have little self conscience, little ability to drive themselves toward a destiny, little independence subservient toward the tools that once made us strong. Once our technology, that mostly Europeans invented, had initiated colonization of more extreme environments in Antarctica, within the Ocean, in the atmosphere around the Earth and even let us set foot on the Moon — with our tools the right way around, we can venture into ecological dimensions never directly adapted to, but intuited, pre-empted, pre-conditioning our evolution for these environments.

Europeans being tamed through unhealthy lifestyles and media propaganda

The West has also allowed the colonisation of our environment by populations that have not been able to achieve the above, yet we now insist that they are supposedly, ‘equal’ and just as capable of pre-empting and pre-conditioning their own evolution — all common sense indicates that dysfunctional individuals or many of the immigrants now taking advantage of our territory are unable to preserve the quality of standards and the independence of the European race.


Conservation is the most important for preserving biodiversity in an ecology. Race is just as vital for conservation as any other indigenous fauna or flora that is put at risk of extinction by invasive species. Indigenous fauna, flora and races are put at risk thanks largely in part to our dependence on mass transport through, it is the modern religion of symbolic growth. Were we to keep native species and races where they should be geographically, there would be a huge benefit for they have the adaptations, a heritage, a past and a future there.

In keeping balance between our people (of similar ecological, racial and cultural heritage) and the ecosphere we see that Ethno-Nationalism is the sensible political asset to carry both the realisation that biodiversity can only be conserved globally with the secession and localisation of populations from the long-term damaging effects of globalisation.

It is in this light that each locale possesses the autonomy to live as they prefer and in such autonomy that there is little to no risk of offending non-indigenous peoples whilst simultaneously providing the platform necessary to allow our civilisation independence from oil/ coal/ gas dependency.

We are not afraid to realise that this is exactly analogous to wildlife and how the introduction of invasive species can threaten and undermine the ecologies of native species. Assimilated populations face certain extinction (deliberate or otherwise) being unable to compete due to there being multiple, separate methods of survival and that pretending there is equality of all people is both an insult to the unique characteristics and abilities of every race and also an indirect form of servitude to petrochemical based globalisation regime. Ethno-Nationalism is therefore a naturalist and reverent appreciation of the innate biological and cultural diversity that forms the many hues on the spectrum of the various races.

In keeping balance between the many races native to this world we recognise that racial conflict is unavoidable when overpopulation of certain groups forces them to compete in foreign territories that they are able to root into and conquest — it is further that we the West as a collective, on average, have a death wish by actively encouraging them and repression any kind of suspicion or common sense to what (in the times of collapse) is inevitable group warfare.

By recognising this universal nature that is not unique to human races but also to all wildlife on this Earth, we seek to keep Western nations for those of Western (White European) descent primarily and with this our own preference with the possibility of reforming our cultural and political consensus As Post-Peak Oil becomes more omnipresent in modern society, resources like food, water, metals, materials become far more scarce.

It is also worth noting that ‘growth’ as used by many fickle headed economists is both unnatural and half the reason behind the mass immigration epidemic that is currently facing Western nations to this day. The use of growth shows both a lack of concern for long-term wealth and stability and a stupid, childish short-term demand for more wealth than is realistically possible – hence why the ‘global economy’ is a fiat currency worth nothing more than a social valuation and the paper (or virtual digits) it is symbolised on.

Growth in an ecology is however a steady and stable process. The insistence on exponential growth seen in ‘development’ both increases the human population and destroys the biosphere, the perpetrators envision an endless supply of oil/ coal/ gas and are by all means criminally stupid. This growth in population leads to limited resources being spread more thinly and a bulk of the population that, unable to attain necessary resources for survival, immigrates to foreign nations in an instinctive method of annexation.

It is time to move towards a New Ecology for all!

Geologic dimensionalism and the origin of evolution

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Geology is an interesting subject, it studies the macrocosm of Earth and how its dimensions are the very support that allows biology to exist.

In this sense planetary geologists observe higher dimensions to that of biology, of which biology is almost entirely dependent. We call the interaction of geology and biology an ecology.

Life as we know it wouldn’t be as complex without these dimensions which provide a supportive framework, something that can be called a support niche.

As the Earth is just one planet, it itself is a successful niche in amongst billions of others across the universe. Perhaps some more or less supportive of complexity – the Sun also being a support niche to the Earth, the Milky Way supporting the Sun, and so on.

Now this is a hierarchal framework, we humans can take this and apply to everything we do. It is essentially philosophical and is our meta-geology, meta-science, meta-physics of the living world.

Let’s take this further.

Geology helps our understanding of reality through the interaction of grouped materials similar enough in qualities to generate distinctive entities, different dimensions. A geologic dimension being a part of a cosmic whole, seperate and occupying another form within space to that of another – together they create an interactive support framework, a structure that defines reality.

Observe the Earth, there is four immediate dimensions formed from a quantity of different elements; the atmosphere, the oceans, the land and the core. These four dimensions form our basic understanding of geology, the four dimensions have different qualities, yet constantly fighting one another.

In ancient western thought, these elementals were called simply Air, Water, Earth and Fire, these are symbolic of what is being described by geologic dimensionalism. This can also be taken further to include space, as this also is a dimension of its own, it is a spacious, immaterium that provides the support framework for the four main groups which constitute our plane.

How these dimensions battle for dominance is essentially generative of evolution. We can think of the Earth’s natural history and group the four dimensions into two parental ones; the heavy elements and the light elements, solid/ magma and gas. One is tugged toward the core the other is toward space, one heavy enough to fall firm toward material, one light enough to reach into the immaterial.

Here the Earth’s surface is molten rock and there is no ocean, it is still growing in mass and hasn’t the support for it.

The gradual out-gassing of lighter elements from comet and asteroid debris, along with the oozing up of gases from the centre of the Earth (through radioactive elements decaying in the core) generates a dense atmosphere about the world.

This is geologic dimensionalism, it is between the interaction of these dimensions that a localised branch of evolution is created. The oceans and the atmosphere evolved from the land and core and other contributions from space which gave the Earth its mass.

Once it had enough mass, the atmosphere could be sustained due to the increased gravitational enthalpy, after which, liquid accumulated in the skies until such a time where the molten surface of the Earth cooled enough to allow a thousand year rain that drowned the lowliest trenches of its creation into an entirely new dimension able to expand the support niche on this world.

As the oceans slowly raised themselves, the molten rock on the surface cooled and solidified into the crust, this is the bedrock of our known biosphere, and upon it now rests an atmosphere of increased pressure and relatively equalised temperature to preserve Earth from extreme temperature fluctuations.

With this stable climate, liquid water is able to exist between the two dimensions of land and atmosphere, therefore these two have essentially created a support framework for another dimension within this duality.

Now the combined efforts of land and atmosphere shift and mould the oceans, the atmosphere absorbs the evaporated moisture and transports this onto the farthest reaches of the land, it brings the two dimensions into interaction, between them gullies and lakes mix up basic elements into sophisticated molecular complexes, which further increased the support niche of the biosphere.

Further still, due to the proximity of a Moon, much closer to Earth here than is today, an enormous molten space rock taking up a chunk of the sky as it orbits close to the Earth, ripping the tides into tsunamis across the edges of the land. How the tides whipped up the ocean into a conquest of volcanically savaged terrain, throwing up all kinds of atomic prerequisites for organic compounds to generate.

This chaos is bringing all four dimensions of land, ocean, atmosphere and core into a fierce onslaught – between them all lies the creation of biological life. Complexity is the by-product of this interaction.

Bubbles are a simple life form in this sense, a complexity arising between gas and liquid, now with other elements in the mix, it becomes a mixture of organic molecules (amino acids) in amongst the interaction of the atmosphere, oceans and nutrients in them from the land.

With a bolt of plasma from the lightning, catalyses organic molecules, creating them into chain complexes like ribonucleic acid. These propagate like a virus and widens the support niche; from this the they fuse into deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA also popularised as Life.

Each time the complexity of the interaction (between dimensions) is significantly leaped, it creates and conquests a higher support niche, like a singularity, an intersection where all lines cross, even if momentarily; that creates further niches for complexity to emerge and propagate with relatively little competition.

In a historical context; the emergence of unicellular organisms, multicellular organisms, plants evolving onto the land, the emergence of pollen and with this tall structural and flowering plants (significantly transforming a brown landmass into a green, forestry), animals emerging from the oceans onto the land, the emergence of speech between animals, of tools, of civilization, of technology, to the first materialised deities of Earth that may yet to become.

Each succession overruns a boundary of existence, it takes from the dimension of unexistence and brings this subjectively into the objective world; like foam raising the volume and complexity of space, breaking the symmetry.

In doing so it increases the support niche, or provides the dimension to which a future interaction will emerge fresh complexities in amongst the others.

Now make some use of this, change the prefix of dimensionalism toward; Political, Cultural, Social, Economic, Caste to name a few examples, and find their sub groups whilst trying to intuit how each interacts with others to create a support niche that sustains and evolves complexity.

Conserving the Biodiversity of Humanity and Ecology

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

In protecting the diversity that exists on our planet, we want to conserve not only biodiversity, but human biodiversity.

Every species, habitat, culture, tribe and race has fascinating differences and these make each greatly adapted to their region within the biosphere. Whoever pretends that we have nothing to learn or gain in a form of intellectual wealth or evolutionary wealth is a fool putting themselves in debt against natural reality.

Society at present suffers from the converging failures of consumerism and cultural decadence at a level unprecedented in history. Any solution requires alert and determined leadership to begin implementing the following methods toward our goal of preserving our ecosystem and with it those who are responsible to guard it;

1) Firstly, Ethno-nationalism.

For human biodiversity to continue to exist we need to (or at least, a few influential people) understand that any form of biodiversity can only exist if all things in nature have their own space without having to compete constantly for essentials like food, water and land.

Although many people have common ancestors, the greatest thing of all is that nature can transform this into true diversity, not a antagonistic paradoxical lie of ‘equality and diversity’ but unequally evolving into many fascinating social values, which then into cultural and civilization’s traditions that can only grow into greatness when they have space of their own.

2) Secondly, Conservation.

On that last point, biodiversity can only exist greatly when it has space of its own. There is nothing greater than a responsible nation that can diet its urban growth and preserve at least 2/3 of its land for natural fauna and flora, totally independent of human intervention, no pollution, no roads, no fences and no humans all together, just left alone to do its thing and recycle the atmosphere and create a beautiful landscape that urban growth could NEVER replace.

If we stopped expanding, stopped growing in quantity and instead insisted on Quality, we could then stand face to face with our problems instead of running away from them – we’d have to deal with overpopulation and see who is being a drain on resources, who is committing ecocide crimes against human biodiversity and biodiversity itself in all things.

When we can manage ourselves and keep it fit, then our cities will not be filthy and full of parasitic fellow citizens, our country side will be a wilderness in the natural sense and the life that lives there will be inspiring for those who are great enough to appreciate it. It also serves as a cornerstone for future societies that enables us to leave this planet and exist on multiple planets across the solar system.

We must face reality and be unafraid to make the healthy decision no matter how ridiculously unpopular it is, we need a future for our descendants and HAVE to make these critical changes.

What we need to change:

  • Democracy – Popularity contests will always be disorganised, ineffective and focus on the lowest common denominator. The masses are manipulated by symbolic carrots on a stick and show no signs of ecological awareness except the ineffective greenism, and will never, ever focus on issues of importance. Who would ever be elected if they stood on the platform for survival of biodiversity? for space exploration? for anything which is inconvenient to the short term but greatly generates more wealth in the long term? Democracy will not and can not do this, it’s not popular.
  • Major dirty industries such as coal, oil and gas – If we localised, we wouldn’t need so much energy in the first place and would only need a few public transports to get us where we need, rather than migrating hundreds of dirty miles a day just to get to a job disconnected from reality.
  • Mining industries – That want to savage the wildlife to get at the minerals under the soil (nevermind space, the asteroid belt and the infinite supplies of gold, platinum, silver and other chemicals and metals just floating around us, waiting to be discovered). We have dug up plenty of metals previously, they are being used for mundane uses like microwaves and flashy cars – get rid of them and recycle the trash.
  • Mediocrity and entertainment – This does what democracy does to politics, but to culture and subsequently civilization – inverting it into a social reality ruled by popularity and commerce where anything that requires achieving is ignored because it isn’t fun.

Further reading. Pentti Linkola – Can Life Prevail?

WITH THE TRAIN OF CIVILISATION hurtling at ever-increasing speed towards self-destruction, the most pressing question facing humanity in the 21st century is that of the preservation of life. Can Life Prevail?, the latest book by Finnish environmentalist Pentti Linkola, provides a radical yet firmly grounded perspective on the ecological problems threatening both the biosphere and human culture. With essays covering topics as diverse as animal rights, extinction, deforestation, terrorism and overpopulation, Can Life Prevail? for the first time makes the lucid, challenging writing of Linkola available to an English-speaking public.

“By decimating its woodlands, Finland has created the grounds for prosperity. We can now thank prosperity for bringing us – among other things – two million cars, millions of glaring, grey-black electronic entertainment boxes, and many unnecessary buildings to cover the green earth. Wealth and surplus money have led to financial gambling and rampant social injustice, whereby ‘the common people’ end up contributing to the construction of golf courses, classy hotels, and holiday resorts, while fattening Swiss bank accounts. Besides, the people of wealthy countries are the most frustrated, unemployed, unhappy, suicidal, sedentary, worthless and aimless people in history. What a miserable exchange.”

The Death of Social Constructs

Friday, August 20th, 2010

There are many arguments that like to point out that religion, tradition and cultures are all social constructs and therefore we should not believe in them, anyone who does is immediately a moron.

This is a piss poor argument which we are frequently confronting, many fool for this. It’s like pointing toward something saying ‘that’s a rock’ and because of this sudden revelation, everyone is immediately disgusted and stigmatised against it, it immediately becomes a taboo because nobody had dared call it simply a ‘rock’ before.

Now they lose all sense of sacredness toward this ‘rock’, unable to see what it symbolically represents and fail to see what it contained beyond the surface. It is now socially worthless and they destroy it to build a landfill, because hey, it’s just a stupid ‘rock’ and we’re modern now anyway so who cares?

Likewise, some halfwits choose to mock more recent beliefs because they are ‘beliefs’, not because they can philosophically underpin the argument and understanding with something greater and more complex – All atheists say God doesn’t exist, a few notice it as cultural expressions similar to those of ancient civilizations, yet most just will not acknowledge anything above the microbial level; but does that automatically defunct a civilization of its moral values? Of its social technology?

No, it means they continue to lie to themselves and follow the same morals with an egalitarian twist of fate where they feast on the carcass of the dead ‘God’ ripping out portions of Truths for their own self interest – However, they will be very ‘compassionate’ when spreading this infection until it consumes everything with their charitable biowarfare.

Slowly and steadily they tear it piece by piece until there is nothing but an emptiness and then the values are consumed, this liberates the flesh from the bones as they devour it in a crowd of microbial individualists. They redistribute these morals toward the lesser of society where they can all be ‘Gods’ in their own queer little ‘Right’ and thereby kill the host, the civilization is torn down in decline.

The argument of freedom fighters and liberals is like microbes, using their own tiny social constructs of passive nihilism together in a mob of individualists to deconstruct other more higher reaching social constructs of traditionalism.

They will obfuscate the definitions and the understanding because describing words do not contain profit for you, you poor little microbe, you. They burst the dam of civilization in their down-going materialism and utterly destroy, decay and disease its being.

But us of higher self interest have put that dam there for precisely that reason. The dam is no physical dam as such, but an order, a homeostasis which keeps a certain pressure within it rather than exploding this and dying.

Not only is it an immune system to prevent this decay and preserve homeostasis of civilization, but it also guides a more complex evolution into greater things. Therefore we are going to create God and damn you behind a wall of greater moralistic laws so that you cannot decay and destroy the healthier individuals.

The individuals will build up behind it and be forced through a social technology which will generate productive results out of the group which benefit the survival of civilization to reach into the impossible, into the future by combining multiple interests toward a similar goal. 

When you stop generating electricity through this dam, so will the creation of God cease and He will never exist to you – whatever was created will slowly rot as the individual cells rot off the limb and crawl back into the dirt of lower levels of evolution.

Many individuals fail by nature to realise the social constructs damn their counter-productive interests because they are destructive and are not healthy toward our goals.  Through its traditions it blocks the counter-productive undercastes and sequestrates their wealth and power to instead push it into long term interests beyond which they can comprehend – It is a technology of the immaterial, a creation, we created these deities for our own survival, we constructed the social deity like a technology underpinning all materialism, for the future reward of materialism in a higher dimension, in the cosmos.

If you’re not kicking and screaming with microbial vengeance by now, we can now appreciate such great social constructs such as;

  • Gods & Civilization

Gods appear as cultural esoteric expressions of social phenomena at first, local to each civilization. Each God can represent an element of social and various interactions with the environments we find ourselves within, in Ancient Greece you will find Gods of war, love, fear, terror, life and death. Far more interesting then modernity.

In theistic religions we find they converge and are alloyed into a whole, they are less expressive but still great for warfare and justifying greatness. The deities act as specialized abstractions for damnation of the counter-productive self interests and encouraging more desirable and more intelligent, thought-out interests.

With this it creates guilt towards lesser self interests and a higher sense of strength towards socially acceptable constructs which are (in aristocracies) economical for the survival of the civilization, which in turn fuels the growth of great architecture and art.

All Gods and social constructs are subject to change constantly yet preserve their form in formlessness, thereby existing in nothing – they do not exist in the material and explains matter from outside the box, all religions can reinforce properties of social reality.

  • The Biosphere & the Cosmos

These act to us as a source of creativity and vitality for creating life of our own as well as sustaining ourselves as biological organisms.

All ideas that are successful are secondhand from natural selection, a set of ideals comes from natural patterns which are proven to be successful through their million years of evolutionary heritage and are reliable.

If we destroy these because we think our technology is superior now, we will have lost an intellectual wealth to which nothing in a million years could successfully replace. Despite our technological prowess, we are primitives in this cosmos and must learn from those entities which have survived eons through it.

  • Communities, culture, race & tribe 

Because we’re modern now, we apparently don’t ‘need’ communities or families, or even to respect our own race – we can all be counter-productive and pursue miscegenation under the unholy empire of globalised economics.

It is evident that since the creation of money beyond barter economics it has allowed more atomised societies to exist on the social level, with this it has become possible to not care about other individuals and how they effect us except of course through the TV and media.

Weakened, enfeebled and corrupted are those rotting inside this vault, they are mutating their interpersonal relationships to the point that without some giant sludge monstrosity of mechanical credit they cannot form any bonds between each other the natural way.

Those who seek healthy relationships will notice the need for a form of empathy that can just as easily switch-blade itself into lack of it when the other individuals involved threaten the survival of something greater.

That means, yes care about roles in civilization, such as the masculine and feminine roles in nurturing the generations healthily, so that individuals get what they need – but not to the point of pity and altruism where we are counter-productively intervening with the irreconcilable faults of others and trying to tear down the healthy structures because they are oppressive towards the least helpful.

  • Social constructs, such as those above, combined in the right qualities provide an alloy of similar interests

These are stronger than they could ever be alone. For example, copper and tin are weak on their own yet smelted together they create the much tougher bronze – but that is only that they have bonds to make, some metals produces weaker alloys or simply do not mix. Appreciating the alloyed nature of things is perhaps a greater meaning toward such ideals of benevolence and compassion, yet they are rare in nature and do not mix well with all socializations.

Social constructs will always happen, we just don’t need the ones that halt evolution. The social values, they evolve into laws, a civil barricade against undesired evolutionary paths. The dam builds up the water, energy and discipline channels it elsewhere, somewhere more constructive toward goals.

Brainslug owns you

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

When you wake up to this planet, you realise one thing sticking out the side of people’s heads; their thoughts are not their own but are subservient toward a domesticating agent, a memetic Brainslug.

We can coalesce many ill thought out ideologies with little substance and stereotype them as Crowdism. Crowdism contains memes such as but not limited to; liberalism, egalitarianism, democracy, socialism, communism and greenism.

What unifies these revolting ideologies is that they do not benefit the individual although they claim to be doing so, they are a Brainslug that prefers its own survival over yours individually, because it manipulates you into believing passive lies.

Brainslug owns the population, the majority do not think for themselves and have this parasite wedged into their skull awaiting big daddy Technium to erupt from the Hivemind – or in terms the above average human should understand, ecocide and death, whatever prevails after that is not concerned with the ecology as we know it, if anything.

The rules of the game are simple;

  • Do not think for yourself – be subservient toward the Brainslug, although it disables your self awareness and concern for sanity, it tells you that you’re innocent and nothing is your fault, therefore you can call people RACIST when they disagree with your altruistic, all loving Brainslug.
  • If you attempt to think for yourself – that would mean removing of the Brainslug, therefore, if you dare touch it, it will call other infested individuals over to shout RACIST into intimidating you into keeping the Brainslug in control of your thoughts, perhaps not so altruistic?
  • If you manage to think for yourself – this would be an indirect threat to other Brainslugs, therefore, the Hivemind of Brainslugs will synchronise with each other collectively, to crush you in Crowdism, making you unpopular through bias, they hate you with a vengeance.
  • If you attempt to get others to think for themselves – that would mean removing of the Brainslugs from the source, the great media and entertainment Hivemind sending out memetic software to the antennaes of your Brainslug. Killing the parasite at the core would allow the Brainslugs to be picked off individually, so this is a direct threat to the Brainslugs collectively. Therefore, they will use whatever means, dirty tricks and immoral means into getting rid of you, despite their passive lies of altruistic moralism – as clearly the intellectuals form the greatest antibody resistance to this infection. The easiest, more short term route is to banish you from your native homeland, the toughest but more long term solution is to kill you, and kill you they will if it gets them what they want.
  • If you manage to get others to think for themselves – you can slay the Brainslugs from specific territories whilst establishing antibody resistance to prevent future infections. However, in the mean time, thanks to hardwired genetics, many are prone to re-infection on first contact, as they’ve now become industrially farmed by their Brainslugs from over 300 years ago in the so called ‘Enlightenment era’, the stemming spores out of the hollow headed corpse of rotten cultures.

Now on a more serious note, for those who have removed their Brainslug, here is the introduction to a text which covers much ground on the psychology of Crowdism;

IN its ordinary sense the word “crowd” means a gathering of individuals of whatever nationality, profession, or sex, and whatever be the chances that have brought them together. From the psychological point of view the expression “crowd” assumes quite a different signification. Under certain given circumstances, and only under those circumstances, an agglomeration of men presents new characteristics very different from those of the individuals composing it. The sentiments and ideas of all the persons in the gathering take one and the same direction, and their conscious personality vanishes. A collective mind is formed, doubtless transitory, but presenting very clearly defined characteristics. The gathering has thus become what, in the absence of a better expression, I will call an organised crowd, or, if the term is considered preferable, a psychological crowd. It forms a single being, and is subjected to the law of the mental unity of crowds.

Le Bon, Gustave. The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind

Pakistan floods, a self inflated natural disaster

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

We have been seeing in the news recently about the Pakistan floods and how evil nature is harming the poor, innocent Pakistani people, here’s a few reasons why we shouldn’t concern ourselves with other societies problems:

Twelve million are affected in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab provinces, while a further two million are affected in Sindh. In Indian-administered Kashmir, at least 113 people died in mudslides. Meanwhile, it has emerged that a charity connected to a group with alleged al-Qaeda links has been providing flood relief.

Flooding has submerged whole villages in the past week, killing at least 1,600 people, according to the UN. And the worst floods to hit the region in 80 years could get worse, as it is only midway through monsoon season.

According to the federal flood commission, 1.4m acres (557,000 hectares) of crop land has been flooded across the country and more than 10,000 cows have perished. A UN official, Manuel Bessler, told the BBC that with crops swept away by floodwaters, some Pakistanis could be forced to rely on food aid to get through the winter.

Pakistan floods ‘hit 14m people’

Nature has many ways of thinning out the herd, especially in places like Pakistan where reckless overpopulation has created hordes of simplistic people with a mean average IQ of 81, that then, unable to create a higher civilization from what they have inherited, consume and savage the wildlife and landscape:

The current floods could also be blamed to some degree on deforestation and more people living in flood-prone areas as the population keeps growing.

Pakistan has lost vast areas of forest over the past few decades, while overgrazing often strips degraded land of whatever plant cover is left. The government has set a target to boost forest cover from 5.2 percent to 6 percent by 2014.

What may be the case here is that a more severe natural event has occurred where a more severe human event has occurred, that means having lots of offspring without weeding out the less desirable has negative effects on the surrounding ecosystems; which would be required to maintain a steady population that evolves in quality rather than growing in quantity.

The usual solutions are not of this quality, unfortunately, and are destined to fail by neglecting that simple fact, the writer then goes on to explain the usual, socially acceptable explanations of climate change:

Scientists say nations will need to start adapting to climate change impacts such as more intensive droughts and floods but poorer nations with limited cash face the toughest challenge.

Pakistan, like any flood-prone country, needed early warning systems, better storage of drinking water, even to move people from vulnerable areas, said Andrew Ash, who leads a climate adaption programme for Australia’s state-funded research body the CSIRO.

“There are definite limits to adaptation. We often talk about adaptation as if we can adapt our way out of trouble,” he told Reuters. “But these sorts of events highlight that we can’t adapt our way out of all the impacts of climate change.”

Pakistani food expert Abid Suleri, executive director of the Sustainable Development Policy Institute, said the country would need to work on seed varieties to adapt to climate change.

Floods show threat from warmer world

If they were that concerned about surviving they would build away from the flood plains and remove the least productive individuals thereby solving overpopulation and impoverishment; they also need to allow the majority of their land to be forested naturally and allow their most intelligent higher rights to then build more streamlined infrastructure so that when heavy rains come, it doesn’t get dragged under a flood of aid and stupidity from self hating westerners throwing money at the problem.

Instead they could have their intelligent generate wealth for themselves, or if they’re too stupid, they can perish naturally allowing a more competent society to conquest it, but that’s not going to happen whilst modern society still slouches its clumsy altruistic-domesticating tentacles all over the planet, when clearly they do not want it.

But Pakistan, being a corrupt society itself, does however prefer convenient solutions rather than paying attention to the signs that reality shows us;

  • Natural events only transform into disasters when humans remove the safety barriers of its ecosystems – if we actually think beyond isolated events and see the bigger picture, we realise that without the cover of wildlife there is little to nothing to act as natural drainage or to at least anchor the soil from excessive mudslides, and therefore realise that if we remove the forests from the valleys in the mountains to the north, then all the mud will come pouring down with a flood and kill all the sleepy southerners by burying them in muddy water.
  • Natural disasters are both caused by natural and unnatural factors – the natural chain of events that precede it (seasons, regular patterns), and unnaturally as an effect from humans altering variables such as the forest cover and polluting planetary variables (oceans, atmosphere; temperature, composition) that alter the intensity and frequency of those natural events; the disaster element being deaths of poor, impoverished and the ill designed.
  • And finally – if a nation cannot stand by itself, then that nation is not fit to survive. If a nation becomes reliant on externalized environments for it to survive, then it is not natural and should suffer the consequences of its negligence. Whether you’re a European who creates padded foam societies for your retarded to live in a fake reality that adapts to them, or perhaps you’re feeding people who wouldn’t be alive today because of the destructive decision making on behalf of corrupted values – you’re out of sync with natural reality and cannot exist as a part of it.

Don’t be a guilty white prole, don’t give aid to a failed state, be instead concerned for your own survival because any disaster that occurs back home will receive no aid back from them, and you will have injected all of your wealth into making the problem monstrously larger and only prolong the misery.

Postcode tribes of Britain

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Street gang culture in Britain and perhaps most of Europe highlights something interesting. The gangs have no underlying culture to unite them, so what do they use to identify themselves? Postcodes.

Yep, how fucking pathetic that in the UK morons, mostly low IQ immigrants from third world countries, are spray painted offensive digits on different homies turf, forcing them to strike vengeance by stabbing and shooting each other, all thanks to the post office; 

They chased him through the children’s play area, shooting frantically at the fleeing figure. For almost a mile Jonathan Matondo ran through these Sheffield streets with four armed “hunters” on his heels. Just beyond the playground, the 16-year-old found himself cornered. Matondo was shot at the place where graffiti now say: “Peace. Love. Unity.”

In the district of Burngreave, such well-meaning sentiments are buried beneath one of inner-city Britain’s bloodiest gangland feuds. Matondo’s murder 18 months ago intensified the spiral of retribution between gangs named after two of the city’s postcodes. Five minutes from where he was shot, Spital Hill still marks the front line between the S3 crew of Pitsmoor and the S4s from Burngreave. Gun culture sweeps through Sheffield estates as postcode gangs do battle

Police maintain that Sheffield is one of the UK’s safest major cities, yet within this small knot of estates perched on a hill north of its gentrified centre a gang culture rules. Ten days ago a drive-by shooting left 1 dead and 3 injured. This month Sheffield crown court heard how an S3 gang member ordered a killing from his prison cell. The feud between the S3 and S4 gangs has led to 3 murders in 18 months. A police dossier chronicles at least 40 occasions on which the two gangs have opened fire on each other.

Gun culture sweeps through Sheffield estates as postcode gangs do battle

This is unacceptable that poor people are shooting each other thanks to the post office in an identity crisis, now the post office has blood on its hands, maybe it should be closed down and those responsible should be hanged for the creation of these gangs, so no more innocent lives can be lost to this postcode-ism!1!!

Steven Lewis, 15, was set upon by a group of youths, knifed repeatedly in the chest and left to die in his 16-year-old sister’s arms. Friends of the teenager on Sunday linked the killing to a gang from a neighbouring area in east London.

‘There is rivalry. It is neighbourhoods, postcodes – E13 versus E16,’ claimed 15-year-old Leroy Baptiste, who laid flowers for Steven. Steven was murdered on Saturday night after a church hall party held by a charity which campaigns against violence in black communities.

The party finished at 10.30pm and 15 minutes later police on a routine patrol came across Steven’s body in Plaistow. ‘He was stabbed through the heart. His sister was holding him. His little brother saw everything and he’s just 13,’ a member of Steven’s extended family said.

Boy, 15, knifed to death in ‘postcode gang war’

This has been happening for quite awhile now, most of the news is old, but I can’t help but notice going around my town really stupid graffiti depicting which areas they receive their post, and being mostly african immigrants doing this with a few chavy undermen following in their shadow, as if that was the meaning for their entire existence – partially fuelled by the media and their brainless promotion of rap, hip hop, dub-step and other wankensteins of creation.

I can just imagine these kind of backward retards getting into politics and starting World War 3 because Iran has a different postcode, let’s wait and see.

Artificial trees, an insult to real ones

Friday, August 6th, 2010

When it comes to ecology, the closest your average joe gets to being concerned for it is ‘the environment’ – this is a code word for thinking climate change is our only problem, and even that is just a symbolic glance over the real issues of a self destructive society unwilling to realise the consequences of cancerous population growth and its unrealistic demands on the biosphere:

Engineers say a forest of 100,000 “artificial trees” could be deployed within 10 to 20 years to help soak up the world’s carbon emissions.

The trees are among three geo-engineering ideas highlighted as practical in a new report. The authors from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers say that without geo-engineering it will be impossible to avoid dangerous climate change. The report includes a 100-year roadmap to “decarbonise” the global economy.

No silver bullet

Launching the report, lead author Dr Tim Fox said geo-engineering should not be viewed as a “silver bullet” that could combat climate change in isolation.

He told BBC News it should be used in conjunction with efforts to reduce carbon emissions and to adapt to the effects of climate change. Many climate scientists calculate that the world has only a few decades to reduce emissions before there is so much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that a dangerous rise in global temperature is inevitable.

The authors of this report say that geo-engineering of the type they propose should be used on a short-term basis to buy the world time, but in the long term it is vital to reduce emissions. – BBC NEWS

Concerning the overall impact of humanity on the biosphere, ecocide is the real threat that will finish modern society off – the ‘climate change’ is a surrogate, symbolic veneer over the real threat in itself.

The artificial trees will not work at all because stupidity still exists, and with stupidity many attempts to solve an issue will be optimistically nodded at whilst nothing significant changes – the stupid will see this as an excuse to continue being stupid because anything else is inconvenient, the only real solution is to cull the stupid like many animals in the wild, culling their insignificant and weak offspring to aid the collective survival of the species.

Being cultureless and consumerist, the majorities only concern is getting to their ‘job’ which is little more than neurotic paper shuffling and button pressing, many more get paid on welfare (especially in Europe) to do nothing. But to the worker drones, they get to their fake work through the veins of one global monstrosity carving up the surface of the Earth into queer little squares with endless fences with metal trickling down the middle in smoggy motorways.

Suggesting artificial trees, water sprays into the atmosphere, solar panels and other technological surrogates just to null the negative consequences of stupid people, is nice sounding and gets many nods but a closer inspection shows this to be totally ineffective. Aside from a golden few, the majority of ‘scientists’ dare not mention the unrealistic population demands on the land, oceans and biodiversity.

Let’s think, if we allowed fake trees to be created what would really be the cost?

  • Urban sprawl continues, more demand consumerist lifestyles – As the last natural wilderness that had thrived for centuries is turned into another shopping mall and dirty urban toilet full of mediocre people, the artificial tree mockingly preserves the weak from their own incompetence giving them more time to shop, as they continue to ignore their problems and stare aimlessly into the shop window. When asked about environmental problems, they point to the fake tree and smile with a thousand chins wobbling underneath.
  • Biomass decreases, stupidity increases – Instead of converting CO2 into healthy biomass, scientists are now thinking of CO2 sequestration, or more simply, put it in big hole where no one can find it 20x faster than allowing the biosphere to convert light energy into sugar compounds which forms the base of major ecosystems worldwide.
  • Beauty fades into nonexistence – and crime corruption and soot continue to replace it. To use a common phrase, not in a million years will artificial trees ever be able to replace what has been evolving for millions of years. Some of these trees live as long as ten thousand years, that’s older than many of our civilizations combined. When we replace life that has been crafted by natural selection over aeons, we replace it with man made junk that is crudely designed and for nothing other than a linear mechanization crafted for function of which it has little efficiency to do.
  • Biodiversity suffers – As the urban sprawl continues, more natural land is cut up into fields for feeding stupid people, and the majority alive continue to have more and more useless children drowning out those who have solutions to the problem – this then continues to rape the biosphere for its ever more stupid demands and leaves nothing bigger than an ant. With artificial trees, we can now cut down every tree for sofas and ignore the declining biodiversity because we ‘don’t need it now’.
  • Humanity suffers, continuing to ignore the cause – Our species has been successfully ditching what once made them a great, noble species, we no longer create more from the materials we find, seeing only the materials now with no spirit to transform it into anything more significant, unable to socialise healthily with the Earth. Cutting down the life because it inconveniently has its own needs that are not for ‘economic growth’.

The artificial tree is an insult to injury, firstly it tells us that modern society and its inhabitants are unwilling to change their self destructive ways but also that they are unwilling to allow nature to take control. They want one thing that will only cause more problems by ignoring the real ones, scientists think technology will solve ‘our’ problems, and by ‘our’ problems we mean those caused by the feckless undercastes of society continuing to exist. 

The global population must be reduced of these car driving, pointless people, not be paved over with concrete and fake trees insulating the dumb from their own stupid actions, their exponential stupidity has no limits.

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