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Artificial trees, an insult to real ones

When it comes to ecology, the closest your average joe gets to being concerned for it is ‘the environment’ – this is a code word for thinking climate change is our only problem, and even that is just a symbolic glance over the real issues of a self destructive society unwilling to realise the consequences of cancerous population growth and its unrealistic demands on the biosphere:

Engineers say a forest of 100,000 “artificial trees” could be deployed within 10 to 20 years to help soak up the world’s carbon emissions.

The trees are among three geo-engineering ideas highlighted as practical in a new report. The authors from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers say that without geo-engineering it will be impossible to avoid dangerous climate change. The report includes a 100-year roadmap to “decarbonise” the global economy.

No silver bullet

Launching the report, lead author Dr Tim Fox said geo-engineering should not be viewed as a “silver bullet” that could combat climate change in isolation.

He told BBC News it should be used in conjunction with efforts to reduce carbon emissions and to adapt to the effects of climate change. Many climate scientists calculate that the world has only a few decades to reduce emissions before there is so much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that a dangerous rise in global temperature is inevitable.

The authors of this report say that geo-engineering of the type they propose should be used on a short-term basis to buy the world time, but in the long term it is vital to reduce emissions. – BBC NEWS

Concerning the overall impact of humanity on the biosphere, ecocide is the real threat that will finish modern society off – the ‘climate change’ is a surrogate, symbolic veneer over the real threat in itself.

The artificial trees will not work at all because stupidity still exists, and with stupidity many attempts to solve an issue will be optimistically nodded at whilst nothing significant changes – the stupid will see this as an excuse to continue being stupid because anything else is inconvenient, the only real solution is to cull the stupid like many animals in the wild, culling their insignificant and weak offspring to aid the collective survival of the species.

Being cultureless and consumerist, the majorities only concern is getting to their ‘job’ which is little more than neurotic paper shuffling and button pressing, many more get paid on welfare (especially in Europe) to do nothing. But to the worker drones, they get to their fake work through the veins of one global monstrosity carving up the surface of the Earth into queer little squares with endless fences with metal trickling down the middle in smoggy motorways.

Suggesting artificial trees, water sprays into the atmosphere, solar panels and other technological surrogates just to null the negative consequences of stupid people, is nice sounding and gets many nods but a closer inspection shows this to be totally ineffective. Aside from a golden few, the majority of ‘scientists’ dare not mention the unrealistic population demands on the land, oceans and biodiversity.

Let’s think, if we allowed fake trees to be created what would really be the cost?

  • Urban sprawl continues, more demand consumerist lifestyles - As the last natural wilderness that had thrived for centuries is turned into another shopping mall and dirty urban toilet full of mediocre people, the artificial tree mockingly preserves the weak from their own incompetence giving them more time to shop, as they continue to ignore their problems and stare aimlessly into the shop window. When asked about environmental problems, they point to the fake tree and smile with a thousand chins wobbling underneath.
  • Biomass decreases, stupidity increases – Instead of converting CO2 into healthy biomass, scientists are now thinking of CO2 sequestration, or more simply, put it in big hole where no one can find it 20x faster than allowing the biosphere to convert light energy into sugar compounds which forms the base of major ecosystems worldwide.
  • Beauty fades into nonexistence – and crime corruption and soot continue to replace it. To use a common phrase, not in a million years will artificial trees ever be able to replace what has been evolving for millions of years. Some of these trees live as long as ten thousand years, that’s older than many of our civilizations combined. When we replace life that has been crafted by natural selection over aeons, we replace it with man made junk that is crudely designed and for nothing other than a linear mechanization crafted for function of which it has little efficiency to do.
  • Biodiversity suffers – As the urban sprawl continues, more natural land is cut up into fields for feeding stupid people, and the majority alive continue to have more and more useless children drowning out those who have solutions to the problem – this then continues to rape the biosphere for its ever more stupid demands and leaves nothing bigger than an ant. With artificial trees, we can now cut down every tree for sofas and ignore the declining biodiversity because we ‘don’t need it now’.
  • Humanity suffers, continuing to ignore the cause - Our species has been successfully ditching what once made them a great, noble species, we no longer create more from the materials we find, seeing only the materials now with no spirit to transform it into anything more significant, unable to socialise healthily with the Earth. Cutting down the life because it inconveniently has its own needs that are not for ‘economic growth’.

The artificial tree is an insult to injury, firstly it tells us that modern society and its inhabitants are unwilling to change their self destructive ways but also that they are unwilling to allow nature to take control. They want one thing that will only cause more problems by ignoring the real ones, scientists think technology will solve ‘our’ problems, and by ‘our’ problems we mean those caused by the feckless undercastes of society continuing to exist. 

The global population must be reduced of these car driving, pointless people, not be paved over with concrete and fake trees insulating the dumb from their own stupid actions, their exponential stupidity has no limits.

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