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The Death of Social Constructs

There are many arguments that like to point out that religion, tradition and cultures are all social constructs and therefore we should not believe in them, anyone who does is immediately a moron.

This is a piss poor argument which we are frequently confronting, many fool for this. It’s like pointing toward something saying ‘that’s a rock’ and because of this sudden revelation, everyone is immediately disgusted and stigmatised against it, it immediately becomes a taboo because nobody had dared call it simply a ‘rock’ before.

Now they lose all sense of sacredness toward this ‘rock’, unable to see what it symbolically represents and fail to see what it contained beyond the surface. It is now socially worthless and they destroy it to build a landfill, because hey, it’s just a stupid ‘rock’ and we’re modern now anyway so who cares?

Likewise, some halfwits choose to mock more recent beliefs because they are ‘beliefs’, not because they can philosophically underpin the argument and understanding with something greater and more complex – All atheists say God doesn’t exist, a few notice it as cultural expressions similar to those of ancient civilizations, yet most just will not acknowledge anything above the microbial level; but does that automatically defunct a civilization of its moral values? Of its social technology?

No, it means they continue to lie to themselves and follow the same morals with an egalitarian twist of fate where they feast on the carcass of the dead ‘God’ ripping out portions of Truths for their own self interest – However, they will be very ‘compassionate’ when spreading this infection until it consumes everything with their charitable biowarfare.

Slowly and steadily they tear it piece by piece until there is nothing but an emptiness and then the values are consumed, this liberates the flesh from the bones as they devour it in a crowd of microbial individualists. They redistribute these morals toward the lesser of society where they can all be ‘Gods’ in their own queer little ‘Right’ and thereby kill the host, the civilization is torn down in decline.

The argument of freedom fighters and liberals is like microbes, using their own tiny social constructs of passive nihilism together in a mob of individualists to deconstruct other more higher reaching social constructs of traditionalism.

They will obfuscate the definitions and the understanding because describing words do not contain profit for you, you poor little microbe, you. They burst the dam of civilization in their down-going materialism and utterly destroy, decay and disease its being.

But us of higher self interest have put that dam there for precisely that reason. The dam is no physical dam as such, but an order, a homeostasis which keeps a certain pressure within it rather than exploding this and dying.

Not only is it an immune system to prevent this decay and preserve homeostasis of civilization, but it also guides a more complex evolution into greater things. Therefore we are going to create God and damn you behind a wall of greater moralistic laws so that you cannot decay and destroy the healthier individuals.

The individuals will build up behind it and be forced through a social technology which will generate productive results out of the group which benefit the survival of civilization to reach into the impossible, into the future by combining multiple interests toward a similar goal. 

When you stop generating electricity through this dam, so will the creation of God cease and He will never exist to you - whatever was created will slowly rot as the individual cells rot off the limb and crawl back into the dirt of lower levels of evolution.

Many individuals fail by nature to realise the social constructs damn their counter-productive interests because they are destructive and are not healthy toward our goals.  Through its traditions it blocks the counter-productive undercastes and sequestrates their wealth and power to instead push it into long term interests beyond which they can comprehend – It is a technology of the immaterial, a creation, we created these deities for our own survival, we constructed the social deity like a technology underpinning all materialism, for the future reward of materialism in a higher dimension, in the cosmos.

If you’re not kicking and screaming with microbial vengeance by now, we can now appreciate such great social constructs such as;

  • Gods & Civilization

Gods appear as cultural esoteric expressions of social phenomena at first, local to each civilization. Each God can represent an element of social and various interactions with the environments we find ourselves within, in Ancient Greece you will find Gods of war, love, fear, terror, life and death. Far more interesting then modernity.

In theistic religions we find they converge and are alloyed into a whole, they are less expressive but still great for warfare and justifying greatness. The deities act as specialized abstractions for damnation of the counter-productive self interests and encouraging more desirable and more intelligent, thought-out interests.

With this it creates guilt towards lesser self interests and a higher sense of strength towards socially acceptable constructs which are (in aristocracies) economical for the survival of the civilization, which in turn fuels the growth of great architecture and art.

All Gods and social constructs are subject to change constantly yet preserve their form in formlessness, thereby existing in nothing – they do not exist in the material and explains matter from outside the box, all religions can reinforce properties of social reality.

  • The Biosphere & the Cosmos

These act to us as a source of creativity and vitality for creating life of our own as well as sustaining ourselves as biological organisms.

All ideas that are successful are secondhand from natural selection, a set of ideals comes from natural patterns which are proven to be successful through their million years of evolutionary heritage and are reliable.

If we destroy these because we think our technology is superior now, we will have lost an intellectual wealth to which nothing in a million years could successfully replace. Despite our technological prowess, we are primitives in this cosmos and must learn from those entities which have survived eons through it.

  • Communities, culture, race & tribe 

Because we’re modern now, we apparently don’t ‘need’ communities or families, or even to respect our own race – we can all be counter-productive and pursue miscegenation under the unholy empire of globalised economics.

It is evident that since the creation of money beyond barter economics it has allowed more atomised societies to exist on the social level, with this it has become possible to not care about other individuals and how they effect us except of course through the TV and media.

Weakened, enfeebled and corrupted are those rotting inside this vault, they are mutating their interpersonal relationships to the point that without some giant sludge monstrosity of mechanical credit they cannot form any bonds between each other the natural way.

Those who seek healthy relationships will notice the need for a form of empathy that can just as easily switch-blade itself into lack of it when the other individuals involved threaten the survival of something greater.

That means, yes care about roles in civilization, such as the masculine and feminine roles in nurturing the generations healthily, so that individuals get what they need - but not to the point of pity and altruism where we are counter-productively intervening with the irreconcilable faults of others and trying to tear down the healthy structures because they are oppressive towards the least helpful.

  • Social constructs, such as those above, combined in the right qualities provide an alloy of similar interests

These are stronger than they could ever be alone. For example, copper and tin are weak on their own yet smelted together they create the much tougher bronze – but that is only that they have bonds to make, some metals produces weaker alloys or simply do not mix. Appreciating the alloyed nature of things is perhaps a greater meaning toward such ideals of benevolence and compassion, yet they are rare in nature and do not mix well with all socializations.

Social constructs will always happen, we just don’t need the ones that halt evolution. The social values, they evolve into laws, a civil barricade against undesired evolutionary paths. The dam builds up the water, energy and discipline channels it elsewhere, somewhere more constructive toward goals.

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