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Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama, by Ann Coulter

Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama by Ann Coulter 336 pages, Sentinel, $16 For many years, the subject of race has been so carefully tinged with the trauma of the past that we did not even pretend we could discuss it. Most generation X+ citizens grew up under a regimen of teachers, politicians, […]

The public accepts the imminent death of the West

“Acceptance is half the battle,” they will tell you at therapy or addiction treatment. Once you accept, the theory goes, you can start to change. Unfortunately the reality is that most people view acceptance as a kind of determinism: Oh. I’m a drug addict. Well, nothing to do but get right back to it. Are […]

Ann Coulter is wrong about Mitt Romney

In earlier years, I was influenced by my peers (who repeated what they saw on TV, in rockstar/moviestar interviews, and heard from their teachers) to think that all conservatives were evil or at least a secular equivalent of it, greedy, selfish and cruel. With that as our perceptual filter, it was easy to see people […]

Spreading the wealth makes it worth less

Imagine a giant field of piles made of sand. We have a finite amount of sand, and a finite amount of space, so the only question is how much to dump on each pile. Water runs between these piles of sand. There is a finite amount of water, say enough for a depth of two […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

If the only prayer you ever said in your life was ‘thank you,’ that would suffice. – Meister Eckhart Thanksgiving is not a holiday; it’s a ritual. Rituals exist like a kind of existential “to do” list, reminding us when to stop and focus on certain bigger-picture issues, so that when we return to our […]

A discourse on homosexuality

This country is obsessed by homosexuality. Whichever side of the debate on which you may fall, it cannot be denied that being fabulous dominates much of our discourse. Are homosexuals born that way or is it a choice? Is homosexuality a sin or not? Should homosexuals be allowed in the military? Can they marry each […]

How to export your nation into the abyss while looking altruistic

Unions get a lot of breaks. We let them destroy our labor pool because like anything else related to the individual in this society, we’re afraid to say no. When everyone is equal, every way of living should be legitimate and socialized, the Amerikans reason. It’s very hard to push back against that pseudo-cultural mandate. […]

Unions are great at exporting jobs to China

An American icon has fallen. Although repellent as a food item, the Twinkie did exemplify America of the old days. In that time, there is no nanny state. If you want to eat a sugar-filled inflated cake, it’s not our job to stop you. That kind of system works only where each person is responsible […]

Back to Blood, by Tom Wolfe

Back to Blood by Tom Wolfe 704 pages, Little, Brown, and Company, $17 Schopenhauer says there are three types of writers. The first write for money; the second think so that they may write; the third type write because they have thought of something that needs saying. For five decades now Tom Wolfe has been […]

The allure of the honey sandwich

On the campaign trail, this was apparently a Romney favorite: the Euro-American staple of the peanut butter and honey sandwich. There are several interesting things about this news. First, he tended to prepare them himself. This is something no political wizard would do, since it’s better to have subordinates feeling a sense of purpose and […]

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