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The Breakup of the USA: Could it Happen? Indeed

Whoever wins on Nov. 4, few Americans will harbor any illusions about their national unity. No matter which pairing one chooses — red and blue, Right and Left, coastal elites and flyover salt-of-the-earthers — there is no getting around our status as a country divided, a people set apart from one another as much by […]

We have nothing in common

As election season winds up for a conclusion, one salient fact unrelated to the outcome can be discerned: In America, as in Europe, we no longer have anything in common with each other. Whenever there’s an election, equal parts of the citizenry think the others are insane, and the gulf is widening as the left […]

Manifesto for a European Renaissance, by Alain de Benoist and Charles Champetier

Manifesto for a European Renaissance by Alain de Benoist and Charles Champetier 47 pages, Arktos, $9 The problem with ideas is that we recognize what we know, but the unknown takes a long time to understand. Believing that quantity over quality will help us, we often demand “facts” and “examples” as a knee-jerk response to […]

Converting reality into a static medium

Reality is a constantly changing thing with consistent eternal principles. This tends to fool us simians, who can confuse the eternal and the temporal. One confusion of this type is confusing what is becoming for what is and vice versa. Most things in life are a process, but we frequently confuse the end result for […]

Choosing our direction

You may have noticed that our posts are now every other day instead of every day. This is not from a lack of things to write, or will to write them. With the time I would spend making a post every other day, I’ve directed my time toward a larger writing. This has been overdue […]

Anatomy of a self-fulfulling prophecy

Once you have one revolution, everything after that must measure up by being revolutionary too. This means you can no longer have incremental change or small victories. It’s not a new type of screw-top lid; it’s the screw-top lid that will revolutionize life on earth. It may even bring world peace. Over the past 2,400 […]

Liberalism is a mental disease spread through self-pity

I will explain this quickly because I lead a busy life, generally involving work that creates for my family stability outside of what is promised to us by the government, the good will of my fellow citizens and even the comforts of religion and friendship. Our society is hell. It is a subtle hell, because […]

What do the voters want?

After the second presidential debate, much ink and airtime is being wasted on pointless questions about who is swaying what audience. In our society, by the nature of our manic individualism manifested in a religious zealotry for equality, we cannot speak of people making up their minds. Instead, we assume they act in groups according […]

Socialization is a fantasy world that replaces reality

Socialization. It’s all about dominance and submission. It has nothing at all to do with life, or living. There is a world, and we are born into it. It was there before we arrived. We don’t know anything about this world. It is a blank map filled with mysterious places we haven’t been to yet. […]

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

It’s hard to go a day without hearing some kind of conspiracy theory. Most of them come from the left, but many do from the right as well, and the line between logical and insane is frequently tested. For example, is it a conspiracy theory to think Barack Obama is a type of “Manchurian Candidate” […]

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