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I don’t know if evolution is true. I wasn’t there when it happened, and I know at least as many smart people who deny it as believe it. However, it fits with what I know of how the universe works: many things flower, some are chosen because they fit, and the cycle begins again, ever-refining. […]

The past is alive

The way to be cool is to be detached. The less you look like you care, the more you can claim to be above it all, different from the mainstream, and cool. As a stance goes, this isn’t the worst angle to take. However as time takes over, “cool” doesn’t work so well since truly […]

Do it for the children

When you need to know how our modern society actually works, remember the phrase “Go get ‘im, boys!” Politics works through fear or the inverse of fear, which is talismans against fear. Outside of things they worry about, people do not care about governance in the same way they generally don’t care about their lawn […]

Checking in

We live in a time of great content confusion. People confuse entertaining content, that panders to their need for variety, over descriptive or accurate content. What they consider “good writing” is usually the opposite, meaning that instead of being descriptive, it is effusive and emotive, producing dramatic entertainment but little to no information. As a […]

Anti-majoritarianism reflects self-doubt

You’re going to see a lot more of situations like this. A law or rule is on the books, and it seems unfair to minority groups, so they protest. In response, government gives them money. Mitt Romney notices they’re part of the 47%. The rest of the country wonders, “Uh oh. Can I actually say […]

Quantum reality

Catchy title, don’t you think? I don’t know if the term exists, or not, but if it didn’t, it does now. We are what we believe. Quantum physics notes (incredulously) that sub-atomic particles behave differently, depending upon who is examining them, and what those different people expect to see. There is talk, in religion, of […]

Self-hatred comes with success

You scrimp and save, struggle all your life to get ahead, fight hard every day and then some day after decades of battle you wake up and find yourself sitting on a pile of money with no cares in the world. What do you do then? The answer for most people is “I don’t know.” […]

Why democracy inevitably trends toward liberalism

Francis Fukuyama began his watershed The End of History and the Last Man with a definition of liberal democracy: it describes democracies that are centered around the facilitative principle of providing civil rights and equality to their citizens, which necessarily includes economic and consumer freedoms as well as political and civil ones. Much like thinkers […]

What is an alternative right?

Nobody likes the mainstream parties. There’s a simple reason. If you’ve ever tried to pick a restaurant in a group in ten friends, or sat in on a committee meeting, you know how when you get a large group together, you end up not with the intersection of their best traits, but their traits in […]

Unite the right to win a better world order

People are so dramatic that sometimes it seems like they want any excuse to give up. One of their favorite forms of giving up is extremism for extremism’s sake. Why spend your time and effort on an achievable task, when you can invent the morality of a “perfect” solution that shows no promise for reality? […]

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