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Square pegs

As if designed by demons themselves, humans suffer a number of seemingly hard-wired responses that defeat us by our own hands. For example, we are slow to change when our situation changes. This is because we confuse instance and essence. We think that our particular situation, which is composed of specifics, is the archetype from […]

Religion: a primer

Religion, for most, was always optional. Something we might be vaguely aware of, and this awareness would temper, to one degree or another, our behavior towards ourselves and others. When Christianity, in its various flavors, ruled supreme, this was fine. Good enough. But now? What now? With Christianity under full attack, and in full retreat, […]

Cursed to solitude

Like the best of threats, it is subtle and never fully vocalized. It is not stated in a form resembling a legal contract or prediction. Instead it is implied, snidely and mockingly: you don’t want to be alone, do you? You’ll be a friendless loser, and you’ll die alone. It’s an offshoot of the modern […]

Remember the fallen

In the absence of culture, we have government-designated holidays, but that fact does not invalidate the sentiment behind them. Memorial Day in the USA exists to commemorate the dead of our past wars. These are men and women who fought and sacrificed for what they believed was the right thing to do. Unless we are […]


In the modern time, revolution has gone from a historical event to a metaphor. We talk about “revolutionary” new ideas, universally use the term “revolution” to mean an overthrowing of the bad by the good, and frequently talk about revolutions in technology, social practice, sex, art, drugs, and more. Our own origins are in two […]

Means versus ends

This year is a good year to re-assess your political viewpoint. Across the globe power structures appear to be readying for a change. One amazing fact of politics is that very few people systematically analyze the question of politics and form their own political inclination to match what they know to be true. Instead, an […]


The world is changing. We are slowly reversing two thousand years of decline. Like most decline, ours has not been absolute. It happens in stops and starts, in little increments, working inward from the details. It’s like getting the flu during a busy work week: on Monday, you sneeze (once). Tuesday the eyes water. Wednesday […]


The emergence of liberalism is not unique to the industrialized West. Nor it is unique to the modern time, or technology, or our complex financial systems. Liberalism is as old as humanity. When people decide they want to pay attention to themselves more than reality, an occurrence which inevitably follows any population bloom, they begin […]

Escape From Detroit: The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis, by Paul Kersey

Escape From Detroit: The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis by Paul Kersey 374 pages, SBPDL Books, $12 We last checked in with Paul Kersey with his earlier book Hollywood in Blackface, an exploration of the radically different realities of race in movies, and in the physical world. For his next venture, he has launched an […]

The shell game

Democracy is not a cause in itself but a symptom. Its advocates try to tell us that democracy and equality are goals in themselves, but it’s more accurate from a historical view to say that democracy and equality are what come about when any sense of direction has been lost. When a society agrees on […]

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