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Pass it on

Emotion is a powerful aspect of the human mind — There’s no denying it. It’s a very necessary force that should never be ignored, but understood in the context of healthy, rational thought. A lot of issues that people have with emotion often involve an inability to understand why it is felt or whether or […]

The Stark Truth: Notes from Brett Stevens, Part 2

The second part of the written interview with verbal discussion by Robert Stark over at Voice of Reason Radio, a non-partisan radio show that explores alternatives to modern politics and includes emphasis on nationalism, continues what was discussed in the first part. You can hear the audio broadcast part 1, part 2 on the Voice […]

Junk science

Given sufficient time, any intelligent individual will eventually reach the conclusion that reading about science is generally useless.  Scientific research is supposed to be self explanatory. Any attempt to write about it is merely a barrier or middle man.  Why take a secondary account, when a primary one is available?  The original, raw, experimental data […]

Surrogate fears

We bury our greatest fears. In their place we erect symbolic ones, totems from our primitive past, which we then bash and conquer “symbolically” in order to make ourselves feel better. Reality doesn’t change. The reality inside our heads does. Right now, there’s a huge publicity blitz on the internet designed to make you think […]


A man may be minding his own business, when, BLAM! He is attacked, for no apparent reason, by what appears, to him, to be a madman. Or woman. “You’re a RACIST!” When he is not. “You’re a BIGOT!” When he is not. “You’re a FASCIST!” When he is not. “You’re a MORON!” When he is […]


The right has withdrawn from climate issues for the most part because the left took them over. The left then used the environment as a justification for the usual leftist agenda, which is suppressing the strong in the name of equality. If you read this blog at all frequently, you know what we hold leftism […]


Our society will always be divided into two groups: those who are dissatisfied, and everyone else. Among the dissatisfied, a small minority — like one in ten thousand — will be ideologues working to fix a problem that no one else understands. Your classic mad scientist, convinced that Godzilla will attack and so laboring late […]

Equality kills hope

The past 70 years of history in the West have consisted of us re-living WWII propaganda. It’s the freedom fighters versus the bad guys, and wherever we go we bring equality and democracy, and thus everything is going to be OK. We partner that with a Rosie the Riveter style attitude that we’re going to […]

Empathy versus sympathy

Empathy and sympathy overlap, but I will use “sympathy” here to mean “blind compassion,” or feeling something that you shouldn’t be feeling in the first place, just because you weren’t even a part of the circumstances or situation that affected the party in suffering, but by golly, you feel bad for some reason! Good old […]

Conservative realism

Who is this guy? It doesn’t matter who he is. It’s what he’s doing that matters. He is observing. Observing what? Reality! He lives by observing what is there, and interacting with it. Smart guy! He gets my admiration, although what he is doing is – in itself – no big deal. Or rather, was […]

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