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The Stark Truth: Notes from Brett Stevens, Part 2

The second part of the written interview with verbal discussion by Robert Stark over at Voice of Reason Radio, a non-partisan radio show that explores alternatives to modern politics and includes emphasis on nationalism, continues what was discussed in the first part.

You can hear the audio broadcast part 1, part 2 on the Voice of Reason Radio website in podcast/mp3 streaming format, or can read the interview in textual form at Mr. Stark’s column for here and here.

Topics include:

  • Futurist traditionalism — how conservatism is about learning from the past and nature and why modern conservatives fail to do so;
  • How America is a type of civilization rather than a place
  • How immigration is class warfare that causes racism;
  • US foreign policy;
  • The sociosexual marketplace.

Thank you again to Mr. Stark and Voice of Reason Radio for this opportunity!

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