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Becoming a zombie

Modernity offers us few truly potent metaphors because it is an anti-metaphorical time. We like our truths cut up into little bits that we can control, not vast unsettling realizations that spur us on to do more with our time. A simple Obey! Consume! Reproduce! Vote! Equality! is the kind of message we like, and […]

Proles versus Elites: a review of the protests, part I

For some time on this website there has been a raging debate about the banking system, the protests, occupy movements, and who’s to blame for it all. In the discussion there’s basically two sides. Side one points out that the captains of industry got where they are by hard labour and a degree of talent. […]


A good deal of our lives can be wasted raging against the imperfection we perceive in life. It seems that for every good thing, there is an equal and opposite reaction that is just as bad as the good is good. For example, we are born; thus we must die. To love something means to […]

The Rainbow Death

“Long, long ago, it is said, there was a mighty civilization, where we now sit. Beneath our feet, throughout this forest, lay an endless glory of buildings, the likes of which we have never seen. It was a place of miracles, where a man might live past eighty years, enjoying riches beyond imagining. There was […]

Backlash against globalism

In a previous post, our two options for future civilization were revealed: Managerial. Like attending a job, days at an American high school or going to a mall, the managerial state consists of people who have nothing in common except wanting to make money and not get murdered. As a result, a strong nanny/police state […]

Globalism loves diversity

As mentioned in a previous post, globalism is an extension of liberalism, and since 1789 it has been re-making the world in its own image. Globalism is a method by which individuals unite into a crowd to demand no oversight, no social hierarchy, no shared values and no requirements for interacting with civilization except the […]


Nobody wants to be humble. It seems not a thing to aim for. Weak, wishy-washy, lacking in get-up-and-go, etc. But is that what it is? Maybe not. Maybe we should take a look at this… The opposite of humble could be arrogant. And what does arrogance have to recommend it? So we have two seemingly […]

Globalism is liberalism

When you live in a dying time, you are told many things about history. You are told to rely upon those ideas as truths. Only later do you learn they were propaganda, constructed to manipulate you toward thinking in a political way. Conservatives tried to keep our time from becoming a dying one. Tooth and […]

The art of commentary

What does this picture have to do with what follows? Nothing! But it was too good to waste. So now to business… Here’s something unusual… is an unusual place, dealing in unusual fare, and, not surprisingly, it has unusual commenters. If you think about this, is becomes apparent. What sort of people read these […]

Culture of critique

I respect Kevin MacDonald, but I don’t agree with him on a certain topic, which is Jews and Judaism. Many in the far right like to talk about Jews and how they have taken over the world and control it, and how they are the cause of our downfall as a society. Avoiding impolite words, […]

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