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Math In The Blood — Tradition Vs. Genetics


In general, individual differences in educational achievement were to a large extent due to genes and the influence of the family environment was negligible. Moreover, there is no evidence for gender differences in the underlying etiology.

Taken from the abstract of “Arithmetic, reading and writing performance has a strong genetic component: A study in primary school children.”
Hard determinism wins in the end. The !SCIENCE! is settled. You can truck your kiddoes to Kuman. You can do your bloody best to get them hooked on phonics; not on Chronic. Whether they play for the Green Bay Packers or the Green Bowl Packers has nothing to do with your behavior as a mommy or daddy. It simply doesn’t matter. Either they win the sperm-shot lottery, or its Gorbutt, PA forever.
I utterly reject most of what I wrote in the paragraph above (but not quite all). It’s there to caricature an unfortunate philosophical point of view. Determinism (religious, biological, social or financial) is often used as a pathetic copout. Families that produce multiple generations of athletes, scholars, business pioneers, war heroes, or successful politicians have more going for them than just Lilith’s Enchanted Ovum and shining pools of +5 Sperm of Smiting. Family lines that consistently produce a certain quality do so because they repeatedly do something right long after they “put the biscuit in the basket.”
A certain level of Bio-Determinism certainly exists. The odds of three generations of Berras playing Major League Baseball strictly at random are about even with my odds of walking into a Trump Casino, playing six hours of Red Dawg and ending the viability The Donald’s candidacy just from the turn of a friendly card or two. The New York Yankees don’t pick their starting catcher by throwing darts. Three generations of Bush didn’t get elected at least governor, if not higher, just from social connections. What we on the Alt-Right call HBD has a significant but not overdetermining role in determining who ends up finishing where in life’s grueling Ironman triathlon.
OK, so what else helps if I want my kids to be smarter, better-looking, and oh yeah, !RICHER! than I ever was? This is why we here at Amerika preach consequentialism. A lot of what you get out of life is the result of what you input. To do is to be said Socrates. It’s like a mathematical function. You set the independent variable going in and then you get a certain result coming out. Determining which values of x will get you at least an acceptable y is analogous to the System Identification Problem from Systems Engineering.
In the JPW Family, the magic ticket from what hard-over HBD types describe as the genetic lottery is mathematical ability. We aren’t all great at it, a lot of us know enough to bang out code, solve intricate systems, and build a good, basic predictive or explanatory mathematical model. We JPWs can do the stuff that gets you hired and out of Gorbutt. So how does that get passed on to the next generation like the baseball skills of Yogi Berra being handed down to Dale?
When you have a tradition, you fight for it. You demand of the generation that comes next. You preserve it athwart an entropic, collapsing world like Amerika. In my family we tell how my maternal grandfather worked as a mathematician for the US Navy. We Americans used to kill the enemy with our minds as well our drones. We let both our children know that we agree with Descartes with regards to which field of study will lead them to the highest rung on the ladder of thought.
In a partially, but not entirely np-complete fashion, genetics does matter. Yet, when it gets overplayed, determinism becomes both an excuse for failure and a facile justification for subtle and self-defeating forms of bigotry. Anyone who has either read Walter Williams or read about a fvcked-up Kennedy brat in rehab would logically concede this point.
HBD can be useful for making large-scale predictions. It doesn’t turn you into a savant-like Hari Seldon. It does not excuse failure to make something out or your own life and relying on genetic determinism isn’t going to get you into Harvard unless you are Princess Lieawatha.
Do what will make you successful and seek what you are naturally predestined to be good at. Both genetics and effort work together and can have positive or negative feedback with regards to determining whether you will get what you want out of life. Determinism is no excuse not to identify what works, codify it as tradition and establish Conservatism as a fight for those traditions that lead to superior outcomes.

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